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Full Summary: AU/HS Fic. The sky is darkening and wearing a mask has never been so hard. And just when he thinks about dieing, Naruto has to learn to survive in the world as his once lonely life turns upside down as he joins the violent and scary but ever so caring gang and falls in love with a new transfer student who just happens to always get in the way. Can his life get any worse without having enough enemies? Pairings include NxS, and more!

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Black Sky

Chapter 1: Dull Colours of Hope and New Life

And then it came like the dancing leaves in the light autumn breeze when the tree drifts off to let nature take its toll and let it shine with dull colours of hope and new life.

A tired and annoyed sign escaped from his lips that were starting to bleed from biting it. It happened everyday, and so why was he not used to it?


Oh right. It was because everyday, the troublesome blonde would always have something else up his sleeve to pull off, which was impressive since his annoying habit started years ago, back in Kindy.

"Naruto," Iruka signed exasperatedly, trying to keep his anger from showing and releasing his fury, "say sorry to her."

The 10 year old boy stared at him for a second as if considering it, then turned to the girl who was drenched in black liquid, that was oozing its way to the floor and to other children's feet who were scuttling away – Ew! they cried. It caused uproar as children climbed onto desks to get away from the gooey black liquid and some started throwing it around the class. Black gooeyness started to fly around the room at speed and squeals and shrieks soon followed even faster.

The Third World War started in just one little classroom.

Iruka helplessly watched as his afternoon class turned into a war zone. He gritted his teeth. There was no other choice…

Gathering up all his courage and sanity left, he exhaled.


Everyone suddenly stopped and froze. Their eyes wide and mouths gaping open like silly little goldfish. They could only stare at their teacher in disbelief and anything else they registered in their mind – Woah…

A naughty brown-haired boy stared and the bit of goo from his hands slid down his ready-to-throw arm and landed on the floor with a plop! The timid girl with pale eyes didn't notice it. Same with the girl with the black liquid oozing down her body; she too stood there gaping at her teacher, who also stood there in disbelief – Did I really shout out that loud?

All in all, there was an awkward and amazed silence.


Well, almost.

"BAHAHA!" Naruto wiped the invisible tears from his eyes as he rolled on the floor in dying laughter. He started hiccuping soon after his outburst died down.

Iruka signed exasperatedly. "Naruto," he growled, "go to the Principal's office right now!"

"Yes-," Naruto hiccupped, "-Iruka-sen-…" He burst out into another laughing fit.


Iruka held the door open for Naruto as the blonde giggled his way pass. He quietly slammed the door shut after he knew the blonde was on his way to the Principal's office. He turned around with a half-hearted smile. "Well then class, let's clean the place up!" a tired and lopsided grin lazily crawled onto his face.

"How troublesome," a spiky-haired boy signed after looking up towards the ceiling directly above him and saw some black liquid oozing its way down – Uh oh…

The man signed in frustration as he tried once again to explain to the grinning boy in front of him who just kept on grinning as he didn't 'understand' what the older man was trying to explain to him.

"Ne, ne." Naruto kicked his feet up as he slouched down even further in the comfy chair. "Old Man! (The nickname caused the old man to groan) Can you explain it to me once more?"

The old man gave up and took another breath from his cigarette. He leaned back in his sleek and elegant black chair as he closed his eyes and started to enjoy the quietness that started to swallow the room.

"Gasp!" a very, very annoying and familiar voice shrieked.

Sarutobi grumbled something under his breath and reluctantly opened his right eye to peak at the accusing blonde in front of him. "What is it this time?"

"You're smoking in-doors! And even worse, the Principal's office!" Naruto pointed accusingly at the old man, his mock horror still plastered on his face.

"I am the Principal, God damn it!" the old man bit back and tried once again to enjoy silence at its peak.

He half expected the loud blonde to snap something rude or stupid back but only heard silence. A smile curled his thin lips after a tired and content sign escaped his lips.

Oh, how good things never last for long. And this wasn't long at all; only a few seconds.

"Gasp!" came the very, very annoying and familiar voice again. Without waiting for a reaction, he continued, "Old Man said bad words! Ooh, that's detention for you!"

An eyebrow twitched on the old man's face. If he wasn't the Principal or teacher at the school, he would've strangled the adolescent on the stop for disturbing his silence – hell! He would've strangled the youngster a long time ago!

But even if that was the case, he still cared for the young blonde deeply. He was like a younger son he never had, although his grandson was looking up to him a bit too much. He couldn't afford to have another 'Naruto' causing havoc and so for the pass few years, he has been trying to teach Naruto how to behave properly. But although no matter how hard he tried, Naruto was still Naruto.

Oh the joy you get when all your hard work gets brushed away by a simple blonde boy.

Hint the sarcasm there by the way…

"Naruto," the old man growled with a very serious tone in his voice.

Naruto, catching the serious tone, stopped laughing and looked at the old man square in the eye.

"I know this is hard for you, but," Sarutobi paused to choose his words carefully, "you can't keep pulling pranks on everyone for attention. Try being nicer to them and they might respect you-…"

"Exactly!" Naruto snarled. "'Might'!"

Sarutobi gave Naruto his best glare and continued. "Right now, you're life isn't worth living like this and I hate seeing you live it like this; so much that I don't want to know you-…" Sarutobi froze. He couldn't believe he had just said that to Naruto. He could see the grin on the poor blonde's face starting to fall off and smash onto the floor. "Naruto, I mean-…"

"No," Naruto grinned forcibly, trying to keep the grin hanging for the time being. "I understand. Well, I-I have to go now. Iruka-sensei is going to be mad," he chuckled weakly. "See ya Old Man." Naruto hauled himself off the comfy chair and walked out of the office. He didn't look back as he closed the door.

Sarutobi signed. He got up from his chair and stared outside the window to view the beautiful garden. A frown creased his face and wrinkles deepened. "No." He shook his head to clear off negative thoughts. "He'll be his normal self again soon…"

Naruto trudged down the halls. He gritted his teeth and narrowed his blue eyes. Hairs on his neck stood up as he felt people's gaze on him from the classrooms as he walked pass them.

It was quiet. Too quiet. Something that many people didn't think he knew of.

But he knew of it alright.

He lived in silence.

His parents had died, murdered to be precise. No one knew what happened but the police had confirmed that it was murder and that they would try their best to find who murdered them.

But they never did find the murderer. Or even tried.

Namikaze Minato, the father of Naruto, was a well respected man who helped serve in the army. He saved thousands by coming up with a plan to defeat the Sand, no matter how much he hated doing it. He hated war, and everyone knew it, but he was a very skilled fighter, taught by an old pervert called Jiraiya who was taught by Sarutobi himself. He was given the nickname Konoha's Yellow Flash or just Yellow Flash because of his speed and swiftness. He later met Uzumaki Kushina who became his lover.

Uzumaki Kushina was Naruto's mother and was known for her hot temper and tom boy attitude in her early days but her beauty was what made everyone stop and stare when she walked down the streets. She was a very sweet motherly figure as well, although Naruto couldn't remember her too well.

Actually, come to think of it.

Naruto stopped walking.

I don't remember my parents at all…

Naruto continued walking. A deep and tired sign escaped from his tight lips that were trying to slacken off the stress. He continued walking until he reached the small playground in the school yard. He stared at the lone swing before deciding to sit on it.

I should be in class… Oh well, not like they want me back in there.

He kicked his feet from the ground and felt himself swing a little. He continued this little movement before becoming tired of it. He signed again and let his eyes close into a deep silence – that was broken by a pair of footsteps. Naruto snapped open his eyes and stared back at dark onyx, his blue eyes instantly narrowing.

"What do you want?" Naruto demanded – he was not the mood for this.

The older boy only stared back before shrugging and made himself comfortable by the tree that over shaded the swing.

They sat in a few minutes of silence before the boy replied.

"I was worried," he muttered inaudibly, so quietly that Naruto nearly didn't catch it.

Naruto could only stare back. "Sasuke…"

A light comforting breeze swept over them.

Sasuke stood over Naruto with an outstretched hand.

A light smile lifted Naruto's face.


Hairs stood on his neck as he felt the gaze of everyone. His eyes nearly met their piercing and wary gazes as he looked around nervously and landed on a particular spot. He shuffled uneasily to a seat at the very back of the room where no one sat because it was the 'reject table'.


Naruto stopped in his tracks and a small smile started rising its way onto his face – So he still cares…

"Dobe," Sasuke muttered. "You're not sitting by yourself. Sit next to me." Sasuke turned away after patting at the seat next to him. He knew that his best friend was going to be hated now by all the fan girls. He sent them his best glare as they shuffled away.

Naruto moved awkwardly to the spot Sasuke had indicated for him to sit. He hovered over the seat hesitating.

"Just sit there," Sasuke growled in annoyance, but was reassuring him all the same.

Naruto nodded thanks meekly and sat himself comfortable, trying his best to ignore the new type of gazes he was getting.

Sasuke noticed this and said, loud enough for everyone the class to hear, "Got a problem with my best friend? Say it out loud if you dare."

No one dared to.

They all looked away in shame and defeat and pretended that nothing ever happened, but fan girls of Sasuke would glance at Naruto with newly found jealousy every so often.

"Thanks," Naruto muttered, quiet enough for his best friend to hear. They had both become accustomed to each other's speech.

Sasuke nodded absently, even though he was paying him full attention. He cared for his best friend deeply and wished that people wouldn't think so badly of him. From the age of 10 to now, in high school, he had always looked out for Naruto. Sasuke was one of the most popular guys in the high school – even though it was still his first day - and tried his best to protect him. He found that with this role, he can change the way people look at Naruto and make them like him.

If he had the social skills to do that… Too bad he doesn't.

The first half of the first day of high school went by pretty slowly for the duo; escaping Sasuke fan girls was a hassle that took forever to escape from, and the glares that were sent to Naruto, only to be outmatched by Sasuke's, wasn't making it any easier.

"Otouto; Naruto-kun," an older boy nodded his head in greeting.

Naruto and Sasuke both looked up from their lunch to look at the boy over looming them. Sasuke's eyes instantly narrowed.

"What do you want, aniki?" he hissed coldly.

"That's not how you should treat your onii-san," another boy grinned beside Itachi. Kisame looked at Naruto. "Yo!" he grinned.

Naruto shuffled uneasily but replied to the greeting weakly all the same.

What do they want from me?

"Naruto-kun," Itachi addressed Naruto separately now, as if his younger brother wasn't there (which angered him). "We would like a word with you," he stated calmly.

Naruto stared at Itachi with a wary look. "Um," he started.

"Aniki," Sasuke growled.

Itachi ignored his little brother and continued to wait for Naruto's answer. He turned and started to walk away. "It's okay; we can talk to you tomorrow, because otouto is being selfish," Itachi said, only loud enough for the younger boys to hear. "I look forward to talking to you, Naruto-kun."

Kisame waved good bye, grinning, before catching up to the fading Uchiha. "Oi, oi, Itachi, do you really think…"

His voice drifted off as they disappeared from sight, leaving the two boys staring at their absence.

Sasuke was the first to break their hold. He glanced at Naruto. "Oi, don't worry." He looked away from Naruto. "If 'nii-san does anything to you, I'll kill him for sure."

Naruto pulled a forced grin from the ground. "Arigatou, Sasuke."


It was a normal day like any other; with high school kids rushing to school, and old perverts trailing behind, but it wasn't normal for a certain blonde.

The blonde had been hopping on his foot – occasionally changing feet – outside the school gates for a long time, since he had arrived. He was sweating nervously as he waited for a pair to show up at school. Other high school kids stared at him as they walked passed the hopping and nervous blonde. He was earlier than Sasuke – which was very hard to come by – whom stared at him with concern but walked passed him, saying that he would see him at class, before giving him another concerned glance.

The bell went off, signalling that school has started.

The blonde cursed under his breath and decided to continue to stay there until the certain pair showed up-

"What are you doing; you're going to be late for class."

The quiet but firm voice shocked Naruto as he whirled around to come face to face with a pair of dark onyx eyes.

"I-Itachi-sempai!" Naruto cried in surprise.

"Oi, oi, what about me?" Kisame grumbled from next to Itachi.

"A-ah, Kisame-sempai!" Naruto cried once again in surprise.

Kisame laughed, which surprised Naruto, but what surprised him even more was when he thought he had saw a glitter of amusement in Itachi's eyes. "W-what?" he asked, his mouth twitching at the corners.

"I think that what Kisame is laughing about," Itachi replied slowly but surely, "is the fact that you are addressing us as your sempai-tachis."

This statement caused Kisame to go into an uproar again to prove Itachi's guess right.

"E-eh?" Naruto grunted in confusion. Weren't these guys supposed to be scary?

Kisame tried to stop laughing, only to burst into even loader uproar.

Guess not.

"Naruto-kun," Itachi said firmly. He fixed his eyes onto Naruto's. Taking this hint from Itachi that if he didn't stop laughing, then he would most certainly die a very, very slow and painful death, Kisame stopped laughing.

"We need to talk to you," Kisame grinned devilishly.

The dark-haired grumbled in his seat and slouched down even further into it. It wasn't comfortable, but it was better than nothing; better than listening to his teacher rant on and on or concentrate on the fan girls that were staring at him with passion and the emotion they call love.

The boy grunted.

Love; who needs it?

Friend and sibling love was… okay for him – not because it was different – but also because the boy whom they shared their brotherly love between taught him about this new emotion to him.

Which reminds me…

Where is Naruto?!

Sasuke huffed and once again scanned the room from the back, but not near the 'reject table', ignoring the stares that were directed at him and him only. He didn't see anything; just the teacher ranting on and on, a few boys he knew mucking around, sleeping, eating or paying attention (this caused him to raise his eyebrow), hopeful fan girls hoping that he would look their way (which of course happened otherwise how else was he to scan the room when they were everywhere?), and… no Naruto.

Sasuke frowned. It wasn't like Naruto to skip class or anything, no matter how boring it was, without a good reason. He gritted his teeth. A bad feeling had stirred in his stomach the moment he left Naruto waiting at the gates of the school and only now did he choose to think about it. Something wasn't right, and he knew it, and it also had something to do with Naruto.

Naruto, you dobe… what have you gotten yourself into?

"And so if x equals y then…"



"… Yo," Naruto bluntly replied to Sasuke, who had jumped out of his chair at the sight of him. Sasuke couldn't show or say anything to show the relief, concern, anger, and other emotions he was feeling. It was the third day that Naruto had missed school and had worried him that very deeply. As soon as he was about to say something, the maths teacher interjected him.

"Where were you, young man?" she scowled. "And disrupting my class when it's 5th period and nearly lunch! I need to have a word with your parents – having and raising such a disrespectful child!"

A hint a of sadness reflected on Naruto's eyes, and for a moment, Sasuke thought that Naruto was going to run away, but he was in shock at what happened next.

"Don't talk about my parents when you don't know a damn thing about them, bitch," Naruto quietly spat with such venom and coldness that spellbound anyone who heard the slightest tone in his quiet voice.

Sasuke stared helplessly at Naruto, his fists shaking and his breathing jagged.

Wha-… What happened Naruto?

The teacher quickly recovered from her spellbound daze and managed to squeak out, "P-Pardon m-me-me!"

Naruto shrugged. "Woops, sorry; word slipped. Won't happen again," he muttered under his breath but still loud enough for some people to hear including the teacher. He trudged towards the back of the class, where he and Sasuke sat side by side. He had hoped to rest his head on the desk in peace, only to be nudged by his best friend.

"Oi!" Sasuke hissed from the corner of his mouth that many fan girls found intoxicating and sexy.

"What?" Naruto snapped back. He wasn't in the mood for him right now – no, screw that – he wasn't in the mood for anyone.

Sasuke decided that he valued his life, so he chose something else to talk about. "Where were you?"

"With your loving 'nii-san and Kisame-sempai – why?" Naruto asked, choosing to ignore the stupefied and surprised look on the dark-haired boy's face. There was a moment silence and Naruto decided that he had enough. "That face looks stupid, teme."

Sasuke bit his tongue from biting back an insult. "Why were you with them?" he hissed angrily, but concerned nevertheless.

"That's none of your business," Naruto glared at Sasuke. "What I get up to has nothing to do with you, nor will it ever." And with that, Naruto rested his head on the desk and did so in such manner than said that he was not speaking to him anymore.

Those words stung Sasuke more than he thought. To hear them from his best friend, no, brother was just… heartbreaking… He felt as though the space in his heart where he left for Naruto was ripped form him by a sharp demonic claw whose owner was laughing at his face. It felt so real that he had to make sure that he was still in one piece and living and breathing.

He signed in relief. He paused to look at Naruto and debated whether or not he could risk himself one more question. He chose the first. "Just tell me one more thing," Sasuke pleaded.

Naruto grunted.

Sasuke nearly smiled. Nearly. It was good to know that he wasn't completely ignoring him. His face suddenly turned serious. "Did you join Akatsuki?"

Naruto didn't say anything for awhile and Sasuke signed in defeat and turned back to the teacher who was already teaching stuff he knew.

And then it came like the dancing leaves in the light autumn breeze when the tree drifts off to let nature take its toll and let it shine with dull colours of hope and new life.


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