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I've noticed something this story has been going on for at least two years and I still haven't finished it so I have to make up my resolve. FINISH THIS FASTER and I hope that I'll improve in the next chapters to come. Eclipse is almost here, new moon was a most definite cliffhanger more so than it was in the book. Anyhow, here's the next chapter already.

Chapter 9

(Edward's POV)

Watching the rise and fall of her chest was enough to wrap me up in happiness, Bella, breathing, alive, living next to me. I heard the rapid beating of her heart. It was probably a dream but there was one question that I couldn't answer…was it a nightmare or a dream of sheer bliss?

I wanted to take away all the burdens she was carrying. Bella never fell asleep in a car; perhaps she was stressed or exhausted.

Emmett doubled his speed, I was about to scold him about not going too fast since Bella might wake up, but she didn't stir. Her head simply rested itself on my shoulder. That mild contact made me all warm inside.

Why do you always put yourself in danger? I asked silently. Of course, that was who she was, she was somehow the type who concerned others before considering herself this applied more to people she treasured. Layla and the rest of her friends were definitely one of those pricelessly irreplaceably people.

I felt flattered that I was one of those as well. I let myself smile smugly for a few seconds. Before I could remove my expression Jasper noticed it intently and smirked. He didn't say anything and after awhile averted his gaze back to the window.

Judging by the speed that Emmett was going, we would be there in less than an hour. Although occasionally, I could still hear Rose complaining that he was going too fast, Emmett slightly slowed down during these times but would regain back to his old speed in a few minutes. Somewhere along the way, Rose gave up.

Seattle…Room 707… (Alice's POV)

Now, I had a vague idea of what I was doing here, but what could I actually do for them? Help them hold out an army of who knows what? I wasn't actually given a full explanation yet which I hoped to get much sooner even before the plan to venture here was set. I wanted to bring it up with Layla, but it seemed that this wasn't the time to ask for things like that which were considered trivial because of everyone's situations.

I sat at the one of the chairs near the window and stared up at the moon and I wondered…Was Jasper staring through some window too? I saw another vision of them on the road it wouldn't take long for him to find me with Emmett probably driving. Although, I could always feel their presence with me, I missed my family immensely, particularly Bella who always let me get away with everything but I knew that the people I met awhile ago were also a family, the same as us, not related by blood but by something common if we were vampires there was a term for Layla and her kind as well.

"You're probably wondering why we're being hunted down" The voice of someone that I thought would only want to bring misfortune and disorder but was actually aiming for the exact opposite.

Before turning my glance at her I was shocked to find feathers floating above me, and these were one of the moments when I doubted a vampire's crystal clear vision.

Layla if you saw her in this state you could call her a most innocent person, or did angel wings generally have that impression on everyone? The hell, she had wings.

Beautiful, pure words couldn't fully describe everything one thing I was sure of, I was overwhelmed by the sight before my eyes.

I dumbfounded, continued to stare at her, slowly she folded her wings and they seemed to shrink as they disappeared as if they weren't there in the first place, the only proof was the feathers that were straying inside the whole room.

A small smile played on her lips, the first words that came out of her mouth were "Sadly, we're not angels" I didn't miss that she was talking in plural form did that mean that everyone had those? Including Bella?

I was asking a lot of questions tonight…but without a doubt, I myself, knew the answer to them.

She sat next to me and inquired, "Are you sure you want to hear more?"

I nodded without hesitation.

Elsewhere in the apartment…

"What's with the new chick?" Kevin inquired, his arm wrapped around Nicola.

"Don't speak of her like that, she's a friend of Bella" Nicola scolded as she played with the padlock on his neck.

"Bella sure associated with strange people"

Nicola chuckled. "As if we aren't in the category of strange"

Kevin smirked, taking her hand in his. "I've always thought that you look better with black wings"

"Shut up" she replied as they kissed lightly.

In one of the rooms…

"This is my fault, I'm sorry" Bryan apologized as his hand rested on Rika's tummy.

"Don't blame yourself, you know I've always told her, your father is the proudest person in the world" Her smile gleamed at him.

He smiled back….

"You're really assuming that it's a girl?"

"Of course!" She replied confidently, the guy didn't say anything more as he contended himself with lying down next to them.

At the same time, both of them looked at each other.

"It moved" they said with a mix of happiness and surprise.

In a café near the apartment…

"Hey Paul, you could have brought us somewhere with decent beer" Dan complained as he sipped the coffee with an expression that seemed to be taking in poison.

"Besides, coffee in the middle of the night" Tristan added.

"You shouldn't always use alcohol to drown away sorrows" Paul lectured them as he added cream and sugar to his cup.

"I'll pleasure myself with another cheesecake" Nick declared cheerfully as he raised a hand to call the waiter. He seemed to be the only one in a light mood.

Everyone was preoccupied with something, but it was disregarded as they heard knocking on the door of Apartment 707.

Layla rose to the door and fumbled with the locks as fast as she could.

The door revealed Bella, Edward, Rosalie, Emmett and Jasper.

Emmett and Rosalie began to survey the area around them as for Jasper...he and I were having a little staring contest. It helped me channel everything that he thought about when I wasn't there.

"You don't know how worried I was" Without hesitation he approached me and hugged me. I breathed out as if a big burden had been lifted from me, with Jasper here I felt calm and it wasn't only because of his ability. He always knew the right thing to say to make me feel better or rather the right thought that would ease me.

I didn't even notice that Bryan, Rika, Nicola and Kevin were already there, this time it was Bella who was doing the introductions for everyone. By this time, Jasper had already let me go but continued to hold my hand. It sent a peaceful surge throughout my whole body.

I could determine everyone's emotions even though that was Jasper's expertise. Edward was still worried about how everything would turn out. Emmett was still full of energy and Rosalie…she looked at Rika as if she had all the fortune in the world and she was left with no fortune at all. After all, someone else was living the dream that she wished to have.

It didn't take 5 minutes for the other guys who went out to come back, Paul approached Bella instantly and began to ruffle her hair. That made Edward uneasy although he knew that he didn't mean any harm. It was a foreign gesture to him.

Nick gave Bella a big hug which she gratefully returned. Bella affectionately pinched Tristan and Dan's cheeks. Although, they didn't even seem to flinch, typical of her, she couldn't even hurt a fly.

Edward was formally introduced as Bella's fiancé and everyone began to survey him intently.

"So, who's gonna do the storytelling?" Nicola inquired which brought the little tension that managed to evaporate during the introductions.

"I should be the one…" Bella volunteered as if she knew she was supposedly the one to do it. Her first words were the exact same thing that Layla said to me.

"We are called the Draconians"


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I know, Bella, Edward, Alice, Jasper actually everyone seems OOC. Anyway I managed to update but I'm not sure on how It turned out. Did the story just get weirder for you?