"YOU BITCH!" Chloe's dad screamed as he punched her in the stomach, "I freakin' told you to get dinner ready right after you come home from school, yet you didn't. WHY?!"

Chloe whimpered beneath her dads legs, "I'm sorry, I had detention, I'm sorry. I swear I won't do it again."

"You better," her dad spat as he headed into his room. Her dad wasn't exactly the nicest father in the world. He didn't like Chloe talking to guys; he made her do all the cooking, and he beat her every single night. He sometimes gave her an extra beating in the morning before she went off to school just like today. Her mom was dead, no one could save her from her dad's beatings. No one.

She got up and winced when pain ran through her body like lightening. She gasped and leaned on the chair. She breathed slowly and took her bag to head off to school.

At school, she had no friends, she would sit in her corner at lunch and no one would even look at her. No one knew she existed; sometimes the teacher would even miss her when she called attendance, she was invisible.

She walked towards her locker wincing at every step she made. There was commotion everywhere. If she was a normal teen she would've tried to find out what was going on, but she wasn't normal. She took her books out and headed to class.

"Alright guys, we have a new student with us. I'm sure you already found out who he is, but girls please don't bother him too much. Say hi to Shane Gray everyone."

Shane Gray walked in. He was handsome, and looked like a great gentleman. Unfortunately she knew he wouldn't notice her. She looked down at her table as the teacher introduced him to everyone.

"Sit there by Chloe," Mrs. Anderson said pointing to the empty seat next to Chloe. Chloe shot her head up as she saw him walking to the empty seat beside her. No one shot her any evil look because they knew that Shane Gray could never fall in love with Chloe Hanson.

"Hi," he said with the small smile. She hesitantly smiled back at him and looked back down at her notebook. Mrs. Anderson started the class and everyone turned their attention to her.

Half way through the class Chloe shifted her position, but regretted it. Pain shot down her back from the beating she had gotten last night and this morning. She winced, taking deep breathes. She felt everything around her turn and twist as her she got dizzy.

"Are you okay?" Whispered Shane to her as she gasped for air. Her lungs seemed to have stopped working.

"Excuse me, Mrs. Anderson. I think she needs to go see the nurse, she doesn't look so good," said Shane as he realized that Chloe was in too much pain to even hear what he was saying. Her eyes began to droop down as Shane caught her by the waist and she let out a gasp.

"Oh my goodness, do you know where the nurses office is Mr. Gray?" Said Mrs. Anderson with a worried look.

"Yeah, we passed by it today," he replied picking up Chloe. She got death glares from every girl in the room, she knew they thought she was faking it, but she wasn't. This couldn't happen right now, what would she say if they asked her where she got all those bruises?

She felt Shane lead her out to the nurse's office.

"Hang in there," he whispered to her as his strong arms supported her whole weight.

The nurse's door was flung open and Shane laid down Chloe on the bed.

"What happened?" the nurse asked as she turned away from her magazine to look at Chloe. She got up and walked towards Shane.

"I don't know, she started gasping for air half way through class and winced and stuff."

The nurse put her hand on Chloe's stomach and she let out a gasp as she flung her body upright. She put her legs down.

"I'm sorry," she muttered trying to get onto her feet, "I'm fine, this happens all the time."

"What?" Shane said as she put her feet on the ground.

"Yup, sure does," said the nurse turning back to her magazine, "she's always falling down the stairs or hitting her head. She's fine, she just needs to rest."

"What do you mean? I'm sure this doesn't happen every day 'cause she looks as if she's in so much pain right now. It's your job to see what's wrong."

Chloe held on to the door knob as she watched Shane Gray, the Shane Gray scream at the nurse, for her. No one has ever done that to her. She was always fainting or falling, and it was like a ritual for her to come to the nurse's office at least twice a week.

"I'm fine," she said trying to reassure him, "I just fell down the stairs this morning and I guess I didn't fell the pain till now. Thanks anyways." She headed out back to class and Shane followed behind her.

"All good now?" Asked Mrs. Anderson as Chloe walked into the class with Shane coming in after her.

Chloe nodded and went back to her seat. The whole class went by with no accidents as did the class after it. Finally it was time for lunch. Chloe sat in her usual spot in the corner of the cafeteria with a book in her hand and started reading while chewing on her apple. She winced when she accidently hit her arm on the table.

"Hey," said a familiar voice, "you better watch that arm." Chloe looked up to see Shane Gray with two guys with curly hair, Nate and Jason Gray. What did they want with her? She was practically unseen by everyone else.

"Can we sit here?" he asked pointing to the free seats beside her. She hesitantly nodded and turned her face back into the book trying to hide from his stare.

She felt him come sit in the seat beside her but she didn't look at him. There were so many people who would give away their seats for them and they chose to sit with her? She got up to drag her stuff from the seat where Jason was going to sit but she wheezed in pain.

"Whoa, be careful," said Shane pulling her down as she struggle for air, "where does it hurt?"

Why did he care so much? No one as much kicked her before now, but here was the famous Shane Gray worrying about her. She couldn't tell him about her dad, he'd think her life was messed up and hate her like everyone else. Pain shot through her body like a thousand bullets and she let out another gasp.

She could feel Jason's and Nate's gaze on her deciding if this girl was faking it or was really in pain, but from the looks on their faces she knew that they didn't think she was acting.

"Everywhere," she muttered bending her head down and closing her eyes trying to suppress the throbbing in her body.

"Oh god," said Shane as he saw the bruises that she had hidden with her long sleeved shirt. She had cut herself 3 nights before, just as a try and found out that it took the pain away, as if it was stealing it, from her fragile body.

He picked her up bridal style, and carried her out of the cafeteria; no one saw them since the door was exactly to the left of them.

"No," she muttered closing her eyes and clinging to his shirt. He needed to put her down; he couldn't see the state she was in. She could feel hot wind blow against her and she immediately knew that she was outside. She felt Shane put her inside a car and she opened her eyes to see herself inside a small limo.

"What are you doing?" she said trying to get up.

"Getting you to a hospital." He answered her as Jason and Nate walked in. They couldn't leave school just like that, but then she remembered, they were Connect 3, the famous rock stars, they could do anything they wanted. Why were they doing this for her though?

"No," she tried to get out but Shane pulled her away from the door, "what're you doing? I don't want to go to a hospital. I'm fine. You can't just randomly come and take me to a hospital." Her dad was going to kill her. She knew that that night she would get a huge beating if he found out she was sent to a hospital.

"Yes I can, you look like a dead rat for Pete's sake. Even though I barely know you, I can tell that this was not caused by a fall down the stairs."

Chloe looked at him in shock. Was that how she looked like? A dead rat? Was that the lowest level a human could seep into?

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