Series: Politics of Revolving Doors
Title: Interlude - Growing on Me
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: Sylar/Claire
Prompt: "Growing on Me" (The Darkness) for

It's not how most people would say hello, but she's come to expect that from him. It's a slap on the ass and a rough hand over her mouth, shoving her into the corner, as a bunch of company drones pass by. She's sure she should be somewhat concerned with what they are saying, but she's too distracted by the hand tracing a sliver of bare skin at her waist. She glares at him, trying to focus. He's just messing with you, her brain screams as he leans closer.

He whispers for her not to make a sound and for once she agrees with him. She wouldn't want anyone finding them like this, presses pelvis to pelvis in a dark corner. The potential rumors make her head spin so much that she doesn't notice that his hand moved from covering her mouth to cupping her check.

He leans in real quick and presses a hard kiss against her lips. It kind of feels like approval and she briefly wonders why, before his tongue enters her mouth. She starts to respond, but then remembers she hates him and sharply pulls away, glare back in full force.

"What the hell was that for?" Claire asks, running the back of her hand over her mouth. It's an exaggerated gesture and they both know it. All the fake disdain in the world can't cover up the fact that she's breathless

"You're starting to grow on me," is all he says, walking away with that damn smirk still on his face. "Now only if we could find a way to make you taller."