Title: Only Seventeen
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: Sylar/Claire
Prompt: Seventeen- Ladytron for

"Stop pacing"

"It's nearly eleven; she should be home by now."

"It the last dance of the year. I told her she could stay a little later if she wanted."

"She's only seventeen…"

"Don't you remember what we were doing when I was seventeen?" She interrupts, but Sylar keeps ranting and pacing as if Claire never said a word.

"…And I swear that if that boy even thinks of touching her, I'll castrate him with a wooden cooking spoon."

"Hey, remember our deal."

"I wouldn't be using my powers to maim him, so technically I wouldn't be breaking it."

"Sylar," Claire says warningly, "You are going to be nice to our daughter's boyfriend."

"I'm nice."

"Oh yeah, was last weekend an example of you being nice?" Sylar's biting retort is cut off by the entrance of their daughter. She seemed to be floating on a cloud, ever ignorant of the murderous look Sylar was throwing at her boyfriends retreating form.

"Did you have a good time, honey," Claire asked, trying to keep her amusement from being too obvious.

"It was wonderful," she sighs, before wandering off to her bedroom, probably to call said boyfriend to say goodnight. Claire just had to laugh at Sylar's scowl.

"Oh to be seventeen again."