Title: Without You, There is Nothing

Author: gphoenix51

Category: Action/Romance/Humor

Rated: NC-17 for Violence, Sexual Themes, Sex Scenes, and Naughty Language…lots of Naughty Language

Pairings: Main: Harry/Hermione, Neville/Luna

Slight: Harry/Luna, Hermione/Ron

Spoilers: Books 1-5, because the series mysteriously ended after book 5.

Disclaimer: All products, movies, music, TV shows, comic books, novels, and any other Brand Names are the properties of their specific companies. All Harry Potter characters and places belong to JKR. All original work and characters in this story are copyrighted by me, gphoenix51© 2008-2009. Severe Ginger Bashing ahead!

Summary: Harry Potter has won the war, but hasn't won the girl. He may be the most powerful Wizard in the world, but his power is helpless to save the woman he loves from a loveless relationship. Will Hermione ever escape Ron and be with the man she's destined to be with?

Chapter 4 – The Aftermath

The next few weeks were some of the best and worst in Harry's life. The best, because he was finally able to share his life with the woman he loved. After their first night together, Harry and Hermione had Apparated over to her apartment, packed everything in record time, and moved her into Black Manor. They celebrated their new relationship with an elegant gourmet meal that Dobby and Winky almost had to blackmail Harry into letting them cook. The Elves were ecstatic that their Master and Mistress had gotten together and went all out to show how happy for the both of them they were. Later, Hermione had led Harry into the Potter-Black Library and they christened it by making love on the research table. Hermione had confessed she had been fantasized about doing just that ever since she first saw the Library.

Harry pulled in every favor he had and got both Hermione and himself a month's vacation. She'd been upset at first, till Harry had sneakily reminded her that they could spend most of that month in bed. She finally stopped smiling hours later, after they had both passed out in exhaustion. Two weeks into their vacation, Harry took Hermione back to the rave club and they spent most of the night dancing, finally reliving the night that had started this whole thing the way it should have been.

After that, Hermione decided that some sun was in order. Harry blindfolded her and Apparated them both to a private island in the Bahamas that the Potters owned. Being a private island, with no one else on it, allowed the pair of them to work on their all over tans. Not to mention making love on a moonlit beach, with the full moon sparkling on the crystal clear ocean. They spent the last two weeks there, enjoying the company of the other, fully connecting with their Soulmate. It was there that Harry asked Hermione to marry him. He had barely finished saying the words before he was tackled to the ground in one of her famous lung crushing hugs, happy tears trailing down her face. The new engaged couple spent hours enjoying the feeling of being completely enraptured in their love. And it was a glowing Hermione and an ecstatic Harry that Apparated home to Black Manor.

But it all wasn't fun and sun. When Ron found out that Hermione was dating and living with Harry in the grand Black Manor, he didn't take it too well. In fact, saying he didn't take it well was probably the understatement of the century. Mrs. Weasley wasn't happy either, but neither Harry nor Hermione gave a damn. All she could really do was gripe to visitors at The Burrow, and since neither of them ever went there anymore, she couldn't do anything to them.

Ron, on the other hand, had a rather drastic tactic in mind. Thankfully, he wasn't too bright about it and The Twins had caught him reading a Pensieve Memory book and overheard him on the Floo talking to someone about selling some "Dirty memories" for a large price, that would be delivered as soon as he figured out how to copy his memories. Fred and George knew immediately what he was planning, and while Fred Apparated over to Black Manor to tell Harry and Hermione, George piled work on Ron to keep him busy and conveniently "lost" the Memory book.

Hermione was horrified, and Harry was so enraged that it took both Hermione and Fred to keep him from Apparating over to the shop and killing Ron where he stood. Instead, the Twins and Hermione came up with a particularly devious bit of revenge. George slipped him a Draught of Living Death Potion into his Firewhisky when the Twins had an after-hours get together at the shop. As soon as Ron was out, Harry and Hermione were summoned, and they got to work. First, Harry used his Legilimency skills to enter Ron's mind and he found all of Hermione's private memories, everything from the times when he'd seen her naked to their disastrous last sexual act. Removing all of them from his head, Harry left the knowledge that Ron had seen Hermione naked, but he could never remember any of it and could never copy it. Hermione herself got her own brand of revenge, every time he tried to remember her naked, or even thought about her at all, sharp pains would shoot through his body, converging in a very personal place, only ceasing when he stopped trying to think about her. The Twins decided they'd keep him at the store, but only just. He was family after all. More importantly, it let them keep their Marauder eyes on him. He ended up being the tester for their new Snackboxes anyway, and if a few purposefully tampered with Snackboxes ended up getting tested, the Twins never mentioned it.

Hermione's privacy secured, they washed their hands of Ron, never speaking to him again. Mrs. Weasley never accepted Harry and Hermione's relationship, and so the only Weasley's they kept in contact with were Arthur, Bill and Fleur, Charlie, Fred, George, Angelina, Alicia and Katie. They were all invited to the double wedding of Neville and Luna and Harry and Hermione, along with Remus and Tonks, Minerva McGonagall, Alastor Moody, Kingsley Shacklebolt and Minister Bones, along with several other distinguished guests. Among them, Hermione's parents, who were overjoyed for their only daughter, finally marrying the man she's always loved, and just as important, truly loved her back.

Luna had been over the moon that Harry had finally found Hermione, and that the both of them could finally be happy. When Hermione and Harry told their best friends about their engagement, Luna and Neville immediately wanted to make it a double wedding, with the new Longbottom's marrying first, and then the Maid of Honor and Best Man swapped places and became the Bride and Groom. And as the new Mr. and Mrs. Potter kissed, they both had the same thought, that Without You, There is Nothing.

The End

A/N: If anyone thinks it's a bit over the top for Ron to do what he was going to do, just think about how many spurned boyfriends, girlfriends, wives and husbands there are who put their exes nude pictures and sex tapes on the internet, this would be the Wizarding world equivalent. Hope everyone enjoyed, and if this last chapter messes it up for you, you all have my permission to end it at chapter 3 and pretend chapter 4 doesn't exist.