Hating the Sun

He comes at night,

And if you saw this sight,

You may think we were in love so deep.

But come the day,

He will slip away,

And leave me without tears to weep.

I love him so,

Even when he goes,

Though he knows this is how I feel.

Until dawn cracks,

I'll keep the nightmares back,

I hope this helps his tortured soul heal.

I cry anew,

So he doesn't have to,

And take his sins to add to my own.

Sunrise I know,

Will make him go,

To leave me again all alone.

His ice blue eyes,

Yes at night he too cries,

They will soon look at me in sorrow.

Gone from his heart,

Banished is my part,

Forgotten until tomorrow.

But for tonight,

I'll hold him tight,

Forever praying for time to cease.

I'll stroke his hair,

Gleaming in the moonlight's glare,

Soothing the demons he won't release.

His trust in me,

Forces me to see,

For now only the dark can see us as one.

I accept this,

With every sweet kiss.

But oh God, how I hate the sun.

1 Icy B. Discordia

A.N. ::blink:: whoa. I had no idea I was gonna write that. So you don't have to guess (don't you hate that?) it's a Zechs and Noin one from Noin's POV. C/C appreciated at icedreamer .com . If you send me flames though, I will only laugh at you. Domo Arigato minna!