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I could feel the familiar sensation of ice sliding down my back as I pushed through the barrier to platform nine and three quarters. The sight of the majestic antique train greeted me as warmth invaded my chest and I smiled a smile of complete joy, despite myself.

You see this will be my sixth year at Hogwarts. As an eleven year old I was sorted into Slytherin and met with the unfounded hate of three quarters of the school. I learned quickly the art of hiding ones emotions. You could never let the enemy know your weaknesses or vulnerability. After only a few short months in Hogwarts I gained the reputation of an ice queen, unfeeling, ruthless and cruel to my enemies and cold and distant to my friends. I wasn't always like this. Of course, like all others in my house I was a pureblood, my father had been a Slytherin and my mother a Ravenclaw. However, I had grown up loved. As an only child, my father and mother had doted on me, I was the centre of their worlds.


The whistle of the train was loud amongst the waves of frantic parents and students. My excitement and nervousness was nearly tangible. I looked up when I felt I strong yet gentle hand grasp my small shoulder.

"Lizzy" I heard my Father say. He wore an apprehensive smile on his face, as if rethinking whatever he was about to say.

"Lizzy...you know your Mother and I will always be proud of you no matter which house you get into don't you?" I nodded my head emphatically. Of course I knew, they had told me often enough.

"I know you have always been surrounded by love. But sweetheart, if you do become a Slytherin you must be prepared for the inevitable resentment and fear the other houses will have for you." I could feel my confusion growing and it must have shown on my face as my father quickly continued.

"It isn't because of you Lizzy, never forget that. It's just... always been that way." He finished with a sad smile. I felt his large arms wrap around my tiny frame and the normal feelings of love, warmth and protection that always accompanied any hug from my father made me forget my confusion as I hugged him back.


I continued my way through the crowd of swarming parents and hysterical mothers to the end of the train where my carriage was. As I opened the sliding door, with a feeling of relief for escaping the mob, I looked up at the only other occupant of the room. As emerald eyes and shaggy black hair registered in my thoughts I could feel the rage growing in the pit of my stomach and my eyes narrow as I screamed from my previously gaping mouth.

"What the HELL are you doing in here POTTER?!"



Oh Merlin! Kill me now. Slytherin's ice queen, their number one bitch had just walked through the door. Seeing her eyes narrowed and her hand twitch towards her pocket, no doubt searching for her wand, I responded the way any man hoping to prevent violence would when presented with the enraged Elizabeth Edwards.

"Merlin! Want to lower the pitch a few octaves? Only dogs can understand what you're screaming!" A malicious smirk stretched across my lips. "Then again Edwards that would make sense wouldn't it? I mean it's only natural for you to want to converse using your species way of communicating." I said with mock compassion and sincerity.

I watched with a pleased smile as her face grew red and she balled her fists at her sides. I think I could literally see the steam coming out of her ears.

"Shut it Potter" she snapped with pure venom.

"Your immaturity has reached new heights I see, along with your ego. Now I will ask once more and if you can't give a semi intelligent answer, if that is even within your capabilities, then I am going to hex you so bad that you will even break your record and spend your first week at Hogwarts in the hospital wing! What the HELL are you doing here?"

"You don't own this carriage Edwards, no matter what your inflated sense of self importance is telling you." I replied with satisfaction dripping from my words.

I could see her infuriation growing to untold heights. "What is wrong with you POTTER! You know that Slytherin's always stay at the back of the train. Did your parents drop you on your head as a baby too many times or something?..." I saw her exhale loudly and her body relax as her fists uncurled. A cruel sneer made its way onto her face as she continued "Oh, how clumsy of me to forget you don't have parents..."she said with fake concern and regret "...your idiocy must be genetic, but from the stories I hear of your parents it isn't that hard to believe."

Her brutal comment hit me and it felt like a blow to the stomach. I gasped in air and fury built in me with an amazing ferocity. I stood from my seat and glared at her with hate which she unflinchingly returned.

"Never. Never. Insult my parents."

Edwards obviously still angry about my about my comments drew her wand on me at what I said next.

"They were good brave people unlike your parents who are too cowardly to do anything but kiss the robes of some insane maniac!"

"PETRIFICUS TOTALUS" she shouted with fury.

I dodged her spell as I drew my wand and yelled

"EXPELLIARMUS!" she deflected the spell with a quick protego. Seeing her distracted I shot a quick stupefy at her and watched knowing she did not have time to defend herself.