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'so…' Sasha began slowly, quite confused, a very un-Sasha like thing. 'Dragan and I are Jacob's backups?' she asked.

'exactly,' Steven smiled at her. 'you seem a lot nicer now, Sasha,' he placed a hand on her arm.

'take it off, or I break it off,' she said calmly, and he quickly moved his hand. She was still intimidating under the surface.

'and you're going to keep us here against our will?' Dragan wondered.

'uh…yeah,' he said slowly, watching him closely, wondering if he was going to knock him down and escape.

Of course, this was stupid.

It wasn't Dragan he had to be wary of. It was Sasha who placed a roundhouse kick to his face.

It was always Sasha.

.. ..

'I'm fine, I'm fine!' Stacey hissed to Ryan, ignoring the pain in her shoulder and rushing forward to Dan, on the ground.

'step the Hell back!' Sophie snarled, she was almost animal like in her anger at Stacey.

'Soph…' Dan trailed off, shaking his head. He wanted them there.

Sophie allowed Stacey and Ryan to approach, allowed Stacey's hands to press down on Dan's wound, allowed Ryan to help Stacey. And Sophie just stared at Dan.

'Dan, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!' Stacey exclaimed tearfully.

'we'll get Jack to save you,' Ryan said.

Dan stared at Sophie as Ryan and Stacey began getting ready to move Dan back to the beach. Sophie looked conflicted of whether to go with them or not, they all knew how changed she was, and she wasn't quite sure how many of them heard about her killing someone.

'go,' he whispered to her.

She nodded slowly, and leaned down to kiss him.

'still promise?' she asked softly.

'I still promise,' he told her, just as softly.

She nodded, mouthed "I love you" and ran off.

Dan smiled after her.

.. ..


The scream was no doubt Stacey, and as it was a distressed scream, everyone turned around, to where she was stumbling out of the jungle with Ryan, a pale and bloody Dan between them.

'Stacey! What happened to him?' Jack asked, rushing over to them.

'he was shot,' she sobbed out, and Ryan gave her a pitying look.

'he doesn't blame you, Stacey,' Ryan whispered.

'how do you know?' she snapped. 'I…I just shot him, Ryan,' she whispered.

'you shot Dan?' Jack asked in shock.

'yes! Yes! I shot Dan!' she yelled. 'now please, just save him!'

Jack put a hand on her shoulder. 'I will, Stacey. I promise you.'

.. ..

There was several things Dragan Rush prided himself on knowing without seeing them. He knew that when Sasha awoke with a start that she had been dreaming about when she killed her brother. He knew that when she fought, she did so knowing that he had her back. He knew every way that she moved in a fight, he knew how to hurt the other person, not her. He knew how she got angry, how she conveyed emotions only to him as she spoke, how she breathed, how she did everything.

It was knowing all these things that made him realize that she was being held down by several people as the two men strapped him into a chair.

'what are you doing to him?' he could hear the angry yell from Sasha, even hearing the fear in her voice. And then he got concerned at what was going on. She was afraid of whatever they were doing to him, and that made him anxious.

'Sasha, I'm not afraid to shoot you,' he heard Steven say, although it did sound like he didn't want to do that.

Dragan heard a sound, the sound of a machine whirring into life.

'I saw him!' Sasha exclaimed loudly. 'I saw you drag that body out before! DON'T YOU DARE PUT HIM IN THERE!' she almost shrieked, and Dragan jumped slightly in surprise, she was beyond furious.

'I know you did, Sasha,' he heard the voice of Widmore. 'but if everything about his helicopter crash is true, he will be fine, and so will you when we put you in there.'

'I don't care what you do to me,' Dragan said in a steady voice. 'just don't do anything to her. Or, no matter what it costs me, I will make sure you die a painful death.'

'once this is over,' Widmore began to Dragan, as if ignoring his earlier words. 'I'm going to ask you to make a sacrifice. And I hope for all our sakes you'll help me.'

'sacrifice?' Sasha and Dragan scoffed in unison. 'what would you know about sacrifice?'

Widmore paused, and Dragan knew he was somewhat impressed by their ability to say something in perfect unison.

'My son died here for the sake of this island. My own daughter hates me. And I've never even met my grandson,' Widmore said. 'you lost your eyesight,' he said to Dragan. 'and you lost your daughter. But it will be okay now. If you help me. If not…well, all of it will be for nothing.'

He heard Widmore walk away, and then he heard the sound of someone's foot connecting with someone's face.

'ugh,' Widmore muttered. 'get her a sedative. I know she will not be able to handle this if it goes wrong,' he said, and then Widmore fully walked away.

The whirring started up again and he heard Sasha yelling out something, in a variety of languages.

He felt a burning light, he heard Sasha screaming, he could taste something metallic, he smelt something burning.

And then he could see.

.. ..

Dragan blinked and watched as the two walked away. There was something about that woman – Sasha. He knew that he should know why she was so familiar, but for the life of him, he couldn't remember why exactly.

He shook his head.

He must just be tired, jetlagged, something.

But he did know that even if he was tired, that woman, Sasha, she was so beautiful, despite her scars.

.. ..

Dragan took a seat in the town car, and he looked at the driver.

'Mr. Rush, is it?' the young woman said.

'Dragan, yeah,' he smiled at her.

'Dragan,' she gave a charming smile. 'I'm Ursula.'

'nice to meet you.'

'likewise,' she said. 'so. Where to? The hotel?'

'Saint Sebastian's Hospital first,' he said to her.

'will do,' she said before she starting driving off.

.. ..

Dragan stood in the doorway of the hospital room, looking at the woman who was hooked up to all the machines, Nataliya.

'can I help you?' a voice asked behind him, and he turned, seeing a redhead doctor.

'oh, um, I'm her son,' Dragan told her. 'Dragan.'

'nice to meet you,' the doctor said. 'I'm Doctor Wade, I've been taking care of your mother for the last few weeks.'

'and the cancer's not getting any better, huh?' he asked her as he still stared at his mother.

'I'm afraid not,' Madison said in sympathy.

Dragan looked past her, to see a man staring at him intently.

'excuse me,' Dragan said to the doctor, before he walked over to the other man.

'do I know you?' Dragan asked the man.

'no,' Brad Donegan said. 'but we were meant to know each other.'

Dragan stared at him as he walked off.

'wait…what?' he asked, running after the man.

Brad kept walking.

So Dragan rushed after him.

.. ..

Sasha kept her eyes closed and regulated her breathing as she heard someone walk into the room that she was being kept in.

She heard the sound of someone taking a syringe out, and she jumped up suddenly, grabbing the syringe and sticking it straight into the man's neck.

'what…are…you…doing…to…him?' Sasha asked in a soft whisper, right in the man's ear.

'we…we're just making sure he could help us in the long run,' the man, Jared, said to her.

Sasha looked at the syringe. 'were you going to give me all of this? There's enough here to kill someone.'

The man stared at her, but no matter how much he tried, he couldn't open his mouth to defend his actions. Her abilities had made him speechless.

Sasha pressed down the syringe and the man fell to the ground. She leaned down and grabbed the man's keys as he died.

'please…why…?' he asked her softly.

'that's what you get when you fuck with me,' she said matter-of-factly. She paid no more attention to him as she took his weapons too and left the room.

.. ..

Dragan wasn't quite sure what made him get into this car with this man he didn't know, he just really wanted to know what the Hell this man was talking about.

'So, what do you mean we were meant to know each other?' Dragan asked him in bewilderment.

Brad looked at him and smiled a mysterious smile.

'we were meant to help each other out but then…I died.'

Dragan stared at him.

'wait, what?' Dragan asked.

And then Brad swerved the car and they went head on into another one.

.. ..

Sasha slipped down the hallway, keeping close to the shadows against the wall, moving slowly, listening for anyone walking through the hallways.

She was convinced that the next hallway was empty, and she turned the corner, stopping suddenly when she saw that around the corner there was a man, his back to her. She paused, before she saw the knife glinting at the man's waist, and leaping forward, she grabbed it, as he turned around to face her.

She saw the eyes of Kylie Alpert, the eyes she knew couldn't belong to her, but possibly her brother.

And then she stabbed him in the stomach and she watched him fall.

She stood over him and watched as he took his last breath before she stepped over him, on her way again.

.. ..

Steven rushed through the hallways, quickly entering the room where he knew that Widmore was, along with another ten or so people.

'Mr. Widmore,' Steven said as soon as he saw him. 'Kansa's gone.'

'what?' Widmore turned around sharply and demanded of him.

'she's gone. And Jared's dead, and so are another three that I saw coming here. She's heading here.'

'already here,' the icy voice came from the doorway and everyone turned quickly, knowing it was her, knowing she was dangerous and knowing that she meant business.

Sasha tilted her head to the side before she threw the knives.

.. ..

'any nausea?' Madison asked as she shined the light in his eye.

'no,' Dragan sighed, anxious to get back to the man he had been with.

'Double vision?' she questioned.

'no. I need to find the man I was brought in with,' he insisted.

'I'm afraid you're not finding anyone until we know what's going on inside your brain,' she said. 'sorry.'

Dragan sighed.

He suddenly changed from being annoyed, to intrigued, when he saw the woman he met at the airport, Sasha, walk towards them, stitches in her forehead.

'hey,' she said to the doctor.

'hey, Sash,' she said. 'what happened to you? Serj's driving?'

'funnily enough, yeah, to an extent,' she said without any trace of humor in her voice. 'but it was actually some idiot who swerved his car from the other lane and crashed straight into us.'

Dragan cleared his throat awkwardly.

'yeah, that was the car I was in,' he said to them.

Sasha raised an eyebrow.

'I wasn't driving,' he said quickly. 'a…friend,' he settled on. 'was driving. I think he's a tad bit crazy.'

'seems like it,' she said dryly.

.. ..

'where…is…he?' Sasha asked slowly, making a point to pause in between words just so he got her entirely, knowing she wasn't screwing around, not today, not ever.

'he's being kept in a cell under watch, he is okay,' Widmore told her. 'he just needs to get out of a coma.'

Sasha took out her second gun. 'excuse me?' she asked. 'coma?'

'have you genuinely got feelings for him?' Steven asked in surprise, this was Sasha after all.

Sasha turned her gun on him and shot him in the leg.

'where is he?' she repeated.

'he is safe,' Widmore told her.

'wrong answer,' she said, before she shot Widmore straight in the chest.

'where is he?' she asked of Steven.

'he's on the other side of the building, in room 8,' he finally gave in and she walked out, leaving him there to bleed.

.. ..

'please don't.'

'please don't do what?'

'please don't give me a reason to like you.'

'would that be such a bad thing?'

'I'm not sure…'

He heard the voices in his head knowing one of them to be his own, and the other one to be of that woman he had met, Sasha. The woman who kept popping up wherever he went, almost as if they were meant to know each other, somehow, sometime, in another life.

'hey!' he called out in the M.R.I. machine. 'let me out!'

He pressed the button they had given him and the doctors came in, getting him out.

'what happened?' Madison asked. 'are you okay?' she asked.

'the man I came in with,' Dragan said, almost frantically, I need to find him. I need to find him.'

.. ..

Sophie bit her lip and looked around the encampment, from where she was sitting away from everyone, everyone relatively carefree, no one plagued by the possibility that the one they love was dead, none of them knowing of the life hanging in the balance halfway across the Island.

'Sophie?' Kate took a few steps towards her, seeing how troubled she looked. No matter what anyone said, Sophie could change back, Sophie had been her friend, Sophie was still who she was. Hidden beneath everything.

'Sophie?' she asked again. Sophie shook suddenly, and Kate was concerned, although from behind she didn't see the look on her face at all, she didn't see the pain.

'what's wrong?' Kate asked.

'D-Dan,' Sophie's voice cracked. 'he was shot, and it's my fault…'

'is he okay?' Kate asked softly.

'he, um…' Sophie took a deep breath as the tears fell down her cheeks. 'I…I don't, um, know.'

Kate turned Sophie around and was shocked by the heartbreak in her face.

'hey, Soph, hey,' Kate said soothingly, wrapping her arms around the distraught girl. 'he'll be okay. He's going to be fine.'

.. ..

'so why'd you shoot him?'

Stacey's head shot up at Amanda's question and she narrowed her eyes.

'what the Hell do you want?' Stacey asked.

'seems to be the only way you'll talk to me, trying to get a rise out of you,' Amanda shrugged, sitting down. 'I guess I've missed you.'

Stacey sighed. 'I was trying to shoot Sophie and he valued the psychopaths' life over his own,' Stacey said.

Amanda nodded in thought. 'I can understand that,' she said.

'you can?' Stacey wondered.

'yeah, I can. There's a few people in this world that I would throw myself in front of if someone tried to shoot them, no matter how many people think they're crazy,' she said.

'like who?'

'Jake…well, I would, if he was still here,' she said sadly. Stacey took her hand. 'Isabel,' she added, giving a sideways glance to Stacey. 'Lo-'

'wait, wait, wait!' Stacey exclaimed. 'you'd throw yourself in front of a bullet for my daughter?' she asked.

'yeah, I would. I love your daughter,' she said. 'and I'd never want something to happen to her if I can prevent it. Same with you. I don't want you to die; you need to be reunited with your daughter.'

'do you think that's going to happen?' Stacey asked, sounding fearful that it wouldn't.

'yeah,' Amanda smiled and took her hand. 'I think it will.'

.. ..

'I'm sorry, we can't give you that confidential information,' Madison said to Dragan.

'I need to see him,' Dragan repeated.

'I'm sorry,' Madison said.

'come on, Maddie, just give the guy the room number,' Sasha was leaning against the bench and seemed to be enjoying the argument that evidently had nothing to do with her. But that was Sasha for you. 'I also want to find out what idiot crashed into my car.'

'Sasha! I can't use my hospital privileges for your benefit,' Madison reprimanded her.

'come on, you've known me for what, thirty years? And you can't do me one little favor?' she asked.


Dragan wished the woman, Sasha, would talk some more so he could know if it was really her that he had some kind of memory of.

A man walked past and Dragan suddenly grabbed his arm.

'hey, Brad,' Dragan said conversationally. 'why'd you try to kill me?'

'I didn't try and kill you. I was trying to show you something,' Brad argued.

'oh yeah? And what was that?' Dragan asked him.

'you tell me,' Brad said. 'what did you see that really wasn't there?'

Dragan's eyes flitted over to where Sasha was, not paying attention to their conversation.

'ahh…' Brad said in realization. 'what's her name?'

'her name's Sasha,' he said.

'ring any bell inside you?' Brad wondered.

'not yet.'

'well, you got to figure it out,' Brad said.


As Sasha walked away, past them, Brad looked at her.

'ah, excuse me, Miss?' he asked her.

'what?' she snapped.

'my friend is having one of those déjà vu moments, and he was just wondering, if you two have met before?' Brad asked her.

'uh, yeah,' she shot Dragan a weird look. 'we meet at the airport, remember?'

'oh, yeah, I know that,' he said. 'but I swear I know you. Have we met before?' Dragan asked her.

'I think I'd remember that meeting,' she said before she walked away.

'so it's her?' Brad asked after a moment of silence.

'oh yeah. It's her.'

.. ..

Sophie took a deep breath.

'you ready?' Amber asked her. As Kate had comforted Sophie, Amber realized what was going on, and together, Amber and Kate had convinced Sophie to screw what Stacey and Ryan would think, and get back to that beach, in case something horrible happened to Dan.

And so here Sophie and Amber were, just about to walk out onto the beach.

'hey? You ready?' Amber asked her.

'no,' she confessed, and Amber knew that the part of her speaking was not the darkness, but the light part of Sophie, the real Sophie, which made her relieved. Sophie was coming back to them. 'but I will never be, so let's get going.'

The two of them slowly walked out onto the beach, and people turned to them, everyone noticing the two guns and three knives at Sophie's waist, and the knife at Amber's.

There was a tent, a tent where Jack, Stacey, Ryan, Mel, Vina and some of the others were standing, and Sophie knew that's where Dan must have been.

'why are you here?' Megan asked them.

'Dan,' Amber said simply, as Sophie ignored her.

'you're not coming anywhere near him.'

The voice came from Stacey, and everyone looked in between Sophie and her, almost afraid as to what was going to go down.

'oh yeah?' Sophie asked coolly. 'watch me.'

Stacey took a step towards her, but Ryan and Jack pulled her back.

'you as good as killed him,' Stacey told her.

Sophie's breath got hitched in her throat.

'he…he's dead?' she choked out.

'no,' Stacey said. 'not yet. No thanks to you.'

'you were the one who pulled the trigger!' Sophie exclaimed.

'because I was trying to kill you!' Stacey yelled and everything seemed to stop.

Everyone looked between them, almost as if they couldn't believe that Stacey had attempted to kill Sophie.

'friggin' Hell, Stacey!' Amber exclaimed. 'have you not figured out that this is Our Sophie talking, Dan's Sophie, not the cold-hearted bitch Sophie!'

'hey, easy there,' Sophie muttered.

'learn the difference. The one who was going to shoot Dan was the cold hearted bitch doing the bidding of Locke, or whoever it is, and this one standing in front of you is the madly in love with Dan, Sophie, the woman who is scared beyond all belief that he might die. So let her see him.'

Ryan took a step aside. 'she's right,' he said, and Jack too stood aside.

Mel and Vina looked at each other before they too stood back.

Stacey and Sophie stared at each other.

'fine,' Stacey sighed. 'but you leave your guns and knives here.'

'oh, you think I'm going to shoot him?' Sophie asked angrily. 'only reason that would happen would be if I tried to shoot you and he jumped in front of you!'

'just go in there,' Jack said to Sophie, before another argument could be started.

.. ..

Dan opened his eyes when Sophie entered and knelt down next to him.

'you and Stacey really hate each other, huh?' he asked.

'you heard that, huh?' she asked softly.

'yeah. Glad to know it's my Sophie here,' he smiled at her.

'It will always be me,' she told him. 'I'll always be your Sophie.'

Dan reached his hand up and caressed her face.

'I'm sorry,' she whispered. 'it's my fault you were shot. You shouldn't have saved me.'

'I would jump in front of a bullet for you, a million times over, just for you to survive,' he said, taking her hand and kissing it.

'please don't. I want you to live,' she said.

'I won't be able to live without you again.'

'you will.'

'no, I won't. that puts us into a bit of a predicament, with the promise and all, hey?' he asked, as she laid down next to him, still holding his hand.

'you promised me,' she reminded him. She leaned over and placed a kiss to his lips. 'thank god you're okay.'

'I'm always okay when you're around.'

Sophie rolled her eyes. 'you and trying to be charming, seriously,' she smiled, a smile that truly was hers, a smile that brightened up his life, a smile that made him smile in return.

A true smile.

.. ..

Widmore was entirely aware that he should have just told Sasha, but on the other hand, there had been a fifty/fifty chance that Sasha would shoot him in the chest and not the head.

And that had been what had happened.

And so, Sasha being Sasha, hadn't thought that he had been wearing a bulletproof vest, her time on the Island made her forget that people these days had protection against trigger happy people like her, that people knew of the dangers of her.

And here he was, alive and well because she hadn't thought of that.

Now, hopefully next time he saw her, she wouldn't shoot him in the head.

.. ..

Dragan entered the café and walked over to the counter, looking at the two girls behind there, Tori and Zahara.

'oh, go away,' Tori said irritably.

'not here to talk to you,' he told her before turning to Zahara. 'Zara, I need to see your mother.'

'uh…why?' she asked slowly.

'because I was with a friend today, and he crashed the car, into hers. Just figured we should pay the damages,' he lied, knowing it would be the only way for her to give him the location of wherever her mother happened to be.

'um, I finish in half an hour, if you can wait until then, I will drive you there myself, okay?' she said.

'okay, sounds great.'

.. ..

Desmond could hear all around the building that there was a shootout in the process, and he wasn't sure exactly who it was between, all he could tell was whoever it was who was shooting, was an angry person, a person Hell bent on revenge.

He wasn't too concerned as he heard it going on, but when it started to get closer, once the bullets sounded like they were just outside this hallway, he started getting just a bit anxious.

He heard two shots go off before it was silent.

Until, that is, the door was kicked open and he saw a woman standing there.

She looked like one of those people from those action movies, standing in the doorway with guns and knives in her belt as well as the two guns in her hands, an angry look on her blood spattered face, her clothes covered in other people's blood.

Of course, it was Sasha being Sasha.

'hey, Desmond,' she said. 'you got kidnapped too, huh?'

It was some time later that the two of them were running through the hallways, Sasha having given Desmond a gun.

.. ..

'hey,' Sasha said, walking into her apartment, seeing her friend lying on her couch. 'why are you here?'

'I was working for three days,' Madison said. 'and then I lost a patient. So I came here to crash,' she explained.

'right then,' Sasha sat down next to her. 'I was on the train home,' Sasha began. 'and this woman next to me, started raving to a man about how she was in an accident, and she had seen a woman, when she thought she was dying. An Egyptian Woman, and she just knew she had found her love, that they had always been and always would be in love,' Sasha trailed off.

Madison paused.

'okay, while that's great and everything for them, but what's your point?' she asked.

'my point is, remember that man I was telling you about?' Sasha said impatiently.

'if it has escaped your notice, I'll tell you again. I have been working for se- man? There's a man? You never mentioned a man! What man?' she asked.

The door of the apartment opened and closed.

'you're telling her about tall, dark handsome?' Megan asked, sitting down.

'you know?' Madison asked. 'this is like a rare event in the life of Sasha Kansa. A man.'

'I am not a shrew,' Sasha said. 'it's not that hard to believe.'

'oh, by the way, your daughter is downstairs, parking her car. She has two people with her. An insanely tall guy and an insanely tall girl,' Megan said.

'insanely tall guy?' Sasha asked.

'oh! Is it him?'

'it might be. They're gonna come up here and know we're talking about them,' she said as an excuse not to say anything more about it.

'so talk fast,' Madison said.

'well – don't say anything – but when I first looked at kind of just felt right.'

'right?' Megan raised an eyebrow.

'shut up,' Sasha snapped.

'hey, I love a guy who doesn't love me. No judgment here,' Megan said.

They looked at Madison.

'the guy I love is barely in the country. I'm counting you the lucky one,' Madison said.

'Sasha Kansa, feels right about someone. Yay,' Madison smiled, hugging her.

'finally,' Megan joined in the hug.

At that moment, the door opened and three people walked in.

'uhh...why are you all hugging?' Zahara asked.

'bad day,' the three said in unison.

'bad day?' Zahara raised an eyebrow, knowing there was no way that her mother and her mother's two best friends were hugging because they had a bad day.

'almost died,' Sasha said.

'almost lost my job,' Megan lied.

'lost a patient,' Madison said.

'right,' Zahara said. 'mom, you remember Dragan, don't you?' she asked.

'Dragan...' she pretended to be thinking about it. 'from the plane? Same Dragan who has stalked me everywhere I go?' she gave a mischievous smirk at him.

'right,' Dragan smiled at her.

Madison and Megan looked at Sasha.

'nonchalance,' Megan said in Latin. 'nice.'

'shut up!' Sasha barked angrily.

'yeah, well, he's Tori's brother! Weird, huh?' Zahara said.

'Tori?' Sasha asked.

'yeah. You know her.'

'do I?'

'We've worked together for over a year.'

'don't think I do,' Sasha said.

'you've met her.'

'don't think I have.'

'like five separate times!'

'not ringing a bell.'

Dragan hid a smirk at his sister's shock.

'whatever,' Zahara sighed. 'mom, this is Tori, for the sixth time.'

'nice to meet you,' Sasha said. 'again.'

The door of the apartment opened and a man walked in.

'Sash,' he said. 'let's go. We're already running late. Nightingale and Cobra are in the car.'

'bye, mom,' Zahara said. 'when will I see you again?'

'three days,' Sasha said.

'if ever,' the man said.

'Serj!' Madison reprimanded.

He smiled and gave Madison a kiss. 'I'll see you in three days,' he promised her.

'see, you two could have just gotten a normal job like the rest of us,' Megan said.

'now where's the fun in that?' Sasha asked. 'Goodbye, Zahara,' she added, kissing her cheek. 'bahebak.'

'And you're the first person I can say this and truly mean it: bahebak.'

'What?' he asked confused.

'It's Arabic for I love you.'

Dragan and Sasha visibly flinched, both having a déjà vu moment. They both looked up, at the other one in surprise.

Madison, Megan, Serj, Zahara and Tori looked at one another.

'uhh, guys?' Megan said.

'hold that thought,' Sasha said to Serj, grabbing Dragan's arm and pulling him out to the hallway.

'did you-' they both began in unison.

'you go,' they began again.

They both looked at each other, studying each other.

'I remember your voice,' Dragan said. 'I remember loving your voice. Does that sound weird and stalkerish?'

She shook her head. 'I remember you. I remember seeing you on an Island. Running.'

'I remember holding you.'

'I remember kissing you.'

'I remember loving you,' they said in unison.

In a movement that was so familiar, they moved towards each other and kissed.

'One: kiss me. I'm too weak to sit up and kiss you.'

'You're crying.'

'I know.'

''What was the second thing?'

'We both know that I'll die here. And don't try to tell me I'm not. We both know it. So the second thing I want to ask you to do is, can you just hold me? Until I die?'

'You believe that you don't have a heart? And what's with 'the Ice Queen?''

'I know that's what everyone calls me behind my back. I may be heartless but I'm not stupid.'

'You're not heartless.'

'How would you know that?'

'Because a) you need a heart to live. And b) you need a heart to feel love and be loved.'

'Who would love someone as bitter as me?'

'Well, me for one.'

'I love you Sasha.'

'I love you too.'

'maybe next time we meet I'll be able to see you.'

'uh huh,' Dragan said. 'definitely you. And I can definitely see you this time.'

Sasha smiled and wrapped her arms around him.

'I always knew you were beautiful,' he whispered into her ear.

.. ..

Desmond wasn't entirely sure how such a small person could kick a door in with such force, but he didn't question Sasha at all as she ran forward to where Dragan was lying, unconscious.

'hey,' she said softly, and Desmond marveled at the tenderness she displayed around Dragan. 'hey, wake up.'

She lightly hit him, and he still didn't respond.

'bloody Hell,' she muttered, standing up and walking out of the room, to the room next to it.

'hey, what are you doing?' Desmond asked her.

Sasha ignored him as she walked back in with a long syringe.

'what's that?' Desmond asked as she thrust the syringe into Dragan's chest.

'adrenaline,' she muttered, pushing down on the syringe.

Dragan shot up, waking up instantly as the adrenaline entered his bloodstream.

'you okay?' Sasha asked him softly.

'yeah,' he said. 'you?'

'yeah,' she smiled, helping him up and passing him a gun. 'let's get going then.'

Dragan caught her arm suddenly.

'have I ever told you that you're beautiful?' he asked her.

Sasha rolled her eyes. 'oh, what, you can see now, can you?' she asked sarcastically. 'and, no, you haven't.'

'well you are.'

'you've never seen me before,' she reminded him.

'golden bronze skin,' he said. 'long black hair, dark brown, almost black eyes that have some kind of sadness in them. Three scars on your face, another on your neck, several more on your chest, legs and arms too, and your stomach.'

Sasha stared at him.

'smart ass.'

.. ..

'we need to help everyone else see this,' Sasha said suddenly.

Dragan stopped playing with her hair. 'come again?'

'everyone else who was on that Island. All those people who loved. We need everyone to realize their previous life, if this is actually a life now,' she said. 'we need to find out who else was on that plane. And we need to get them to remember.'

'sounds good,' he smiled.

.. ..

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