Love at The station

Date: 9 - 23 - 8

Author's Note: I'm so sorry it took me so long to update there was a problem with my internet. So thanks for all the reviews, author alerts and story alerts. They mean a lot to me. So no more blurberish from me on with the story…Again I'm SUPER sorry!

Chapter one

Bella's Point Of View:

"Uhh.. I'm never going to pass this final exam" I complained to Alice as I walked into our dorm room. "Yes, you are your just freaking out right now". Alice answered. "Yeah sure so when I fail I'm coming to you and saying I told you so!" I replied. "Bella c'mon how many times do you freak before a test that you end up acing" she remarked. She's right. I always freak out before any kind of test. But still….. I could fail. As I walk out the room she yells "You know I'm right". I know that but she doesn't need to. Her ego is big enough. I entered my room to find at least ten shopping bags. Alice. Great not like have I enough clothes. Alice has to buy me clothes every other day and they all go in the same place the very back of my walk-in closet. I would throw them in the attic but I wouldn't want to hurt her feelings. I settle in to my desk with my coffee and croissant on one side, and my text book on the other. It's going to be one hell of a night…

The following Saturday

Bella's Point of View:

" I can't believe you signed us up for a first aid class!" Rose screeched. " And not even a beginner's class a professional one, you got us in way over our heads this time Alice" I agreed.

"You'll thank me later ladies" and with that she walked into the classroom. Really what was she thinking when were we ever going to need advanced first aid. I mean I'm pretty sure none of us want to become firefighters or something. But when Rose and I told Alice this she went of the deep end. Telling well actually more like yelling at us that we would need this in the future. Yeah right that will be the day could you picture that? Me clumsy plain old skinny Bella giving someone the Heimlich. Your more likely to see pigs fly. Rose and I knew we better get in there before Alice comes and drags us in. As we entered the room I was met with the most magnificent site…..

Author's Note:

I know its super short but it's just to get things started. Next chapter Edward's point of view. And will find out who Bella's talking about!