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Other times, I'm just too lazy to type. So I want to challenge myself by doing a drabble series. And what better series but the ever adorable KHR fandom?

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Prepare for some shounen-ai! And other stuffs.

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But anyways, enjoy.

Sawada Tsunayoshi really didn't have a sex life. Between paperwork, making peace between other famiglia, and making sure that his own famiglia didn't kill each other, he didn't really have a lot of time to himself. And he couldn't imagine life any other way. He had grown so used to this routine that he believed that he would be stuck as a virgin until the day he died.

Not that he wanted to have sex for the sake of not having to be laughed at for being almost twenty and still virgin. No, if he wanted to have that sort of intimate relationship with somebody, it would be with the right person, at the right time, and in the right place. And the last person who he had ever thought to be alright to spend the rest of his life with was Kyoko.

And that was so many years ago, when he was not the tenth boss of the Vongola Famiglia, but just lame, talent-less, No-good Tsuna…

There were piles upon piles of papers cluttering his desk. Some of these were important, some of these were just doodles that I-pin, Fuuta, and Lambo drew years back and Tsuna didn't have the heart to through away, and some of these should have been signed weeks ago. No matter how many proposals he signed and reports he stamped, there seemed to be no end to all the paperwork. He promptly threw his pen to the side, and let his head drop to a cleared portion of his desk, his head making a soft thud as it hit, and let out a groan. Reborn would kill him if he didn't finish all his work by the time he came back from his latest job, but right now, Tsuna didn't care.

Absorbed in his troubles, Tsuna never noticed his window being opened. He never noticed soft footfalls coming towards him.

But when two strong arms snaked around his body, he knew that something was amiss. He felt himself being pulled close against a toned body, so close that he could hear the very heartbeat of his intruder. He could feel the warm breath dance coyly near his ear.

"Good evening, Sawada Tsunayoshi." And that peculiar laugh danced around in the air as light as wind chimes, but as chilling as the coldest ice.

Suddenly, he got the feeling that he wouldn't be a virgin for much longer.