Akuno Hikari
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Notes: Letter 'D' of a series of alphabetical oneshots. This one is an AU, It's really vague, but there is a setting behind it. Tsuna is a student at a magical academy, but due to his abysmal show of any ability, he is labeled a dropout. To make up for this, while everyone else sleeps, Tsuna sneaks into the library and studies all night. Mukuro, a demon, notices what others don't, and looks past Tsuna's failures and sees an abundance of potential, among other things...

#004- Demon

It had started with a whisper.

Working by the flame of a slowly dying candle, Tsuna poured himself into his studies. Untidy stacks of aging fossils of archaic books took up the vast majority of the room, towering as high as the far away ceiling, and all swaying in a nonexistent breeze, ready to collapse. Between the many columns of yellowed and frayed bound volumes, old oak tables and desks with rickety chairs hid. The wood of the table that he worked at too lost under the sea of parchment to be seen. The scratching of quill on paper faltered for a moment.

"Sweet, sweet human..." The voice danced in the stale air, snaking its way from the farthest corner. The voice was low and sultry, whispered so softly and barely audible, but had the power of a bloodcurdling scream. He shivered.

He quickly resumed his work, taking care to not smudge the last rune that he had engraved upon the parchment. The voice would be gone soon. The boy flipped a page of a book to his upper right, his eyes darting across the pages. He dipped the tip of his quill into the dusky contents of his inkwell, and began to copy the text in his untidy scrawl.

"Such a lovely child." The voice came from the opposite direction now, but closer. The low murmur pierced the eerie silence of the library.

Don't worry, the boy thought, the voice will leave. He opened a leather-bound tome, the telltale smell dulled over the ages, only the musty scent that everything in the room seemed to keep. He pressed the sharp point of his feather to the parchment and found that it had become dry. He dipped it into the crystal phial once more.

"That girl does not deserve your love." Mockingly bitter, the statement was louder than the last.

Suddenly cold, the brunette felt dread fill him and his heart clenched. His grip on the quill tightened. Lies… The boy slammed another book open with more force than necessary. The voice knew nothing…. It didn't know how her hazelnut eyes glowed when she smiled, or how her laugh was like the sweet chime of bells. Or how she spoke gentle words with the kindest expression…

"But not for you." The voice coyly said, as if reading his troubled mind like an open book. Tsuna gritted his teeth and looked down at his feet. Why wasn't it gone yet! Usually, after a few words, it would just disappear….

"I can give you so much more than that." Suddenly close, the voice rang loudly in the too quiet air, and Tsuna quickly leapt from his seat to face the other, wooden chair clattering on the ground.

Up on a towering pillar of books, shrouded softly in the inky shadows, someone was standing. The intruder was exotic to him, he looked like a teenager, but there was something feral about him that made the boy doubt that he was human. Navy hair framed a pale handsome face, looking very much like a porcelain doll, too perfect and dangerously beautiful to be real. Glittering eyes bore down at him, Tsuna gasped, one of them was a bloody crimson, staring at him, dissecting him, laughing at him, wanting him.

The demon smirked at his shock. "And all that I ask in return…" He swooped down from his perch, and like a bird of prey, landed silently before the brunette. His eyes were intense, his smirk widened, and in the flickering orange light of the melting candle, Tsuna could see a flash of fangs.

"…is you."