Well, here is the next chapter

Well, here is the next chapter. I think that this story is going to be one of my better one's. I don't know though. Well wish me luck!

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Chapter 2: New Team

Hinata sat at the back of the classroom; she had just passed the test to become a Gennin. (Spelling?) At her feet was a small yellow fox, not that anyone new of course. She looked down at the animal. 'I hope he's listening, I'm not going to explain anything to him when he wakes up.' She decided seeing him curled up. She had no need to worry he was listening vary closely how the teams would be made up. The fox had to know who would be on their team. "Team seven Harano Sakura, Kiba, and Shino your instructor will be Kurenai" Iruka didn't even pause at the shrieks from the class banshee, " Team eight Yamasai Ino, Nara Shikamaru, and Choji Asuma" Yet another shriek, "And Team Ten will be Uchiha Sasuke, Hyuga Hinata and Tyuya Your instructor will be Hatake Kakashi"

Hinata almost groaned from getting paired up with the Uchiha. She hated him with a fiery passion because he had tried to set Naruto on fire once when he had caught him on the Academy grounds. The young Hyuga looked down at her friend, she knew he was having similar thoughts.

Naruto almost growled, doing so would give him away, in finding who was on his friend's team. 'What did I d in a past life to deserve this?' the young fox questioned, he shared Hinata's hate for the Uchiha. Though, nearly losing your tail to the said person tended to do that.

"For most of you your Sensei will be here shortly but Team Ten you had better get comfy, you may be here a while." With that the Chunnin left. He had the snake mistress waiting for him in his apartment. The man smiled at the thought, rushing home.

Within minutes everyone's new Sensei arrived and collected their students, until finally they where the only one's in the room. Hinata went over to one of the back windows, in other words one of the ones closer to the ground, and opened it. The exchange only took a few second; Naruto jumped out of the window, cast the gengustu that made him look like a dog, and then jumped back in into Hinata's arms. Sasuke rolled his eyes but Tyuya just stared.

Hinata pulled out a small rubber ball and began to play a game of "fetch" with Naruto. 'So, you know anything about him?' Hinata asked throwing the ball. 'Ya, he's always late for everything and he's a well-known pervert. He's also known as the Copy Cat Ninja.' 'Why?' 'He has a sharingon in his left eye. He wasn't born with it but where he got it I have no idea.' The two's conversation went on without the other occupants in the room knowing. The two friends had formed a telepathic link due to Hinata always wearing the necklace he gave her all the time. 'Hinata…I think we can trust Tyuya but the Uchiha and Hatake I'm not so sure about.' 'I was going to say the same thing. I think we can practice together, you know the fox/Hyuga team we've got up.' 'Ok.' The two continued to talk for almost an hour until Naruto got tired of running after the small rubber ball. Then they just sat down and Hinata bean to bet him. Almost an hour passed with them in this fashion until Hinata had to get up. 'That is it! If he doesn't show up in the next ten minutes, I'll go find him myself!' She screamed in her head. At that point she finally notices the fight going on between her other two teammates. "Will you just shut-up?" Tyuya yelled at the Uchiha. "Well, then quit playing that annoying stick." The arrogant brat said in his usual cool tone. "I've already said, IT IS A FLUTE! Also, I'm practicing it because it is my weapon!" the read head fumed. "Well, practice on your own time." He then tuned out the screeching girl. "Tyuya, its no use he's done tuned us out." Hinata sighed. "That little #!&. I'm going to &! kill him one of these days!" she stalked to the opposite side of the classroom. Hinata followed with Naruto close at her heels.

"I feel the same way!" the Hyuga heiress sighed exasperated plopping down next to her. "Why don't you play for me a little? He wont here, too busy brooding." Naruto jumped into her lap as she said this. Tyuya looked at him for a moment before she shrugged and began to play. She played a melody she hade up, it was beautiful and even though it was frantic and fast passed something about it was soothing. It was almost as if two flutes where playing, one a frantic fast melody in forte and another playing a soft pleasant melody that to someone listening sounded louder than the other melody.

Tyuya put the flute in her lap as she finished, the last note she had played still ringing in the air. "That was amassing…" Hinata said breathlessly. "Thanks, I wrote it myself…" Tyuya said blushing slightly, at her music getting complimented. "I have to ask though, how did you get the second tune in there? It sounded like two flutes where playing, each with a different melody." Hinata wondered, being from her clan she knew how to play the piano, flute, Clarinet, and Violin. (Not to mention Naruto taught her how to play Beethoven's Ninth with a peace of grass…) "I don't really know, my dad says it's my mom's blood in me. She used to be a sound ninja. She taught me to play the flute and how to use it as a weapon; she was showing me how to make gengutsus with it until she died six month ago on a mission." Tyuya forced herself not to cry.

"I'm sorry to hear that…" Hinata said knowing how she felt. "I lost my mom when I was four. She died giving birth to my younger sister." The two sat in silence for a short period of time, listening to the tick of the clock. "Well, sense where on the same team how about we help each other out?" Tyuya suggested turning to look at her. Hinata gave her a puzzled look. "Sense we both lost our moms, and we have to be on Mr. Brooder's team, why don't we be friends. We could you know talk to each other about stuff we can't really talk to anyone else other than another girl, give each other advice, just be there for the other when we need to be. Also, we can help the other keep there temper under control around the Uchiha." Hinata slowly began to smile at the idea. "That sounds like a great idea." Hinata said a smile spread across her face. "Ok, then lets shake on it." Tyuya held up her hand, which Hinata took, both girls smiled at each other happy with the new friendship between them.

The classroom doors opened at that moment and guess who decided to walk in…non other than Hatake Kakashi. "My first impression of you…I hate you." Was the first thing he said looking them over a moment. "Meet me up on the roof in ten minutes." With that he disappeared in a swirl of leaves. Hinata and Tyuya looked at each other, and then Hinata put Naruto down on the ground as the two got up. They walked out side by side, both ignoring the boy behind them.

The group arrived on the rough and sat down. Hinata in the middle, Tyuya to her right, and Sasuke to her left. "Ok, lets start wit your name, likes, dislikes, and dreams. Uuuuuuum, tomato-head you go first." He pointed to a read faced Tyuya. "Sensai, why don't you go first sense we don't know anything about you?" Hinata quickly said seeing her new friend was upset.

"Ok, well my name is Hatake Kakashi, my likes are of no concern to you, I don't have any dislikes that concern you and my dream…you don't need to now that either. Now, tomato-head, your turn." Again he pointed to Tyuya.

"My NAME is Tyuya. My likes are my new friend Hinata and playing and writing music for my flute. My dislikes include badly written or played music, snobs who don't have any appreciation for music," she said this sending a death glare to one pompous brat (if you haven't already figured this out I spend a majority of my time thinking of new names to call Mr. King of the Emo's) "I also don't like people who judge others for there appearance or parents. I'd have to say that my dream is to become a great Konochi known for my destructive flute playing." The girl beamed. "Ok…your turn white eye's."

Hinata ignored the name and said, "My name is Hyuga Hinata. My likes are my new friend Tyuya, my dog Naruto, and learning new jutsu's. My dislikes are my clan's rules, my clan's fighting style, people who hate animals," She shot a brief yet fierce glare at said animal hater, "and people who rely on there bloodlines to get them threw life instead of here actual strength. My dream is to become the first Hyuga known for something other than my clan or anything that has to do with it, I also wouldn't mind being the first woman Hokage at some point." She smiled proudly at that. 'Ok, I've got a new Anko, A dreamer, and An avenger… just my luck…' He mentally sighed.

"Well, now that that is done I have to say, meet me tomorrow at training ground seven. Be there at six and don't eat any breakfast or you'll puke." With that the Jounin disappeared in a swirl of leaves.

Both girls looked at one another as the Uchiha got up to leave. Shortly after he left both girls broke into a fit of giggles because of the strangest of the situation. "I'll go ahead and warn you, Kakashi-sensei is late for everything by at least and hour, usually more." Hinata managed threw the giggles. "Also, go ahead and eat breakfast. You'll have an hour to digest it." Both girls started to calm down but one look at the other made them break into another fit of giggles. "Hey Hinata, do you want to train with me in the morning tomorrow? It would help us get to know each other better, you now sense we ARE a team and all." Tyuya asked still giggling a bit. "Sure, I need a sparing partner I can practice my new style with." Then a bark and small growl startled the two girls. Both looked to find Naruto growling at them accusingly. "You can come too Naruto. Don't worry." Tyuya said picking the puppy up off the ground and placing him in her lap. The dog seemed to grin then started wagging its tail, thumping it on Tyuya's stomach ever now and again. Both girls giggled at the dog. "Well, see ya tomorrow Tyuya-chan, my father expects me to be home soon." "Ya, mine too." The girls said there good-bye's and parted ways.

'It looks like I was right, they will make the perfect team.' Naruto thought to himself running to keep up with his friend. 'I'll have to watch the Uchiha though. I don't trust him at all. He reeks of anger, not a good quality in a kit.' The fox thought, though young, he was really mature. 'Naruto-kun, do you think that Tyuya can help me?' Hinata asked, she knew that her friend was really good at judging how strong someone was. She never questioned him on that. 'Yes Hinata, I think that your and her fighting styles will compliment each other greatly. She attacks mostly with long-range attack. While yours are mostly close range attacks. Thought you both have some attacks that are the opposite it is about equal. Not to mention, you aren't that good at gengutsus while she could be really good with that flute of hers.' The fox explained. 'Ok, we'll see tomorrow.' 'I forgot to mention, I'm impervious to sound attacks so while she distracted the enemy I could attack while you destroy anyone who gets within 100 meters of her.' The fox sensed her worries that he had no place in this. 'Ok, that's great. I can't wait to see.' The two talked about random things the rest of the way home.

As soon as Hinata could she went to her room and closed the door. As soon as the door click shut, Naruto transformed. Hinata turned and blushed slightly. Standing in front of her was Naruto in his human form. He was just a little taller than she was, his eye's where a beautiful shade of blue, for the most part. There was yellow going in streaks, kinda like sun rays, from the vertical pupil he had, which was red, it really gave him a fox or cat like appearance. The teen had slightly elongated canines that poked out onto his lower lip slightly. Not to mention he had short claws. The boy's hair was blonde but it had black on the tips of all the spikes it shot up as. He also had pronounced whisker marks.

"Well, Hinata I think that I finally found the summons you wanted." Naruto said his voice like a growl and purr of a cat and dog mixed. Naruto, being half demon, could travel to the summon realm. He had been going there a lot in search of a summon Hinata wanted and had read about. He pulled out a summon scroll and unrolled it. There was only one name on the scroll. 'Hikoshi Anya…' Hinata thought in aw, mostly at the fact the girl did exist and so did her summons. 'Well, my summons now…' She thought as she signed it. Then she summoned her summons…

Ok, now don't hate me. I have left off here for a reason. You don't get to know what she summons yet. I'll leave hints…maybe…not sure yet. I just know that I have planed to reveal her summons in the chunnin exams, which won't be to far away because I'm lazy. I'll probably never write a chapter this long again but maybe I will, haven't decided yet. I do know that yes, Naruto will play a bigger roll in the next chapter and yes, I will not tell you what is going to happen. You'll just have to wait. Keep reading, and PLEASE I'M BEGGIN ON THE GOUND ON ONE NEE! REVIEW! I NEED THE REVIEWS BECAUSE IF I DON'T GET REVIEW'S I LOSE INTREST IN THE STORY CAUSE I THINK NO ONE LIKES IT SO IF YOU FAVORITE IT REVIEW! Ok that's out of my system. See ya!