Here is the next chapter, I am going to try to

Here is the next chapter, I am going to try to update as soon as I can but don't expect too much. I am really don't know who the pairing are going to be, I want you opinion. Review and tell me what you think on the chapter and whom you think the pairings should be.

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Chapter 3: Enemies & Friends Part 1

(Ok, I'm going to skip the test. Pretty much what happens is that Hinata and Tyuya try to team up on Kakashi but fail. Then the Uchiha tries to attack and fails. In the end the stuck up brat gets tied to the log and is the one that Hinata and Tyuya are not supposed to feed. Hinata hears his stomach growl and, cursing her kind nature, offers him some food. Then Tyuya offers to share her food with Hinata. Kakashi comes out and tells them they pass thus Team Seven is born. So we come to where I am writing…)

Hinata reluctantly gave to cat to its owner for the sixth time that week. 'Poor thing…' She couldn't help but think. 'Ya right, that cat is getting just what it deserves.' Naruto said. Hinata sighed. Her teammates, had they heard, would have agreed.

"Well, Team Seven your next mission is to help reshingle…" that's when hell froze over. "NO! I can't take it anymore! These missions are for Academy students, not Gennin! If I have to catch that poor cat one more time I'm going to gentle fist someone so hard their grandchildren will feel the effects!" Everyone looked at the normally quiet Hyuga. Hinata, a reddish tint to her face, turned bright crimson when she realized what she had done.

'Definitely not who I expected to blow up first…' Iruka thought really surprised. 'Way to go Hinata!' Naruto cheered her on. "Hinata, you know why you can't have any missions other than D rank. You're still just Gennin, your not experienced enough to take on any more complicated missions." Iruka explained.

"I understand that Iruka-sensai, but think about it. We are supposed t be ninja, not helpers. The things you have us do you could have the academy students do as a teamwork exercise then you could keep all the money instead of having to pay us. If you did that it would help out the economy and not to mention speed up the learning process, then by the time they would be gennin you would already know who works best together and as what team. You wouldn't have to base it off scores because as a ninja deception is one of our biggest tools and as student could just fake being dead last just to get everyone else to underestimate them. What would happen then? You would end up with an unbalanced team. Also, we as Gennin aren't going to get the experience we need by hanging out in the village as nannies, we need to be on the field. Gaining the experience we need threw hard work and effort. Also, so we can actually take more missions and be better prepared for what we will have to face when we do get those harder missions. I just don't understand what you hope to accomplish by giving us these simple mission except to get us to think being a ninja is easy, when it's not…" The girl finished up her length explanation leaving every adult stunned.

'She has a point…' the third thought. He pulled out a file from the bottom of the stack, 'This should be a pretty easy one to start with…' "Ok Team Seven, sense you thought of this we shall try it out with your team. Here is a C rank mission; it is a simple escort mission to Wave. The client is a bridge builder named Tazuma, please send him in." He motioned to one of the ninja standing in the room. In a few seconds one of the doors opened to reveal a man about in his mid thirties with a shake bottle in his hand.

"This is the ninja's I get for my money, a bunch of brats!" he said glaring down at each of the Gennin. "I can assure you Mr. Tazuma these are some of our finest gennin…" The old drunk cut him off saying, "OK…just meet me at the gate in an hour…" the bridge builder turned on his heels and walked out.

'Be careful of him Hinata, he smells like he is lying about something…I don't know what thought…' Naruto growled. 'OK, I will.' Hinata and Tyuya walked out together. It didn't take long to get to the Hyuga mansion. "Father, I have a C rank mission. I will be gone for a few weeks in Wave." Hinata reported to her father. "Yes, thank you. You may go." The man didn't even turn around, had he; he would have seen Tyuya standing right behind Hinata trying not to laugh. Both girls walked out of the room as calmly as they could but as soon as the door was shut they ran down to Hinata's room laughing the entire way.

"Your Father is about as bad as mine is!" Tyuya giggled sitting on Hinata's bed as the girl got her stuff together. "Really, I thought my dad was a one of a kind…" Hinata said truly surprised. "Nope, the only difference is that my dad wouldn't have noticed you because he is so drunk all the time. I drought he would notice if I brought a guy there one night and decided to have a little fun with him…if you get my drift…" Hinata turned to her smirking friend. "TYUYA!" She said. "What! It's the truth, though I'm not willing to test it out."

The room got quiet after that, and remained so for several minutes. "Hey Hinata, can I ask you something?" Tyuya said staring at Naruto. "Ya…" Hinata answered not really paying attention. "Why dose Naruto look like a fox?" She asked simply. Hinata stopped packing, 'Crap, I knew it…' Naruto thought. 'You knew she had figured it out?' Hinata asked. 'No that she could see threw my magic. You see some people just aren't affected by fox magic. I had hoped she wasn't one of them but looks like she is. That means she can see that I am a fox when I'm like this but she can't see that I'm half demon. Don't worry about that. No one can see threw a demon transformation.' The entire conversation took mere seconds.

"I don't know, but hey, don't point it out. My dad will make me give him up if you do, also people might get suspicious because of the Kyuubi attack a few years ago. He may have a little fox in him but he is a loyal dog at heart." 'Thanks a lot…' Naruto said sarcastically. Tyuya nodded, "Ok, I will. Also, how did you come up with that fighting style of yours? I've never seen or heard of anything like it." "I came up with it on my own, that's why I offered to help you." The girl finished packing and slung the bag onto her back. Both girls walked to Tyuyas small apartment, which was deserted at the time and got Tyuyas stuff before heading out to the gate.

The girls arrived to find that their teammate and sensei was already there along with the bridge builder. "Ok, let's head out." Kakashi said. 'At this rate Sasuke will be trying to leave sooner than later. The girls get along grate in the fact they've managed to become close friend in a matter of weeks, but they tend to leave Sasuke out of everything.' He pondered looking at the two girls walking side by side in front of him. 'Also, why do I get the feeling I'm overlooking something?' He pondered looking at Hinata's dog.

Hinata and Tyuya walked side by side for almost a mile, they talked about irrelevant things. Who liked who, who did what, and such; they looked to be so caught up in there conversation that they didn't notice anything else. The two girls where really keeping a close eye on everything. Their eye's where darting everywhere, only meeting every few seconds before looking elsewhere. The two had picked up the habit of doing this inside the city, now they did it without thinking.

'Did you see that puddle?' Naruto asked. 'Ya, I think Tyuya did too.' She answered, sharing a knowing glance between her friends. The two's conversation didn't miss a beat as they strode past it, almost uncaringly. The group passed the puddle, then guess what happened. The demon brothers rose from the water and attack Kakashi, "killing" him.

The Ginin barley had a chance to think, they took the defensive almost out of reflex. Tyuya pulled out her flute and readied it. Hinata took her new fighting style. She was standing with her heels together her feet spread apart slightly making a V. She had her left arm out strait beside her with her hand in a knife strike. Her right arm was stick in out in front of her, hand pointing up and palm out.

The demon brothers introduced themselves with a short degrading speech about how much more powerful they where but was interrupted halfway threw when Hinata yelled at them to hurry it up already. So they attacked, one was caught in a gengutsu by Tayuya's flute playing. The other came at Hinata. The Hyuga wrapped the chain around her left arm and yanked the demon brother towards her. The missing-nin was dragged forward; Hinata misjudged her strength and pulled too hard. The nin flew at her and she only barley dodged getting hit, but not before she patted his chest and gut.

Sasuke came and placed a kunai at his neck. The action was unnecessary; the demon brother had been dead before he even hit the ground. Hinata Landed in a crouch, her left arm out like I had been before but her right arm was been so her hand was going diagonal in front of her face. The girl got up and looked at the man she had killed. "Sasuke you don't need to do that..." she said in a whisper. "What do you mean? He could get up any minute..." the Hyuga shook her head. "No, he's…he's …he's dead." She finally managed to whisper. The center of Konoha's most arrogant brooding social circle bent down to check but stopped when he saw the blood pouring from the dead mans mouth, there was already a pool of it on the ground.

Hinata stared at the man for a moment before what she had done caught up with her. The Hyuga fell to her knees emptying her stomach on the ground. She felt a hand on her shoulder and looked up to see Tyuya crouched next to her. Her friend pulled the girl into a hug; the girl promptly broke down into sobs. The girl sat and sobbed on her friends shoulder, she failed to notice Kakashi's reappearance.

When the body had been disposed of and the other Demon Brother tied to a tree, the small band of ninja walked about another half mile before stopping for the night. (Insert sob story and team agreeing to go here)

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