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Chapter 4: Enemies & Friends Part 2

Hinata rolled over in on her mat. It had been three days sense "the incident", as she had come to call it, and she had barely gotten any sleep. Her mind kept showing her images of the man she had killed, replaying it over and over in her mind. Like an old horror movie that was all too real.

'You know you can always talk about it…' Naruto said. The Hyuga looked at the fox kit, it's blue eyes staring at her with his quit, hidden intelligence. 'I can't…I just can't…I have to find a way to fix this…I don't know how I can fight anyone again knowing that I can kill them in one hit…' she shuddered, a chill going down her spin despite the warm weather. 'Well, I've got an idea…if you're willing to listen that is…' The Hyuga contemplated it for a moment then got up and searched for a good place to train.

She leapt off to the small clearing she had found. It was secluded and a little ways form the camp. "Ok, much better…" Naruto jumped down from the trees I his Human form. He had the same blue eyes and yellow…fur? He had grown about an inch taller than Hinata. He still had small claws and fangs along with read around the outside of his silted pupils. He was wearing a black shirt and pants. The fox boy leaned on a tree, his tail swaying behind him slowly.

"Ok, well the idea I had was that you could learn how to put chakra into a persons joints, thus paralyzing them. Then in you attached chakra strings to there bones and muscles then you could control them via chakra strings or by a technique I came up with…" he looked at her waiting for her reaction. Hinata stared into space for a long moment. 'I could use this and then I could still fight in the Chunin exams and not have to worry about killing one of my friends.'

With that realization she agreed. The girl practiced for hours, fueled by her desperation to not become a killer. When she finally collapsed from over exertion Naruto picked her up bridal style. 'It's amazing how her system seems to work so well with my chakra…I honestly thought that it would harm her…being you know… more volatile...and them being able to sense it…' He thought. 'Yes, even I must admit she is strong for a human. I didn't expect her to last this long. Watch her closely though kit, the chakra could react to her emotions any moment. Especially sense she has killed for the first time. Also, I doubt that they will find her the chakra is changed some when it goes to her.' Naruto nodded in agreement to the voice in his head. 'I hope she wont be too shaken up by the experience, I remember when I killed for the first time…it was a vary painful experience…' He shuddered remembering the nightmares that had haunted his dreams after that first kill.

He arrived at the campsite and tucked Hinata in. Then he transformed into a fox and snuggled up close to her. 'Do you think that it will be enough? I mean, she was powerful before I met her but I had to put that seal on her to keep it silent…do you think it will awaken soon?' He asked greatly worried for his friend. 'Don't fret over what is to come. What comes will come, nothing can stop it. If it happens then so be it, if it dose not then thank kami. Her future will play out like it is supposed to, we are here to merely steer her in the right direction, remember that.' The half demon nodded. 'I know, but I do wish I knew more so I could do all I can to help her…' He sighed as sleep overtook him.

Team Seven rode in the boat in science, well almost. Hinata and Tyuya where talking together in whispers. "Hinata, please talk to me. I need to know how you're doing. Just tell me how you feel, and I don't mean what you think I want to hear…" the girl gave her friend a vary worried look. Hinata had almost completely stopped eating; she also had circles under her bloodshot eyes.

"I'm fine, I've just been having a lot of nightmares…" the girl didn't go into detail. "You want to talk about it?" Tyuya asked. "I'm just worried what if I can't make my style less deadly, if I can't then I wont' be able to be in the Chunin exams and then father will disown me or put me into the branch house. Not to mention that if I do participate I might have to fight someone we know…I just don't think I can do it…" she said deciding to tell her friend a few of her worries.

"Hinata…You are the kindest, strongest, bravest, and most gentle person I know. If anyone can take such a deadly technique and turn it docile then it's you." The girl said. "Also, the chances of the entire rookie nin getting into the chunin exams are vary slim. I doubt it'll happen." Hinata smiled. "Thanks…" she whispered. "It's no problem, you'd do the same for me." Tyuya smiled at her.

The two talked about this and that the rest of the way there then as they got out Kakashi shouted, "Duck!" as he tackled Tazuma to the ground. The rookies did so without a second thought. When the got up embedded into a tree was a sword, and standing on it was a man. "Zabuzza…" Kakashi said coolly. "Well, well Kakashi? You seem to be demoted to babysitting duty. How quaint. Now if you will please give me the old man I'll be on my way and leave the girl alive." He said. "Girl…" Kakashi asked Zabuzza but the man had disappeared. Kakashi looked to find that Hinata had disappeared.

"As I said, give me the bridge builder and I'll let the Hyuga live." The demon of the Mist held his blade to the Hyuga's throat, his arm tight against her rib cage. No one had seen him move, nor had she felt herself get caught. "Don't move any closer Kakashi or I'll slit her throat. Your know, I know that he is watching out for the ninja of Konoha, this one especially. Why don't you come out already demon? I know you can here me!" Kakashi looked at him like he was crazy but one fox knew he was talking about.

'What am I supposed to do?' the young fox thought. Then an idea hit him. 'Ok, I hope this works…' the hanyo made a clone of himself and then jumped into the bushes with no one the wiser.

"Come out Demon!" The man yelled. Hinata just hung there her mind racing. 'I could hit him with one of my attacks….' 'NO! I haven't perfected it yet…I'd kill him…' 'I….I….I can't do that again….' She thought. The girls team watched her, waiting. "Come out!" the Demon of the Mist yelled. "I'm right here Zabuzza…."

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