(thanks to Ulyferal for playing beta to my works, cause otherwise they would probably suck)

Chapter 1

Future site of Megakat City, about 150 years in the past...

We enter on a grim reminder of how barbaric the past truly was. A group of kats stands playing judge, jury and executioner to one of their own. This is a sign of the times and how points of view at the time were terribly superstitious and cruel.

"Lastly how do you plead to the charges of being in the devil's court and practicing witchcraft, Elaina Mourly." The grim figure of the council-kat barked.

"Not guilty...not guilty. I have done nothing wrong. Why are you doing this?" The terrified she-kat shrieked. Sobbing, she tried once more in vain to lurch away from the imposing figures surrounding her.

"Liar, I saw you perform your dark magic. I know not what demon possess you but I wish it were not so." The voice came from a tall lean kat with dark red-brown fur and auburn hair. "Oh, that I could have saved you from this darkness and evil."

"Trin, my love, please I am not evil, I am not possessed. Why have you turned on me? Is this why you attacked me earlier, because you thought to drive away a demon?" The frantic female sobbed.

Though she had sustained a terrible assault by her love, the bruises had now all but disappeared. In the eyes of the council this was yet another sign that she held some demon within her. As such she had to be made to suffer for her dark misdeeds.

"Enough," The council-kat cried in anger, "We have heard all the evidence against this witch and now she will be punished in accordance with the law."

Growling, the council-kat turned to the distraught she-kat. "As it stands so it will be, Elaina Mourly, you have been found to be a witch and in accordance with our laws, you will be sealed away for all eternity. This tomb will be thy fate and the fate of any who follow in your paw steps."

With that, a large wooden casket was brought toward them in a horse drawn cart. The two kats driving were grim as they stopped and unhitched the gate at the rear of the wagon. Climbing up into the wagon one of the pair removed the top of the large box. On it's top was an ornately carved wooden cross.

Sliding the top off to the side, the pair and the crowd waited. Elaina just sobbed.

"Now you will be committed to your fate. Bring her here." The council-kat ordered, indicating the box on the wagon.

Elaina screamed, the realization of what they intended to do was too horrifying. She struggled and fought all the way. Finally, one of her captors struck her from behind knocking her unconscious. That done, they raised her up and lay her into the casket.

"To the ground we commit you dark one, may there be mercy yet for your soul" The council-kat spoke piously.

He bid the two cart kats to cover and seal the box. As they did that, a clergy approached and blessed it. Placing a seal upon it for what they hoped was for all eternity.

Trin sobbed...he had truly loved her. What could have happened that she could have become possessed by a demon. That was the only reason he had done what he had. He never would have attacked her or let the doctors do those unspeakable things to her if she had been herself.

If only that dog had not bitten her. When it had turned into a flesh eating monster soon after the bite it was obvious to all that something was truly wrong. Despite all seeing her being bitten there was no sign of a bite on her leg. It was as if it had never happened.

Now because of that proof she was to be buried alive in a sealed casket to ensure that no other was infected by her evil.

Sadly Trin and the town's kats watched as the council and clergy had the wagon moved to the burial site. It wasn't far as they would need to keep an eye on it to ensure that the grave was not disturbed or that she did not rise from it.

As they lowered the casket, Trin felt a tremor run through him. It was bad enough that this poor she-kat had suffered through the loss her parents and other family to fire and bandits to get to this village, now this. It was as if the fates were plotting against the unfortunate female. Or was it as some speculated after the dog bit her, that she perhaps had caused all this darkness herself, brought on by whatever demon she had conspired with.

Sighing Trin shook his head sadly. A crash of thunder made him look up as the rain began to pelt down upon them. With one last glance back at the now filled in grave he turned and headed back to the village filled with sorrow and regret.

It would take years before Trin would fall in love with another, but eventually he did. The small village prospered for a time, forgetting the terrible thing done to one she-kat.

Eventually time ends and begins all things. The village burned to the ground, again. Unbeknownst to the village inhabitants, this had happened to the previous inhabitants before them. This bit of land seemed to attract a lot of trouble. It would be years before it was rebuilt bigger and better as a township, then a city, then a megalopolis known as Megakat City.

Megakat City...present day...the newly broken ground of Megakat Construction Company office site...

It was near midnight, the crew had left around seven in the evening so no one was around. The freshly bulldozed earth was getting a good drenching from the downpour of rain tonight. A stray dog wandered through the site hoping for a leftover bite of one of the crew-kats lunches. As it was the dog was the only witness to what happened next.

One moment all was quiet but for the patter of the falling rain, the next, a blood curdling scream was heard accompanied by a shower of mud and water spewing up from the ground. Frightened, the dog ran yelping with its tail between its legs. The creature that had caused the eruption of earth didn't notice the dog as it clawed its way out of the muck to the precious air above its tomb. Sobbing the freakish being slowly half dragged, half crawled down the street, the rain washing away the mud revealing a very dirty bedraggled she-kat.

Moaning softly, Elaina sought shelter. She was wet, filthy, and terrified. When she had finally regained consciousness it had taken her only a moment to realize something was very wrong. It was dark, and the air around her had smelled musty and damp like earth. She hadn't wanted to open her eyes at first, but when she did, she wished she hadn't.

In a blind panic, she had realized she was enclosed in some kind of box. She had screamed and scrabbled wildly, kicking, punching and scratching till the top of her prison had given way. Only then did she realize how horrible a situation she was truly in, as mud had poured in on top of her. Scrabbling for dear life she had managed to tear through the softened earth and break the surface.

Sobbing softly she dragged herself under the over hang of a nearby building. It was now that she began to realize that this was not a place she recognized. In fact, she couldn't remember where she was supposed to be or for that matter who she was or how she had come to be here.

Eyes growing wide with fear, she glanced around wildly. Looking back across the street at the pit of dirt that she had just dragged herself from it seemed to be surrounded by huge unmoving monsters with gaping mouths.

Freezing she hoped her sudden appearance had startled the beasts and that was why they were not pursuing her. Swallowing hard, she began to slowly back away from the fearful sight before her, hoping that none of the monsters would notice one small kat.

Once out of sight of the creatures, she fled in terror down the next street. Gaping at the strange things she saw.

'What are these strange metal boxes with windows on wheels and how is it that there are great high poles with strange lights shining from them?' She pondered this and much more as she fled farther and farther away from the pit she had emerged from.

Same neighborhood a few blocks over…

Callie had been through a tough day. His 'honor' had decided that she should be the one to deal with the irate Chief Enforcer when he had turned down yet another of Feral's petitions for funds. The fact that Mayor Manx was a coward as well as being a spendthrift, was probably why she got stuck with all the lousy jobs that he didn't want to face.

Sighing mentally, she was on her way home when her bad day got worse, the crap car she used for work decided to clunk out once again. The good thing was she knew two very talented and wonderfully understanding mechanics that always went out of their way for her. Having already called them she stood waiting by her pain in the tail sedan for their arrival.

As she stood there in the dark, Callie couldn't help but get a little creeped out. It was a dark empty street in the middle of the night after all, who wouldn't be. Rubbing her own shoulders for comfort and warmth she was grateful that the rain had at least stopped so she could be outside her car and better see the guys arriving.

A moment later, she nearly jumped out of her fur as a piercing scream ripped through the quiet night. Looking around she realized it had to be close; she couldn't just stand there and not do anything. As another scream broke the silence, Callie made up her mind. Getting a tire iron out of her trunk, she tore off in the direction of the screams.

Moments earlier...just blocks away...

Chance and Jake had been at home watching Litterbin on TV when Callie had called to say her car had once again died on her. She had given the street name and said she would be waiting by her car when they got there. The two toms had wasted no time in getting in their tow tuck and heading her way.

As they neared where Callie was and rounded the street corner they saw her car, but no Callie.

"Oh crud," Chance blurted "where the heck is she?"

"I don't know buddy but we better find her quick. No telling what kind of trouble she could end up finding in this neighborhood." Jake said grimly.

As if on cue, another scream rent the air. Callie had been about to head into the ally when she had seen the familiar headlights of the guys' tow truck. She thought better of her original decision and doubled back.

Panting she ran up along side of the truck just as they were approaching her car. "Guys," she gasp.

Both toms spun their heads toward her, Chance having stomped on the brakes in time to halt beside her. They blinked in surprise at the sight of the slightly disheveled Deputy Mayor. Before they could ask what was wrong, another scream sounded.

"No time to explain we have to find out who's in trouble." Callie gasped out.

Jake opened his door and pulled Callie in beside him. She pointed to the alley she had been about to investigate. Chance quickly moved up the block as she told them what she had been doing before they'd arrived, their windows open to listen for anything. They heard a ruckus in the alley and turned down it.

The sounds led them to the next street where they finally came to where the action and the screamer was.

The lights of their tow truck illuminated a chilling scene. A terrified she-kat was backed as far as she could go up against a brick wall, a large dark-furred tom inching in toward her. The trio couldn't hear what he was saying but it was very apparent by the look on the female's face that the tom's attentions were unwelcome.

The pair startled and froze as the lights pinned them in place. All three climbed out of the truck and it was Chance who made the first move. Stepping forward, he cleared his throat.

"Ahem, excuse me but I think it's safe to say the lady doesn't want your company." He growled warningly.

The dark-tom hissed at him, turning quickly with fists clenched, he apparently was going to fight. The fight in his eyes died when he realized he was outnumbered when Jake came up beside his friend. Growling he gave one last look at the frightened female before turning tail and fleeing.

Chance made a move to go after him, but Jake held him back.

"Don't Chance. He knows this area, we don't, besides we have someone who needs our help." Jake said quietly moving toward the still frightened female.

Chance sighed, realizing his friend was right. He too turned his attention to the poor, cowering she-kat.

As the three carefully approached her, they could see something terrible had happened to her.