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Chapter 5

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Third floor of the Psychiatric Center...Office of Dr. Kita Bloom...

"Dr. Bloom, I'm Commander Feral. I have a few questions for you regarding this patient's welfare." Feral growled pushing his way into the office still carrying the unconscious she-kat gently against his chest.

After what he'd witnessed, he was in no mood to be kindly toward anyone right now, particularly a doctor. He was no fan of anyone in the medical profession to begin with even if they were necessary for a happy, healthy population, it didn't mean he would ever like them.

Dr. Bloom had been in the process of moving to her door when Feral just burst in followed by a rather apologetic, Ms. Briggs. The doctor backed up to stand closer to her desk to allow the three to enter her office. Evans stood in the door, uncertain what to do next.

Before Feral could say anything more, a soft moan drew everyone's attention to the small she-kat that was the center of this conflict.

Frowning, Sweets slowly glanced around at her surroundings trying to think how she had gotten here. She felt a warm body against hers and could tell she was suspended off her feet in the air.

Craning her neck up, she saw a huge dark brown tom. He was eyeing her in concern. It was then she remembered what had happened.

'My room door was opened and all those noises crashed into my head but then this tom appeared in the door and he felt so safe that I had grabbed him when the pain increased until everything went black. Oh! And I seem to be at that nice doctor's room where she talks to me.' She thought in bewilderment. 'Wonder why I'm here?'

Feral couldn't help the small smile as he watched the tiny she-kat's eyes look around in round-eyed surprise. She looked up at him questioningly.

Speaking softly so as to not spook her, Feral introduced himself. "Hello there little one, I'm Ulysses. Are you feeling any better now?" He asked her gently. Though she looked like an adult, he felt talking to her like a kitten was the right thing to do. She rewarded him with a slow smile and a nod.

Watching, Dr. Bloom couldn't repress a smile of her own. The Commander had unwittingly done the right thing in this situation. Turning toward the other kats in the room she noted that Callie was also grinning at the interactions of the gruff tom with the small female.

She got Evans attention and gestured for him to leave. He nodded and without a word left them and closed the door behind him.

"What has happened and what exactly do you need to discuss with me, Commander?" Dr. Bloom asked.

Remembering his pique at what had happened downstairs, Feral's scowl returned as he looked at the doctor. But before he could answer her, he felt a pair of small paws beginning to explore the front of his uniform. He turned his attention back to her to see what she was up to. The tiny face smiled up at him as her fingers explored his chest.

"How come you have all these fancy buttons all over your shirt?" Sweets , her natural inquisitiveness unhampered now that the horrible noises in her head had muted somewhat.

For whatever reason, going up to the third floor had quieted the sounds she heard. The farther away from the main populace she was the less she could 'hear' them. Feral was wearing his dress uniform with full medals on the front and all those shiny 'buttons' were just too interesting for her to ignore.

Feral blinked down at her, at a loss how to respond to that kitten-like response.

Dr. Bloom chuckled at the confused look on the Commander's face. "You'll have to forgive her Commander. Due to the trauma she sustained, her mind has regressed back to that of a kitten. I approximate her mental age at around seven or eight years old."

Feral swallowed hard and eyed the strange little she-kat he held in his arms. 'Well,' he thought 'that certainly explains the unusual behavior.'

"Please, have a seat and we'll talk." The doctor said, taking her seat behind the desk. They did as she suggested. Feral settled the she-kat more comfortably in his lap, keeping one arm around her to insure she didn't slip off.

Dr. Bloom looked at them all, thoughtfully. She decided to start with something she'd caught the Commander saying to Sweets when she had regained consciousness.

"Commander, I'm curious. Why did you introduce yourself to Sweets with your first name rather than your title? This isn't something you would normally do is it?"

Feral eyed her in surprise then frowned as he thought about why he'd done something out of character for him. "Well, actually I don't know why I did it, to tell the truth. It just seemed like the right thing to do." He shrugged his shoulders. "I really can't explain it better than that."

Dr. Bloom nodded to herself, her suspicions were correct. The Commander didn't know about Sweets and her 'odd' abilities.

It had taken them three weeks, working with her daily, to establish some of what Sweets was capable of, not the least of was her being a sensitive. Her abilities went far beyond that and they had no experience with this area nor was anything they could find documented on such abilities before. They had psychics certainly, but she just didn't fit into any of the described psychic abilities they knew about.

For Dr. Bloom this was both exciting as well as disconcerting. They were treading new ground here and they had to be very careful not to make her present condition worse. But because she was such an unknown, they were at a loss at how to treat her nor how to keep her from suffering further mental damage from being in a building filled with sick Kats. Sighing mentally, Kita Bloom felt rather helpless on this issue. They really needed to find a way to help Sweets.

Leaving that subject for the moment, she addressed the Commander's discomfort at behaving differently than he was normally.

"Your reaction to Sweets is due to her ability to emit an 'aura' around her that allows those she feels she can trust to know how to help her when she's in distress. It seems to guide that person on the right way to react to her needs at that moment. It can be rather disturbing to the person it happens to when they learn what is going on but at the time of the occurrence the person just naturally feels inclined to help her. We are still trying to understand how it works but for now, all we do know is it does." She explained.

Feral gave her a look of disbelief as he absently reached down to stop Sweets from pulling a particularly shiny 'button' off of his coat. "That sounds like something from science fiction." He snorted.

Before Dr. Bloom could comment on that blunt statement, Callie decided to interrupt. She'd been watching in fascination as Sweets unknowingly made the Commander fall all over himself for her. She had seen the affects of this 'aura' first hand and knew how the tiny she-kat had affected even the most stoic of the medical professionals who had examined her. It was rather amusing to see Feral was no exception.

"It's true Commander. I've seen it myself. None of the doctors have been able to resist whatever this is. It's really something to see." Callie said, shaking her head and smiling.

"We've noticed this ability only manifests itself when Sweets feels safe and calm. Unfortunately, given where she is forced to stay, that isn't very often." Dr. Bloom said, sighing with resignation. "We've check with psychic specialists but none of them can figure out what this is either, meanwhile, she is in a place that is doing her more harm than good. This just can't continue but we're at a loss as what to do about it."

"But, surely there must be somewhere or someone that can help her. I agree this just can't continue, even criminals are protected from cruel and unusual punishment." Feral said, very unhappy about this situation and not liking the feeling of helplessness he was starting to feel.

Forgotten at the moment, Sweets sat in his lap humming happily to herself. She certainly didn't mind that it was quieter here and the big tom's lap was quite comfortable.

"I'm afraid not Commander." Dr. Bloom smiled sadly at Sweets' oblivious behavior and the fact that the Commander had not removed his arm from its protective place around her. "The only way for her to have that kind of special treatment is if someone were to take her on a one on one basis and knew what they were getting into. Unfortunately, right now there is no one to whom she trusts and is available to do it." She sighed and spread her paws. "I'm afraid she's stuck here until we can find someone qualified and that she will trust to take care of her and try to help her find herself again."

Callie sighed as well. "Now you can see what I'm up against, Commander. All the avenues normally open to someone like Sweets won't work due to this 'problem' of hers. I just thought perhaps you might have another avenue I hadn't explored to solve this." She looked at Sweets and smiled wanly. "We do know leaving her here will cost her what little sanity she has left."

Now it was Feral's turn to sigh. "I'm sorry, Ms. Briggs. I don't have any other options for something like this. As you say, the case is very unusual and Sweets requires specialized care that seems to be unavailable. I don't mind saying I don't like this at all." He growled, unhappily.

A soft whimper and sudden pressure around his midsection made him looked down in surprise and concern. Apparently, Sweets had determined he needed a hug as demonstrated by her wrapping both arms around him as far as she could and snuggling against his chest.

Concern and worry spread across his face as he gently caressed the little she-kat. He looked up at Dr. Bloom for an explanation for Sweets behavior.

Smiling sadly, Bloom shook her head at the bonding going on between the odd pair. "It seems Commander, she thinks you are in need of comforting. You were becoming agitated and this is her way of making you feel better. Remember her mind is that of a kitten, so to her a hug fixes everything."

Callie could only smile at the look on the Chief Enforcer's face. One would have thought he had been dunked in a bucket of water by his bewildered look.

Groaning Feral looked down at the tan-beige female who glanced up and fixed him with the most radiant smile he'd ever seen. He stared at her as he tried to think of something, anything but the only solution that came to mind could very well be something he was going to later regret but as both the doctor and Ms. Briggs had said, no one else could take her and she just couldn't stay here so that just left...

Taking a deep breathe, he muttered softly, "I'll take her."

Blinking in shock, Dr. Bloom could not be sure she'd actually heard what the Commander had said. "What did you say?" She asked incredulously.

Callie was also stunned. 'Surely he didn't mean that!' She thought. 'Does he really know what he's in for?'

Steeling himself, Feral repeated what he said a bit more loudly and distinctly. "I said, I'll take her."

Both she-kats just stared wide eyed at the Chief Enforcer. They had hoped for assistance but neither had expected nor desired for him to volunteer.

"Commander are you sure?" Dr. Bloom spluttered in shock. "Sir, you're not trained to deal with a disturbed patient nor how to go about handling her treatment. It's wonderful that you want to help but this isn't the way to do it."

"I agree with the doctor, Commander. It's a wonderful thing you want to do but how on earth do you think you can handle something like this and do your job? You can't be with her twenty-four hours a day like she requires?" Callie said, not wanting Sweets to suffer anymore trauma as she would when Feral had to leave her frequently for his job.

Feral swallowed uneasily. He knew he was in over his head in the first place. He didn't need the two she-kats to remind him of that but what was left. "I don't know...yet...but I'll have to check into that won't I. For now, I'll treat her like the kitten she acts like, bring her to you for her therapy, though I think coming to her would be better for her but we'll discuss that later. I'll just have to find someone Sweets will trust to care for her when I'm away." He said firmly.

"Commander, not to look a gift horse in the mouth, but you have no idea what you're getting yourself into. Even when calm, Sweets suffers terrible nightmares. Her behavior is that of a kitten even though she is an adult kat. That means bed wetting, crying in the middle of the night and a whole host of other things that kittens suffer. Do you think you can handle that?" Dr. Bloom persisted, truly concerned that the poor tom just didn't know what he was in for.

The Commander froze at the litany of things to be aware of and deal with when it came to caring for kittens beyond those things Sweets required due to her disturbed state. 'Kat's alive! Could he truly handle all that?' He wondered. It didn't help matters that he wasn't much of a touchy-feely kind of Kat in the first place...still, he felt compelled to do something to help this tiny female.

Looking down he found her staring at him intently. When she realized he was looking at her she broke into that big glowing smile again. He sighed, that decided him. Whatever it took, he would face the challenge head on.

"I understand you trepidations. I share them, actually but I'll still do what I said. I won't turn down any useful advice and assistance of course. I know really nothing about kittens but I'm willing to learn. So tell me exactly what I need to do." He said, blushing a bit, but standing firm on his decision even though he was shaking inside with fear.

Dr. Bloom shook her head and glanced over at Ms. Briggs who could only shrug and smile. She looked back at Feral. "Well against my better judgement, we'll try this and see if it works. You and I will set up a schedule for me to see her and I'll give you some detailed instructions on how to deal with Sweets needs as well as give you my phone number to call when you get into deep or encounter something you concerned about." She gave Feral another hard look then went on. "The first thing to do is give you a crash course in kitten therapy and update your psychology knowledge from what you've learned as an enforcer. Then there is the list of medications we need to go over and a list of things that are inappropriate to have around her." She said, running things to tell him through her mind.

Then she turned her attention to Callie. "You going to help him with the paperwork necessary for temporary guardianship of Sweets?" She asked.

"Yes, I'll help him get it done. I do have some experience with these kinds of paperwork after having to deal with that lunatic Lenny Ringtail." Callie said lightly, noting the look on the Commander's face of someone who is totally overwhelmed and uncertain. She felt for him, it was a difficult thing he was planning to do. Here was a Kat who could command troops and protect a city, totally buffaloed when it came to taking care of a mentally disturbed female. Heaven help him!

Feral gave a physical sigh of relief, and mouthed a silent 'Thank You' to Callie as Dr. Bloom got up to retrieve the files and paperwork. He truly hated paperwork.

As she handed the paperwork over to Callie, Dr. Bloom stared at Commander Feral once more.
"I hope for her sake that you can indeed handle this Commander." She said in warning.

Personally, Feral hoped he could too as he looked down at his new charge and wondered what he'd gotten himself into.

The next couple of hours were spent in filling out said 'paperwork'. He left Callie with it for a short time as he went home to prepare it for his new house guest, laid in groceries, and removed the things the doctor said shouldn't be around.

Sweets was confused and worried when Feral left but Dr. Bloom and Callie kept her occupied until he returned. When he did, she was excited. Somehow, she sensed something was up as she could feel the excitement in the dark tom which made her become more and more animated, much to the delight and amusement of Callie and the doctor.

Feral took her in his arms when he returned and she hugged him tightly. He was very glad it was Friday. He had the weekend to set up what he needed to do to care for her, find a caretaker, and get in the learning he needed to care for her. It was going to be a very busy weekend and on top of it he would have to learn to deal with sleepless nights and all the other things having a kitten around meant. By the weekend's end, he knew he was going to be very, very tired.