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Five years earlier

Kelsy's P.O.V.

Here I am on my 21st birthday, me and a bunch of friends decided to go to the bar. I really wasn't having much fun. I mean I'm not that big of a fan of drinking, but that all changed when he walked through the door.

He was about 6 foot, light brown hair and very hot! This man just turned my whole birthday around and I didn't even know his name yet.

Dean's P.O.V.

I walked into the bar looking around to see if there was anyone I would be interested in. That's when I saw her. She was short, she had long brown hair and the most beautiful green eyes I have ever seen. And usually that's not the thing that I look at.

I had to ask her, her name.

"Can I get you a drink?" I asked her.

"Sure" she said looking over at me.

"Im Dean." I said.

"Kelsy" she said.

Kelsy's P.O.V

Wow Dean…

"So how is this bar?" He asked me after we got our drinks.

"Its ok, I got dragged here by some friends." I told him.

We stood there for a little bit when the music went off. And then I saw one of my best friend jump on the bar.

"Oh no, she wouldn't!" I said.

"Hey everyone can I get your attention!" She yelled "Its my best friends 21st birthday!"

"Rachel! Get off the bar!" I yelled.

"I would like for her to come up to the bar for her special birthday shot."

"Rachel!" I yelled at her again.

"Kelsy just get up here" she yelled back.

"Oh so its your birthday…" Dean said with a smirk on his face.

"Ya" I said walking up to the bar to get Rachel down.

"Rachel please get down"

"No way! Not until you get up here and loosen up! Its your birthday!"

"Fine" I said getting on the bar next to her.

I took my shot that she wanted me to take and quickly got off the bar, pulling her down with me. I made my way back over to Dean.

"Sorry about that." I said.

"Oh its fine."

"Would you like to go sit down." He said pointing to a table in the corner of the bar.


We sat there and talked until closing.

"Im sorry we are closing" A bartender said to us.

I looked around and realized that we were the only people left in the bar. I got up grabbed my purse and me and Dean left the bar.

"So im going to be in town for a couple more weeks, do you mind if I called you?" Dean asked.

"Yeah, that'd be nice." I said writing my number on his hand.

"It was nice meeting you Kelsy" Dean said.

"You too Dean" I said kissing him on the check. I turned around to walk to my car when I felt something grab me. I turned around thinking it was Dean and saw this women with teeth that looked like fangs. I screamed hoping that somebody would here me.

The women was getting closer and closer to my throat. Her teeth were about to sink in when I saw Dean running up to me. He pushed the lady away from me. She quickly got up and ran away.

"What was that thing?"

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