CS: Hello people of the Avatar branch of FanFiction

CS: Hello people of the Avatar branch of FanFiction!

Axel: He says this because this is his first try at writing any Avatar Fics. If this sucks, blame his novice-ness.

CS: This is written for Taang Week, under the theme for day 1, Tease.

Axel: For those of you that are not aware, this is Taang week, a week where FanFic Authors and Deviant Art Artists make Taang stuff. Each day has a theme.

Day 1: Tease

Day 2: Games

Day 3: Forgiveness

Day 4: Song

Day 5: Shy

Day 6: Ecstasy

Day 7: Balance

CS: I don't own Avatar. Easy as that. This takes place in book 2 a little after Toph joins.


Today was a quiet day. Katara was gathering vegetables and edible roots in the forest. Sokka was hunting in the same forest, not that far away. For Toph and Aang however, it was not peaceful. They were in a valley with mountains surrounding it. A few grassy hills surrounded with a rocky field in the center. It would be peaceful, but Toph was trying to train Aang.

"Heads up Twinkle Toes!" Toph yelled as a boulder went hurtling towards Aang.

Aang nimbly dodged the rock, only to have a section of earth ram him in the chest. Aang gasped for breath as he fell to the ground. He sat up holding his head. "What was that for?" Aang asked while he stood up.

"You have to take this head on, like an Earthbender. No flippy, jumpy, Airbending tricks! Got it Twinkles?" Toph said angrily. "Now let's try again."

Toph didn't wait for an answer as she sent a boulder coming down each side into the valley. "Come on Twinkles, like an Earthbender!" Aang looked at the boulders nervously. He jumped up at the last moment with his Airbending. Before he touched down, a rock came and pelted him in the butt. A big rock. "No Airbending Twinkles!" Toph yelled, having been able to determine where he was by how he jumped.

"Why do you call me that anyways?" Aang asked as he rubbed his sore bum.

"Because of your light little girly foot steps"

"I know that, but why not call me Aang?"

"Because your fun to tease Twinkles."

"Oh really?"

"Ya really!"

"Let me see how fun it is." Aang said as he used his Airbending to run up to Toph and steal her headband.

"Hey!" Toph yelled as her hair fell down from its usual bun. Her raven black hair cascaded down her back as she ran after Aang.

Aang stood in the middle of the valley, calm. As Toph neared, he leapt into the air, changing directions mid air with his Airbending. This caused the large boulder Toph hurled to miss. Aang nimbly landed before jumping up again with the headband. Toph growled and stopped running.

She waited for Aang to land again, but he didn't. 'Hey where are you-?" Toph was cut off as Aang landed in front of her and touched the head band to her face. He then quickly jumped back.

Toph launched with earthbending herself forward to tackle Aang. It seemed like a god idea at the time, but she couldn't see now. So she couldn't see how Aang didn't get a chance to move because he was too low.

Toph crashed into Aang and the two went tumbling to the ground. After rolling down a slight hill, the two finally got up. Toph had her headband back. "Okay, practice over!" Toph said abruptly. She started to walk away with Aang not far behind.

Now, Aang can't feel vibrations like Toph. So he couldn't feel the fact that their lips brushed up against each other while they fell.


CS: Wow that looks short.

Axel: Yeah, it does.

CS: Oh well. And with the accidental kiss, the Taang lover in me HAD to put that in.

Axel: And with Toph being able to see where Aang is by his jump, she learned when she first had Aang jumping around her in 'Blind Bandit' in the Tournament.

CS: Any Questions, Praise, or Hate will be dealt with only if you send it in a review. Flames will be used to make me a grilled cheese, I'm hungry.