Hey everybody. As most of you already know, me, along with Robert, AKA Staredcraft, are starting out own Avatar Ship week: Taang week. Here's day one of the 7 Fics.


This fic takes place before "Ember Island Players," but After "The Southern Raiders," somewhere in between.

Our story begins in the old beach house on Ember Island, belonging to Zuko's family. Since Fire Lord Ozai never visited the house in a very long time, it was the ideal hiding place for Avatar Aang and his friends to stay and not be discovered. We see them all by the beaches, laying under either the sun or under some shade.

Katara: (sighs) What a great day this is.

Sokka: Yeah, Who would have though the Fire Nation had nice days like this? Oh, Uh… no offence Zuko.

Zuko: None taken. But it's not that surprising. Ember Island one of the preferred vacation spot for the fire Nation.

Aang: Not just the Fire Nation. Back 100 years ago, people from all four nations would come and spend their vacations.

Zuko: I'm still not sure if this is a good idea, just lying around all day. We've only a few more weeks until Sozin's Comet arrives.

Katara: Yeah, but we've been training hard for a while now. I think we deserve some vacation time. Who's up for a swim?

Toph: Not me. I ain't going anywhere near that water. I can't swim.

Katara: (takes her hand) Oh don't worry Toph. You've got a Master Waterbender with you. I won't let you drown.

Toph: Forget it. (Forces Katara to let go) I prefer to be on dry land.

Katara: Alright, fine, more fun for me. Anyone else want to join me?

Aang was about to answer but…

Zuko: Actually, I could use a swim to cool off.

Katara: Alright then.

Aang felt defeated for a moment, he was about to say yes before Zuko. Lately, it seemed like Zuko was quicker to be with Katara then he was.

Suki: Hey, count us in.

Suki took Sokka by the hand and they both followed Katara and Zuko into the water.

Toph: Aren't you gonna join them, Twinkle toes?

Aang: I… think I'll stay here and… just sit back.

Toph: Aang… I know you're lying.

Aang: (sigh) I don't want to talk about it.

Toph: Suit yourself.

Aang just rested on his back as he saw the teens of his group have fun in the water: Sokka was trying to sneak up on Suki by hiding underwater. She squealed a bit when she felt Sokka grasp her leg. Katara was bending the water at Zuko, splashing at his face; he gave an evil smile as he began to splash back ay her. Aang's eyes narrowed a bit in jealousy.

Toph: Boy it's getting a bit hot out here.

Toph takes her headband and removes it, shaking her head; she lets her hair loose from its bun. Aang turned to her as she spoke and silently gasped at the sight of her hair down, he had never seen her hair loose before and it looked… well, exotic. There was a small breeze and it blew the hair out of her face, making it look more exotic.

Toph: Ahh… that feels so good. Doesn't it Aang?

Aang: Uh…yeah…good….

Toph's eyes gave a confused look at his answer.

Toph: Hey Aang, you ok?

Toph reached out and took a hold of his arm, trying to feel his heartbeat. Since she was still on Sand, her Earthbending vision wasn't all that good, so she needed physical contact. The moment Aang felt her touch, Aang went rigid and his cheeks turned red.

Toph: Whoa, Aang, you're heart is going crazy! And you feel warm, what's-

Suddenly, he eyes widened in realization. Aang's heartbeat and heat felt similar. It was she sensed whenever Suki was around Sokka; she would tease him a bit before they'd be all "lovey-dovey." And now Aang was getting it… reacting from her! She gave a small evil-like smile as she was thinking of a good prank to do on him.

Toph: Oh… Oh Aang… Since when have you gotten so strong?

Toph began to feel his arm with both hands, smiling as his heart spiked a few more times.

Aang snaps out of his shock for a moment when he heard that.

Aang: (stutters a bit) I-I have.

Toph moves her hands up more to feel his biceps and his chest, speaking with a sweet-sounding voice.

Toph: Oh yeah. Those Firebending lessons are paying of. You've gotten so much stronger since last time.

Aang started to blush a deeper color at Toph's roaming hands.

Aang: Re-Really?

Toph: Yep. You're no longer the jelly-boned wimp I though you were.

She took her hands off him and Aang sighed a bit in relief, but he then notices Toph moving closer to him, with her back facing him

Aang: Eh… Toph, what are you doing?

Toph: I was wondering if you could give my shoulders a little massage with those strong muscles of yours.

Aang: Oh… (Blushes deeper) Uh, ok…

Aang takes both of his hands and puts it on her shoulders; he gently squeezes them and starts her massage. She sighs in enjoyment at the feeling, it was mocking at first, but near the end, it was a bit real.

Toph: Wow… that feels so nice… I guess being gentle has his advantages.

Aang: Uh… thanks Toph.

Toph: (thinking, laughs) Oh man, If I knew teasing him like this would be this much fun, I'd have done it ages ago. (Aloud) You know, you're so sweet Aang.

Aang: I-I am?

Toph: (giggles) Yeah.

With that, she turns around and faces him. Her right reaches his cheek to make sure they are at eye level. Aang was looking into her lifeless eyes, seeing her own kind of beauty in them.

Toph: (low, romantic tone) You know… there is something sweeter about you.

She then moves closer to his face, Aang's face was flaring up in shyness and embarrassment.

Aang: (low voice) There… there is?

Aang, subconsciously, moved his face closer as well, their mouths inches apart.

Toph: Yes…

Toph was moving closer and the two were centimeters apart from kissing when suddenly, Toph pulled out, making Aang fall over himself.

Toph: The sweet taste of you falling for such a perfect prank.

Toph begins to laugh out loud, holding her sides while Aang just looked up, shocked as can be.

Aang: You… You-what? I-

Toph: (laughs) Oh man! You were totally falling for it! I wish I could have seen you face!

Aang: You… (Turns red in anger) You were just teasing with me?!

Toph: Yeah! And it was great. You were all "oh gods, is she serious? Is she coming on to me?" HAHAHA… Oh Jeeze… You got to admit, that was a great prank, Twinkle toes. Your heartbeat was going insane, like a drum. I-

Suddenly, she feels Aang take her right hand and places a kiss on it.

Toph: (gasp, blushes) Twinkle toes...?

Aang: You know… it's too bad… I almost though you had feelings for me…

He kisses further up her hand and then kisses her wrist.

Aang: Like I do for you.

Toph's eyes widened as she felt both his kisses and his heartbeat, it wasn't different or anything… was he telling the truth?

Toph: (blushes deeper) You… you like me?

Her blush intensified as he continued to kiss up her arm.

Aang: I have for some time. You're not like any other girl I've met. You're different; you're beautiful and strong all in one.

Aang finally reaches her head and kisses on her ear, making her shutter in pleasure.

Toph: Oh Aang…..

Aang: And do you know what else I like about you?

He kisses her cheek, moving closer to her lips. He then takes both of his hand and holds her face in them, making her face him.

Toph: (timid) Wha… what's that?

Aang moves closer and Toph just closes her eyes, parting her lips to meet his, but suddenly…

Aang: I can play your games too.

With that, he pulls away, smiling victoriously, he gets up and walks away from Toph, who just sat there looking dumbfound. Her state of shock was replaced by rage as she got up, grinding her teeth.

Toph: Oh no, you don't!

She stomps her way to Aang, takes his hand, makes him face her and slams her mouth against his in a forceful kiss. Aang smiles under the kiss and starts to kiss back, wrapping his arms around her slender waist. Toph deepens the kiss and wraps her arms around her neck. Ignoring the world around then, the two stayed in their passionate kiss, a kiss that was fueled by something as simple as a tease.

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