Last day of Taang week '12. This one is gonna be fluffy. Enjoy.


This story takes place During "Sokka's Master" and after a Zutara week fic, Lick.

What turned into a hot and unpleasant day, turned into a day of fun and relaxation. Zuko had mentioned a lake, due to Sokka being busy training with master Piandao, The four benders decided to spend their free time cooling off. Zuko and Katara were relaxing in the shade while Aang was teaching Toph how to swim. This went on for a few hours before the four decided to head back to camp.

When they returned, Toph gave a yawn before saying, "Boy, Swimming sure can take a lot out of you. I'm beat." Aang gave his own yawn as he added, "I agree on that." Katara turned to them, "Well, if you want, you two could take a nap. Zuko and I can handle the things around camp." Toph gave a glare in Katara's general direction, "A nap? What am I, 3 years old?" "Actually, that sounds pretty good." Aang said.

He walks over to Appa and pets his head, Appa has been asleep during their mini-vacation, Momo sleeping on his head. Appa had taken his nap next to one of the large trees in their camp, Aang walks over to the tree and lies down next to it before shutting his eyes. Toph rolled her eyes before letting out another yawn, "Well...I suppose since we have nothing better to do."

She takes a seat on the ground before making an earth tent around the middle of the camp. Katara rolled her eyes before knocking on the tent, "Think you can take it somewhere that isn't in the way?" She Asked. Toph retracted the tent before sighing "Fine..." she walks over to Aang's spot under the tree and sits down, she was about to create another tent but feeling relaxed by the tree, she figure it'd be better without the tent, she soon feel into a relaxing sleep.

Aang blushed harder at that, he's never been this close to another girl, sure they shared a hug once or twice, but it wasn't like this. He was a little afraid of what Toph would do to him if she realized she was holding him like a stuffed platypus bear, so Aang tries to pull Toph away from him...which was easier said than done.

Aang could feel Toph had a good grip on him, and if he tried harder, he'd wake her...and that was one option he didn't want to go for. Another idea came to him, his hands start to move under her arms in an attempt to tickle her, making her let go. It started working and she began giggling...but in that moment her hands start tickling Aang, making Aang giggle too, this made Aang stop his tickling of Toph, and she stopped as well...but she still moved closer, still asleep.

"Oh Aang..." she mumbled in her sleep. Aang looked surprised, did she know she was cuddling him, that he tried to tickle her? She still looked asleep, making him think that she's dreaming...but wait, she was dreaming? And about him? His face started to turn read as he felt something...a kiss on his Toph.

Aang was blushing deeply, Toph kissed her? She never kissed him before. What was she dreaming about? He moves closer to her ear and whispers. "Toph?" he asked, Toph gave a smile before moving her head, giving him another kiss on the cheek, making him blush more. "mmm...Oh Aang..." she mumbled, then giggled, she giggled like a shy little girl, and had the blush to prove it. Aang looked in awe at that image, it was so different from the Toph she knew. "Toph?" he whispers again, a little louder. She then pulls closer, one of her hands reaches her face, she gave a light sigh before whispering, "I love you, Aang" in her sleep, then she give a short but sweet kiss in his lips, it didn't last long but it was enough to make Aang's heart jump like an rabbaroo.

'Did Toph just...Kiss me?' he asked in his head. That kiss felt so surreal, he had never kissed another girl on the lips. Even that time with Katara in the cave of Two Lovers, they were close but didn't kiss. It was a simple kiss...but the way it felt...not even his near kiss with Katara made him feel like that. He felt relaxed and at ease, he didn't care if Toph cuddled him like her personal stuffed animal, Aang started to enjoy the feeling. He enjoyed it so much, he started drifting back to sleep, but not before he gave his own kiss to Toph, kissing her lips, "sweet dreams" he said softly before falling asleep himself.

Since that day, Aang tried to find different excuses to nap, especially near Toph. And even after they revealed their love for another, every time they wanted to have a little will always be shared.

And that's the end of Taang Week. I hope you enjoyed this one