Fall From Grace

Summary: They never wanted to become what they were now. But when all other options were closed to them, they had no choice...but to fall from grace.

Pairing/Characters: Sideswipe/OC, Sunstreaker

Warnings: Twin angst. Seriously. Angst. By the Constructicon-load. Also, twin OOC.

Rating: T

Disclaimer: Not mine.

Author's Note: So, I've been working on this fic for several months now, and I've determined I'm finally going to finish that. But considering that I can't seem to finish a fic without at least starting to post it - well, here ya go.

Notes: Set in the same universe as 'Prowl and Sideswipe's Excellent Adventure', but it really has nothing to do with that fic, since not only is it definitely NOT crack, but it's written to be a prequel to 'Once More With Feeling', expanding on part of Sideswipe and Perceptor's conversation.

- Prologue -

Stumbling to a stop, Sideswipe could only stare as the building in front of him exploded. The heat and noise of the explosion washed over him, but he didn't flinch, his CPU spinning as he tried to comprehend what was happening. He barely registered it when Inertia, his assistant, grabbed him by the arm and yelled something to him. He could only stare at her dumbly, until she grabbed his arm in exasperation and pulled him away. He stumbled after her, not registering where they were going, or that Inertia was yelling into her comm line, until he felt a familiar presence in his spark, and suddenly his brother was beside him - not truly there, merely a projection of his spark, but it was enough for now.

"Bro? What's wrong?" Sunstreaker asked softly, concern showing in his optics, and Sideswipe's CPU finally focused, allowing him to choke out an explanation.

"They're gone. The warehouses, the offices, everything. The Decepticons destroyed them." he said, and the illusory Sunstreaker was suddenly closer, wrapping him in a phantom hug that somehow still managed to comfort Sideswipe.

"I'm sorry Sides." he said softly, sorrow clear in his voice. "Can you rebuild?"

"No. Not after this." Sideswipe said with a bitter laugh. "I spent all my spare credits rebuilding after their last attack - and they left something to salvage last time. This time there's nothing. It's gone, every last bit of it."

"You can use my credits then." Sunstreaker said reassuringly.

"No, I won't." Sideswipe said with a shake of his head. "Not when the Decepticons are just going to blow it all up again."

"Then we'll use them to move. Go to another city, far away from the Decepticons. Iacon, or Polyhex." Sunstreaker said with determination. "And you can rebuild there, pay me back when you've got your business back on its feet. Then we can get back to a normal life." Sideswipe couldn't help but smile at his brother's optimism.

"Yeah, sure." he said. "Normal life. Sounds like fun. What's normal again?" Sunstreaker made an exasperated noise and took a playful swipe at his brother before his spark-image shimmered into nothingness. Sideswipe was left with an aching feeling of loneliness, until a quick touch across their bond reminded him that Sunstreaker wasn't far. And suddenly, Sideswipe was the one hauling Inertia through the streets, eager to get back to his brother, to gather their things and get out of this Primus-forsaken city and back to a normal life.

- TBC -