Chapter 1

In another world, Lily Potter and her husband James Potter sat at the teachers table sighing at the damage their twin daughters had done with their latest prank . What is worst is that their brother also joined the prank along with Sirius's and Amanda's Son. Orion Black, Violet and Rose Potter along with Lawrence Potter are now currently being dealt by Minerva and Severus. Severus, James and Sirius finally had overcome their enemity and have become good friends. Remus migrated to America and made quite a lot of money. He finally settled down with Nymphadora Tonks. They are expecting a baby in the next month.

Lily saw Stephanie Black, the younger daughter sitting nervously without her brother. She is attracting a lot of attention from the boys. Being a Half Veela does not help her at all with the Female population. Amanda being a Veela taught Magical creatures class. Lily started teaching charms after Filius retired. James and Sirius are teaching DADA classes. Today is July 3oth. Lily sighed,today is Harry's birth day. The children no doubt did this prank to honour him. Twenty years ago on that Holloween day her first baby had died saving them all. She can never forget those empty green eyes staring emptily. No one of her kids after Harry had her eyes. They inherited their father's eyes. She dreamed about how her son would be if he had lived. Would he be like her or like his father? He would have been married by now she mused maybe making her a grndmother by now. A lone tear slowly made fromher eyes. But she was shaken out of it as the doors of the Great Hall opened and a Mysterious cloaked figure wearing Dragon hide entered.

The staff immediately reached for their wands and pointed at this figure. They could tell from the figure that it is a human male. The visitor not bothered by their wands looked around and took a deep breath. Lily now saw a pair of Emerald green eyes under that hood. Albus stood from the chair and clowly walked towards him, wand in their hands.

" Who might you be sir?" he asked politely but a subtle hint of danger was in that tone. Suddenly the castle flooded with light and surrounded the visitor. It castle seems to be happy about something as everyone felt warm waves of magic throughout the castle.

Welcome Back Descendant of Draconis

This message flashed near the visitor. The visitor laughed at this, a musical voice that Lily found herself drawn to. " It is good to be back too" he continued in the same musical voice.

Albus seemed to recover from this and seeing the castles happiness at his arrival concluded that he is not an enemy and pocketed his wand. The rest of them followed suite. Albus took a few steps and repeated the question. Suddenly everyone's mind gained knowledge of the fifth Founder being present from the castle.

Albus processed this and genuinely smiled at this person. The teachers asked the students to sit still and made their way to the stranger. The stranger then slowly removed his hood.

Shock and silence filled the hall.

An exact replica of James Potterbut with long hair and emerald green eyes stood in front of them. But this was not the most intriguing one. On his forehead stood a scar the shape of lightning which was found on Harry Potter's forehead when he died.

" Hello " he said happily at him. Lily just stood there staring at him.

" Who are you?" hissed Sirius angrily at him. How dare someone try and imitate his dead godson.

The stranger just smiled at him and said" I Harry James Potter hereby swear on my life and magic that I mean no harm to any inhabitants of this castle unless they attack me. So mote it be." he concluded and a flash of light meaning his oath is accepted.

All of them are staring at him in shock. An oath cannot be given in a false name. Meaning the person who is standing in front of him was in deed the late Harry Potter. But how it is possible, they don't know.

Lily broke out ofher stupor, gave a sob and ran to him engulfing him in a hug.

Harry was startled when a redhead woman tackle him in a hug. He knew from the live she is giving she is his mother. Gathering his courage he gently hugged back. Looking over her shoulder he could see his father and godfather stare at him in shock and a little hope and happiness.

" Bu..Bu..But how?" a voice stammered out. Harry looked at the voice and recognized him that he must be his brother. He is an exact copy down to the eyes of his father. Looking around he foun two girls looking like his mother but with his father's eyes. He also found two kids who looked like Sirius's kids judging from their eyes. Albus seeing his reluctance to talk asked everyone but the Potters, Blacks and the staff to leave the hall and head for their dormitories. The students groaned but one look from Snape quieted them and they left the hall.

Lily still had not released her son. She was afraid that he might dissappear if she releases him. Harry gently shook her and extracted from himself from her hug. She then examined him indetail for the first time how her son has grown to be. He's incredibly handsome , moreso than James. He has a lithe but powerful body. Buthiseyes are the one she is drawn to. They were expressive, slightly glowing and showed happiness and joy. She was surprised when two more redheads joine the hug. He patted all of the gently on the shoulders. He slowly pulled back only to be hugged by James and Sirius. Lily laughed at his misfortune.

" I am Harry Potter. Not of this dimension but from another." He explained.

" But why did you come here. Did we allow you to come to us from your world." Sirius asked.

Harry's eyes dimmed a little. " On Holloween, my parents died. I survived, but so did Voldemort. He became a shawdow but regained his body in my fourth year. Almost everyone died in the second war. I had little left in that world." He explained softly but everyone understood.

Lily had tears in her eyes and once again hugged him tightly. She could see the pain in his eyes. She did not want to press him for details. She gave everyone a warning look. They all understood.

" Its ok baby. We won't press you for details untill you give come and sit we have a lot to talk" She pulled to one of the benches and sat down, pulling him down to sit opposite to her. His sisters both latched onto him on both sides and sat with him. Harry performed asmall leglimency scan and found their names.

" So tell me about yourself. What house were you in? What is your favourite colour? Which Quidditch team do you support? Do you play Quidditch?" His sisters fired of the questions.

Harry just laughed." I am in Gryffindor, though the Hat wantedto put me in Slytherin. My favourite colours are gold and silver. I support the Tornaedos. I am a seeker from my team from my first year."

James could not controll his happiness anymore." Really! In the first year. Man you must be good. But how did you play without mindind the rules."

Harry just smile cheekily at his father and was about to answer but the Great Halls door opened once more with a bang.

"HARRY JAMES POTTER" A feminine voice yelled.

Harry jumped up and looked frightened. He gulped and slowly turned around. Near the entrance a beautiful young woman with a four year child stood there glaring at him.

"DADDY" the girl screamed and ran to him tackling Harry in a hug. He slowly and gently rubbed her back in gentle circles as the girl stopped crying. The woman slowly and menancingly moved to him with a fireball in her hand.

Lily immediately recognized her as a Veela.

" Hi dear! How are you ?" Harry asked slowly. The Veela still did not reply, but the fire ball dissapeared. " I am sleeping in the couch tonight aren't I ?" he asked. The Veela just nodded still glaring at him.

James cleared his throat. " Did you forget to mention something Harry?"

Harry smiled sheepishly. " Sorry. Everyone this lovely lady here is my wife Fleur Ann Potter. The little lady here is my daughter Lillian Marie Potter." He anounced. Fleur slowly walked to him and stood by his side giving him a kiss.

Everyone was still staring in shock. Fleur Delacour, the triwizard participant who died in the second task trying to save her sister. The Delacours were never the same again.

" Hello" she greeted nervously. She wanted Harry's family to approve her.

Lily was the first to shake herself. She slowly walked to her and stood in fron of her, her face expressionless. Fleur and Harry looked at her nervously. Lily then smiled and pulled Fleur into a hug." Welcome to the family"

Fleur smiled and returnd the hug. Amanda was the next. She recognized her as fellow Veela and gave her a hug, followed by the twins. Lily then gently took her shy Granddaughter into her lap as she sat down.

" Hello Lily. My name is Lily too."

The small girl smiled shyly." You can call me little Lily if you want" she told her grandmother her emerald green eyesshining with innocence.

On the other side Amanda and the Twins are talking with Fleur. Stephanie also joined them as she developed a friendship with her in the Tournament.

Harry was being teased mercilessly about his marraige by his father and grandfather.

Lily smiled happily. Today is the happiest day of her life