Chapter - 4

It's a nice and sunny day in England. People started their daily schedule and were enjoying the brief sunny weather. But unknown to some people there is a community that was hidden from a long time. Today that community is in an uproar and is on edge. The reason is simple. The massacre of fifty witches and wizards in a small village near Edinburgh.

It started as a normal day but when some people did not show up to work in the ministry, a team was sent to find out. They did not expect the team to return in a catatonic state throwing up in the ministry. When one of them recovered he described the scene of gore and blood. The ministry was baffled, but what confused them more is the gaint mark of a red full moon with a scythe in the sky. This was surely the work of Dark Wizards. By afternoon rumors of a Dark Lord were running rampant. People ran around like headless chicken and started spreading rumors. Counterfeit protection charms and so called Dark repellants sales hit sky high. Gringotts was flooded with ncustomers with people making withdrawals and making their wills.

But the most affected were the werewolves. They knew what the symbol stood for. But they did not dare tell them about it because of fear of being hunted down. Some of them who faced discrimination from wizards were happy and wanted to join them. Scores of Werewolves secretly contacted the Lycans to ask to join them.

In one move the Lycans gained about a hundred followers.

This is war. Few have realized it. But others will not untill it is too late.

Lord Necrolis the Lycan leader stood in front of the new recruits from the British Isles. He looked at them with pity. Yes with pity. These people are not Lycans. They are much lower i the social heirarchy. They are just werewolves. People who are unable or unwilling to merge with their inner wolves. Unlike them lycans have total controll over their inner wolf. Thay can transform any time they want just like an animagus. But in a full moon they have heightened abilities. They need not even transform on a full moon. They can stay in their own form gaining power on that night.

Its a pity that normal werewolves cannot do this. Oh well! that was before but now with the help of the Necklace of Corinthus he can change normal werewolves to lycans. Yes and in return they will be his minions in his revenge against the Wizards and Vampires. Yes Wizards are powerfull. They maybe weak physically but have stronger magical power and controll. But lycans are faster and more agile not to mention strong. So they are evenly matched. But before that he needs to take care of the vampires first.

Smilling at them he addressed them. " To the people who are all gathered here welcom to my humble abode. I am Lord Necrolis, leader of the lycans. Yes we are lycans. A race which was previously thought to be almost extint. Not to worry my good people we were merely hiding and waiting for the correct time to rise again. As you are well aware of the abilities of the lycans no doubt many of you wish that you are one. Don,t be sad my kin. we have a solution for that. The answer to that problem is here."

Taking of the Obsidian and Jade necklace he showed it to them who looked at it curiosly wondering how a necklace is an answer to their problems.

" You are no doubt wondering what this necklace is. Let me tell you. This is the Necklace Of Corinthus. Yes people the same necklace of legend. An artifact made by the Moon Goddess and the one which made the first lycan. This was first granted to my ancestors but was stolen by those filthy Vampires. But now there is no need to worry about that fact anymore. This amazing artifact is returned to us and noe your dreams of controlling your lycanthropy is going to come true. Do you want to change?" He asked them all.

There was a huge cheer and they started chanting the word yes. Lord Necrolis just smiled and activated the Necklace every Werewol in the castle is engulfed in a red light. When the light receeded, Lord necrolis smiled. Now he has more people for his cause. Now with just people then he can put his plan in motion. Yes the Vampires are going to pay first.

Harry read the news and was looking grim. He did not like the new developings. It tingled his senses in a bad way. Fleur and Lily went to France to spend time with the Delacour family. They invited Harry but he politely refused sying that he is needed at Hogwarts. His meeting with the other founder heirs has gone well. The Wards have been reformed and they are strongest in history.

The two universes seemed slightly different at first but now looking back it is totally messed up. It is simply because of his death. Harry may not agree but he is an important hot spot in the time line.

Cho married Anthony Golstein and they are now running the Chang estate. Cho also worked developing runic protection ward stones. They do not have any kids right now.

Susan married Zacharias Smith due to a marraige contract but they are happy together. Susan is the manager of the Tornadoes Quidditch team. They have a two year old boy.

Neville is a complete surprise. He married none other than Hermoine. It seems that she did not befriend the weaslys. In this time line the elder weaslys along with Bill and Charlie died in the first war and Their Aunt Muriel took care of them. Ron turned out to be like a Gryffindor Malfoy and people are happy when he graduated. But due to his very poor score he could not get a job. So he left to africa where he ran a small farm of potion plants after getting a loan from his brothers.

Neville has taken up the position of Lord Longbottom after graduation and is looking after the Longbottom estate. Hermoine is working in the Department of Mysteries. Thay have a one year old boy named Frank after his grandfather.

Patrick married a wealthy Dumstrang girl and have twins, one boy and one girl. He is also looking after the Connor estate.

Thay were surprised at first by learning their status but soon cooperated. They also agreed to reopen the Draconis house. The students of all years will be resorted and Draconis will be the new house. The new quidditch robes and Draconis crest was added. The head of house is Professor Vector who approved by the Sorting Hat.

Apart from all this the new attacks have hit a nerve. It felt to Harry that a new war is going to happen and he will be drawn into it. So he took care to give maximum protection for his family.

The Potter family maor was destroyed in the first war with Voldemort. So Harry insisted they abandon their current house and move into the Potter Manor in his trunk. He cast the Fidelus on his trunk and stored it in the Draconis family vault. A door was coonect to it with a Potrait of a Centaur which is on the fourth floor that lead to the manor. So the Potters have taken up residence in it. They lived comfortablt since they now have house elves. Lily at first threw a fit finding out about it but soon calmed down finding out from the elves that they are happy to work there.

With his family's safety secured, he also employed Gringotts to put their finest wards to the Delacour manor. After it was done Harry asked all the other Heirs to increase their warding on their manors.

" It is so peacefull at first but now I feel like being dragged into another war. Why can't I ever escape war?" he quietly asked his siblings. Unsurprisingly all his siblings have bben placed in Draconis by the Hat.

" I don't know bro. But we will not lose you again. That is a promise." Larry assured him. When Harry did not look convined his sisters gave him a hug and assured him. He loved getting hugs from his sisters. It is a new experience for him.

" Allright you people now lets go back inside before mom comes and drags us in with our ears." Harry warned them. So they quickly hurried back inside to avoid facing Lily's wrath. Harry experincing Fleur's did not want to be on the receivibg end of his moms.

Harry have taken up teaching Duelling to OWL ans NEWT students. He has two classes for each year every week so0 he ahs a lot of time lest to do other things.

Life for now seemed settled. But he has a feeling it wont last for long. So he is going to take advantage of the time he has now and is going to enjoy it to the fullest.

Yes that plan looks good.

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