Chapter - 5

Looking out of the window of his house, Harry sighed dissapointedly. His In-laws have tken Lily and Fleur to their home in France and promised to return them in a week. He's not willing to admit it but he really missed them. But the good side is that he got more time to spend with his family. The twins took him to Daigon alley and made him undergoe full three hours of torture(according to him anyway) doing shopping. But to his horror it did not end there. His sisters took him to muggle London to buy clothes for themselves in an exclusive ladies shopping mall. Poor Harry had to fend off several women trying to get his Phone number.

Finally after a decade of horror(Yeah right) later they finally returned home. Harry vowed to himself never to go shopping with his sisters ever again.

" You seem to enjoying yourself Harry. Maybe we should take you shopping with us again next week." Violet asked him with a mischevious look in her eyes.

"Yes Harry, should do this again. The saleswoman at the shop gave us forty percent off after she learned that you are our brother. Maybe we should go to shop again. You can THANK her PROPERLY later." Rose also got into teasing mode stressing on the words Thank and properly leaving everyone to know what she meant.

Harry by now was busy impersonating a very ripe and glowing tomato. His sisters laughed for sometime at his expense but shut up quickly seeing the glare their mother was giving them. But if people sae Lily closely they coild see the corners of her mouth turnred slightly up.

Harry sighed again and left the room quietly. He needs to clear his mind. Taking out his new Firebolt he flew into the night sky. He felt truly alive in the air. The wind flowing smoothly caressing his face like a mothers touch his hair flapping in the wing, the rush of adrenaline and the thrill of adventure made his mind clear and concentrated on doing his usual tricks in the air.

His concentration was broken when he heard a scream. His eyes searched for the source of the scream and his senses were now on high alert. Ducking and weaving throught the tree tops of the forbidden forest he found the source of the noise and his heart stopped beating for a second. Stephanie was screaming under the effects of the Cruciactus curse and was bleeding from a number of cuts and lacerations.

Around her ten figures were laughing at her. The scene caused the dragon inside Harry go beserk. With nothing but the intention to tear apart the miscreants who dared to hurt her Harry lunged from the broom onto the nearest figure he summoned his wand from his holster and fire an explosin curse at its head. The figure sensed the attack a little too late and its head exploded leaving brain matter and blood flying everywere.

Before they could counterattack Harry send three severing curses, hitting three figures at their necks. Seeing four of their comrades down, the other figures howled loudly and charged at Harry.

Harry seeing them come decided to engage them at close combat. Summoning the Draconis sword he took an agressive stance and rushed forward to meet his enemies.

One of them fire a reductor curse at him. Harry skilfully dodged it to the right adn slid to the ground on his knees sliding to his opponent. Bringing his sword in an upward arc he dispatched his opponent. Sensing an attack he jumped up using a little magic and brought down his sword in a vertical slash killing it.

The other four seeing this conjured daggers and rushed forward to meet him head on. The leading figure slashed at his chest drawing blood from Harry. Then he followed with a slash at Harry's neck which Harry deflected with his left hand and moved sword hand forward stabbing it through its heart and used the momentum to continue forward stabbing the one behind him through the chest and finally pining them to the tree.

Before he could withdraw his sword, the other two attacked. Harry dodged them skilfully becuse of his quidditch skills and battle honed reflections and senses. The two figures continued their assault but Harry soon found and opening and punched on the troat causing him to caugh blood and lost his hold on the daggers. Harry deftly caught them. When the other figure moved Harry slashed at him and used his legs to kick him back. Before the figure could recover Harry threw the daggers, one aimed for his heart and another for his throat which hit their targets dropping the enemy.

Before Harry could do anything, the one left attacked him and pinned him to the ground and started choking him. In desperation Harry used his partial animagus transformation to turn his hand inti dragon claws. He then lunged his hand forward stabbing the figure through its heart killing it instantly.

Harry took a few minutes to regain his breath and scanned the area for any danger. Finding none he grabbed his sword and put it back in its place. He then hurried to Stephanie. She was in a bad shape. Harry did not know much about healing magic, it was his wives speciality. But if he tried to take her to the infirmary, she will die. In desperation Harry poured his magic into Stephanie's body.

Stephanie was struggling against the Cruciactus curse. She had come into the forest for her weekly Veela power control excersices. But out of nowhere ten figures attacked her accusing her of being a Vampire. She tried to deny but they would not let her. She fought back, but the Cruciactus curse broke her strenght. She lost all hope of livivg. She knew she was going to die a painful death and they were going to rape her. Then she suddenly she heard a battlecry and saw someone falling from the sky killing one of them before her body succumbed to pain and fell into blissful darkness.

Then after few minutes or so her body regained consciousness and felt safe and comfortable. She was being carried to Hogwarts. She felt warm and safe. Taking in the scent of the person who was carrying her she vaugely registered him as Harry before losing consciousness again.

Harry carried Stephanie in his arms running as fast as he can to Hogwarts. His trick had worked apparently healing all the damage done to her body but the damage by the Cruciactus curse was not cancelled.

Opening the door of the Great hall he ran in. " HELP. Anybody please help." He shouted into the great hall. Dumbledore and the other teachers saw this and immediately rushed to Harry. James and Sirius saw what was in Harry's arm and ran to him.

Dumbledore saw the signs of the Cruciactus and immediately summoned Fawkes who cried some tears into Stephanie. Harry was pale and was shaking. Lily and Amy took Stephanie to the infirmary. James and Sirius immediately rounded on Harry demanding an explanation. Harry explained them as well as he can but all could tell he is too distracted.

Fleur came through the floo hearing what happened. Seeing Harry she hugged him reassuring him and dashed towards the infirmary. Minerva finally forced a calming draught on Harry and he stopped panicking. After four hours Fleur and Lily came out of the infirmary and were immediately rounded by the others.

" Well she is stable now and her injuries have faded. The cruciactus damage is also being undone miraculosly for some unknown reason. But here is a simple problem though."

" What is it?" Demanded Harry.

" Before I answer that question Harry what did you do to heal her injuries?" Fleur enquired.

" She was almost dieing and I did not know any healing magic. So I poured my magic into her and she seemed to have healed. What is there any problem?"

Fleur sighed. She was expecting this seeing the aura of Stephanie but now she got the confirmation.

" Well Harry, you were right when you mentioned she was dieing. Her soul almost left her body, but your magic managed to get the soul back but it caused some...complexities."

" What? What do you mean?"

" You see Harry the Veela magic reacted to yours when yours when pumped into it and used it to bring back the soul and heal the body and in the process formed.. a"

" What? What kind of bond?"

Fleur sighed again rubbing the bridge of her nose. She looked straight into her husbands eyes." A Veela mating Bond. The same kind existing between you and me."

Absolute silence ensured the news and Harry reacted as anyone would at this kind of situation. He fainted.