"Bye, Fang," I called over to him

"Bye, Fang," I called over to him.

"Where are you going?" he asked.

"I told you have to go out and pick up some milk," I replied.

"Let me come with you. You know I hate it when you leave," he pleaded kissing me on the forehead.

"No. You need to stay home and make sure Iggy and Gazzy don't blow up the house or something," I said firmly.

"You're right. Bye." He kissed me again, but this time on the lips.

"See you," I said and walked outside.


I walked out of the store with an armload of groceries. It was heavy but, knowing the flock's appetite, I would have to be coming back down here in two days. Someone walked up to behind me and said, "Give me you're wallet!" I turned around and saw that the guy was holding a baseball bat. "Give me you're money or I'll break you're face in, girl." I hesitated a moment. That was a moment too long. He swung the bat at my face. I felt something snap and felt hot liquid pouring down my face. And then I was gone.