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Chapter 1: Aftermath

The atmosphere in the hospital is tense. Chris keep pacing in front of the emergency room while Ellen is holding little Tam who is sleeping, not understanding what happened 3 hours ago.


"Kim! Kim, wake up! No, you can't die!" Chris keeps shaking Kim's body.

"Chris, stop!" John, who just recovered after stunned watching what had happened, tries to calm Chris down.

Chris abruptly stands up, holding Kim, and rushing towards the door.

"Chris, where are you going?" Says Ellen, who is still holding Tam in her arms, "Where are you taking her? She passed away."

"No, she's not! I'll bring her to hospital!"

With that, Chris leaves the place, with Ellen, Tam, and John behind.

When they reach hospital, Chris frantically cry for help.

"Doctor, please save her! She must survive!" Says Chris, with tears keep sliding down his face.

After Kim had been lied down on a bed, the doctor asks, "What happened to her?"

"She got shot." Says John.

"We'll try our best to help her, but there's not much hope. We have to wait for miracles." With that, the doctor rush to the emergency room, where other doctors and nurses starts the operation.


"Ellen, forgive me.. but I just can't.."

"No, I completely understand." Says Ellen, with her own tears sliding down her cheeks.

End of Flashback

That has been 3 hours ago. 3 long and agonizing hours. Chris and Ellen had their own mind somewhere.

Chris can't stop feeling guilty to himself. While what had happened is terrible, he found who he actually choose and love. Kim. 'I'm foolish! I know that deep down I love Kim, and I feel overjoyed when I found out about Tam, and Kim being alive. Why should I deny it? But.. I can't abandon Ellen. She's the one who first healed me of my sorrow when I thought Kim had died, even just a bit. But if Kim died now.. No, she must not die! Kim, please survive! I love you.'

Ellen had her own mind somewhere else while she gazes down upon Tam. 'Why should I be selfish! This little boy is innocent. I shouldn't make him suffer by losing his mother. If Kim died.. I would be the one who mentally killed her. I shouldn't make Kim desperate and choose to die. I shouldn't make Chris choose. To think about it.. I'm actually leaving Chris with no choice. Chris must have been suffering.. I know clearly even before I married him that his heart is Kim's..'

John, who left shortly after they arrived to take care the engineer's matter, come to Chris and squeeze Chris's shoulder, showing his support toward his best friend. John felt he is the one who should be blamed.. 'If only I could help that time.. I'm the one who separate Chris from Kim..'

The emergency room's door abruptly opened, startling everyone.

Chris, who is more calmed now, ask the doctor impatiently, "Doctor, how is she?"

"She has fight amazingly great, sir. She survived."

Hearing this, all 3 adults were relieved greatly.

"But sir.." The doctor hesitantly said.

"What happen, doctor?" Asked John.

"She barely survived. Even though she can wake up, she might not heal completely. She will need consistent treatment in the future."

Chris felt a pang in his heart.

Ellen asked, "When can we see her?"

"As soon as we move her to another room. It might help if she is treated in another country, seeing that this country doesn't have much improved treatment in medication."

With that, the doctor leave them.

"Chris.." John said hesitantly, knowing what Chris decide, trying to stop what will happen.

"I'll take her back to the States." Chris said.

John pulled him aside, whispering to Chris so that Ellen won't hear, "Chris, are you out of your mind! What about Ellen? What about her feeling?"

"No. I've caused Kim to suffer this way. I won't leave her like this. I won't separate Kim with Tam."

"You're taking Tam back? I thought you're leaving him here."
"No. He is my son. I won't abandon him."


"It's okay, John, it's what I would do as well if I were Chris." Ellen said calmly, startling the two men, nodding to Chris, reassuring him of her agreement.

"Then.. we have to wait until Kim wake up. We're taking her back as soon as we can."

Chris looks at Tam guiltily and takes him from Ellen without saying anything.

'Tam.. I'm sorry.. But I promise a good life for you..' Chris thought.

While he holds his son, Tam snuggles back to Chris. This gesture fills Chris joy and sadness at the same time. Joy for having his son in his arms, and sadness for making his loved ones, Tam and Kim, in this terrible situation..

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