Hi All!

I know it's been very long (yikes... 7 years and counting!) since I posted an update for this story. Honestly, I just came to a point where I stopped writing due to my uni life, health reasons, and some other life events going on at the time.

I've tried to pick the story back up a number of times, but by then, although I know how I want the story to go, I just couldn't continue because the plot bunny has left me.

Anyways, the other day I thought, well, why not rewrite it as a one-shot and finish the story? And so, dear readers, I've finished writing the one shot and will be posting it as a separate story 'Fate (One Shot Version)' and just mark this version as in indefinite hiatus; I'll come and revamp the multi chapter version should the plot bunny come and strikes again. Do mind you that the one shot is unbeta-ed, so sorry for my grammatical mistakes and etc etc.

I do want to apologise for abandoning the story too long! It was not my intention at all; but life do get in the way.

With much love,