We Are Three

A Ninja Turtles fanfic

Chapter 2


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Baxter Stockman stared at the figure on the other side of the thick glass. Inside of the pure white room, the thing stared back. Baxter raised his hand, it raised its hand. He turned to the scientist beside him, who seemed intent on documenting absolutely everything about the thing on a single sheet of paper.

"Bridges, how much has the... terrapin creature," he spat, "grown since yesterday?"

The man grinned up at him, completely ignoring the poisonous tone in Baxter's voice. "It's nearly doubled in size, sir! This is a massive discovery! Where did you find this creature? Will you-"

"The sewers. That's all you need to know." Dr. Stockman snapped. The man wilted and went back to the creature. The doctor smirked. He's new...

His gaze turned sharply onto the turtle-like being in the containment facility, then he suddenly smirked. Instead of the usual clueless expression on its face, the turtle held a look of fear. Stockman wondered why for a moment, then realized that he could see the reflection of another doctor behind him, holding up a large, sharp-looking needle.

Turning around, he snatched the medical tool out of the other's hand and took long, deliberate strides towards the entrance to the white room. The turtle inside scrambled away from the door, pulling itself away using all four limbs, despite the fact that its back legs were awkwardly longer than the front.

Stockman barely managed to hold in a snicker at its furious attempts at escape as he stepped towards him. The scientist, Bridges, approached the door behind him nervously.

"Um, sir, would you like someone to help you with that? The subject seems a bit desperate..." his eyebrows furrowed as he saw Stockman shake his head.

"No. I'm sure I can deal with such a minor creature as this," he said. He took a few more steps towards the creature and kneeled down.


Complete silence. The voice that had said it was too high to be either Stockman nor Bridges, or even the doctor whom had given him the needle.

Stockman glared at the creature and grabbed its closest arm, the left. This time he saw it. The being opened its mouth and called out in fear, "No!"

Of course, the 'side-kick' is always the first to point out the obvious. "It... it just spoke!" He rushed into the room and kneeled down in front of the flailing terrapin and put his hands on its shoulders with little problem. "S-say something else!"

Instead, it just repeated the word, "N-no?"

This didn't seem to disrupt the green scientist's enthusiasm, though. He turned to Stockman, who was glaring at the little turtle. "Isn't this a-amazing? I mean, the government... people would pay... this could be almost a new part of evolution! This creature is...!" he started trailing off and began writing furiously in the pad of paper he had on the floor.

Instead of joining in the praise, Stockman pushed the other to the side so he could grab both shoulders of the panicking turtle, holding it still, despite the fact that its feet were kicking ineffectively at him.

"No! No, no, no!" it seemed that the turtle had chosen 'no' as its key word.

"Be quiet!" he snapped furiously. One could hear the snap as the small turtle's mouth clamped shut, suddenly absolutely terrified of this man. "Good."

Instead of leaving as the terrapin had wanted, the man leaned forward and let go of one shoulder. He reached into a pocket and took out the thing.

Stockman grinned maliciously as the being's struggles had begun anew with even more vigor. Apparently it didn't like needles. It will get used to them by the time we're done with it... He nearly snickered out loud at that thought, but held it it.

He held its left arm still, holding it in place, then crudely shoved the pointed end of the needle into its arm. It attempted to worm out of his grip, but only managed to hit his knee enough that Stockman was fairly sure he was going to have a bruise later. He proceeded to pull at the end of the needle, removing what looked to be a lot of blood to the turtle.

Though the little terrapin had no idea whatsoever what that stuff in the needle was, it did know that it was supposed to be inside. Not in a tube thing. It did the only thing that seemed to make sense at the time...

"Gah!" Stockman jumped back, letting the needle fall to the floor with a soft tac. He held onto his left arm carefully and rushed out of range of the little turtle. "That creature actually bit me!"

Ah yes, instincts are odd things, aren't they?

Meanwhile, Bridges was writing down everything that was happening in annoying detail. He even wrote down the fact that Stockman had just ran out of the room, shouting something about rabies shots and terrible terrapins. He looked up at the subject, then his eyes softened.

The poor little thing was actually crying. The term crocodile tears came to mind, but he promptly shoved that out of reach. He shuffled forward, a bit nervous. "You okay, little guy? ...Er, gal? ...Whatever you are?" Temporarily forgetting what he was doing, he scribbled a few words on the pad, Note to self: find gender of subject.

Bridges reached out slightly, but the little turtle flinched back. He frowned as he saw its left arm, still bleeding slightly. Stockman should have been a lot more gentle with the little... uh... turtle. Bridges reached into one of the many pockets of his large lab coat, and pulled out a few sheets of notes, then what he wanted.

A tiny Barney bandage. The turtle began to sniffle as opposed to sob. However, it was still rubbing its left arm. A drop of blood was slowly making a macabre trail down the small arm. Wow, Stockman must have been a bit more crude than usual... it looks like he nearly stabbed it in... Bridges leaned forward, then removed the bandage from its package, then lightly pulled the turtle's hand away from the minor injury.

As the little terrapin watched, confused into silence, he put the Barney-marked thing on top of the no-longer bleeding spot.

He watched the little thing for a moment, while it tipped its head to the side. Bridges gave it a little smile and put his hand on top of its head. "You remind me of my daughter... she's six now." He rubbed his hand a bit in a way that would have messed up a normal person's hair. The only reason this didn't was because the little turtle had no hair whatsoever.

It made a strange little noise. After a moment, Bridges realized that it had giggled. He beamed. "Aw, you're the cutest little thing I've seen since my daughter!"

Terrapin watched. Then smiled. "Cu... cu... cute... Cute!" it proclaimed proudly, a big smile on its face.

"Wow, you learn fast, too!"

"Cute, no, cute, no!" it chanted, quite proud and happy of its achievement.


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