We Are Three

A (Teenage Mutant) Ninja Turtles fanfic

Chapter 3


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"No needle. Don't like needle," the little terrapin chanted, as it had for the last ten minutes. Baxter Stockman glared at the creature, who gave its own little glare back. Minor as it was, it was still an interesting concept.

This little creature learned that that face meant 'needle time', as it had begun calling it. As opposed to getting used to the pain as Stockman had hypothesized it would, it remained subject to pain and needles. The last seven- yes, seven- times that Stockman had attempted to get a sample of the terrapin being's flesh or shell, that odd scientist, Bridges, had come to the room with what he decided to call 'meals'.

They had soon learned that the terrapin greatly disliked bitter things, as it had spat out the first bits of random greenery it had been given. Then deciding to cry, all the scientists had panicked, and Bridges had given it the first edible thing he could reach, a lollipop from a coat pocket. He had looked at it a few moments, as though he had no idea where it had come from, then unwrapped it and gave it to the sobbing turtle.

Oddly enough, the terrapin had stared at it, then promptly shoved it in its mouth as though it knew exactly what it was.

Unfortunately... this was the only good thing that had happened to it for a while.

Today Baxter Stockman had a mission, and he had the tools to make it happen. He had ordered Bridges to work on another project, just for this week. At first the troublesome professor had hesitated and protested, but Stockman 'insisted'. Actually, to be more precise, he ordered.

Another large breakthrough in the studies of the creature was its gender. After much studies of it and correct as well as incorrect guesses, they had finally figured out that the terrapin was male. For lack of a better thing to call it, Stockman had dubbed the turtle-like creature "Subject one." Most of the scientists had begun calling it one word or the other, but Stockman himself insisted on keeping the area professional.

A little whimper returned Stockman from his musings on the sin against humanity- as he referred to it mentally. His eyes darted to the creature on the other side of the glass wall, where Subject one was currently attempting to scoot as far away as possible. This caused his smirk to grow. He knew this reaction, as Subject one was beginning to chant again.

"Don't like it... don't like needle..." he mumbled, pressing his shell against the pure white wall. It began breathing faster as it realized that Stockman had come towards the door, snatching a needle from another person in a white coat. The thing that confused him was that the needle already had something in it.

On instinct, Subject one began looking inconspicuously and unconsciously through the clear window for the nice man, whom the man in the doorway had called Bridges. He liked Bridges, he gave him something on his arm. That, and he brought food.

Stockman took large strides towards the turtle, not hesitating in the least. He had to restrain himself from snickering as he saw the fear in the creature's eyes. Instead of dallying like he had before, Stockman just reached forward and used its left arm to tug it up. Before the subject had a chance to do anything in the least, Stockman had jabbed the needle in its arm, then pressed the fluid inside into its bloodstream. As he pulled the needle out, Stockman watched the creature to see its reaction to the substance he had injected in.

First thing's first, the terrapin struggled tooth and nail to get to the other side of the room, rubbing where the needle had entered in its arm, tears leaking down its cheeks, whimpering. "No... ooh... needle, pain... bad..." In all, it was pretty much gibberish.

However, what caused him glee was what happened next. Its blinks began to slow, as well as the fact that its crawling had suddenly grown a lot less frantic. It could barely put one three fingered hand in front of the other. Finally, it let out a weird little mix of a sigh and a sob and collapsed, his carapace making a clack noise as it fell against the perfectly pristine white of the floor.

Stockman kept his face cold as he leaned over near the creature's face. Its eyes blinked slowly, eye-ridges furrowed together in frustration. It's probably wondering why it's so sleepy. What a hebetudinous creature... Stockman held these thoughts to himself and whispered in the terrapin's ear, just before it fell unconscious...

"Let's see what makes you tick..."


Splinter smiled down at the little creatures that were currently following him. One, the olive green one, was chatting happily to a dark green one in surprisingly well-structured sentences, while the dark green one was barely understanding, but nodding anyways. The rat's joy faded somewhat as his eyes landed on the last one.

The basic green turtle was pretending to listen to the olive green turtle, but it was obvious to Splinter that his mind was elsewhere. He had been like this quite a lot, and it worried the old rat. Usually toddlers he had seen where like the other two terrapins, a lot more curious, emotional... yet this one was a lot more... quiet, to say the least. While the other two had been babbling gibberish for a while before they actually said any real words, the last son had kept quiet for a long time, then suddenly began speaking oddly well.

As the group of four turned a corner, he began thinking of something. The names he had been calling these turtles for some time... the olive green one, he was thinking of naming Donatello, the dark green, Raphael, and the third Leonardo. A little frown came to his face, as another name promptly came to mind, then fled before he could think of what it was. He shook it off then continued his musings on the one he called Leonardo.

Splinter paused in his walking to kneel and put his hand on the depressed-looking turtle's shoulder. "Leonardo... what is troubling you? You seem occupied with something..."

The most curious of his sons, Donatello, suddenly piped up at him, "What's 'octopied' mean?"

A smile came unbidden to Splinter's face. "That is, 'occupied', little one. It means your brother is busy thinking about something." He turned back to Leonardo and repeated the question.

"Nothing is wrong Master Splinter. I'm good," the basic green turtle insisted, but the look on his face betrayed him.

However, the rat decided that he would continue with his questions later, as Raphael and Donatello were beginning to yawn and rub their eyes. Instead, he straightened up. "Come, sons. We must find shelter." As he began walking again with the turtles following him faithfully, he realized what he had just done.

He had realized they were family.

They were his sons.

Still... something was... missing... Splinter smiled larger as he realized that Raphael had come up beside him and was half leaning on his grey furred side. I will pursue this later... for now is time for family...


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