The sun shone brightly in the sky, the rays falling down favourably on the people of Gaea. As if the Gods themselves understood the great task that lay ahead.

"Through realization of the Genesis Method, we can test the theory of the legends. If all we have experienced thus far is true, Dana, then you should be able to bring someone back with you to the Mystic Moon." Samantha explained.

Scully's eyes widened. "Really?"

"Yes. This is what the Emperor sought for all these years. But what he failed to realize is that the One from the Mystic Moon must have a strong connection with their Traveler. Otherwise the result will be catastrophic."

Mulder looked down at the ground momentarily. "I will go with you, Scully. Please…take me to the Mystic Moon."

After all they had been through, how could Scully say no?

"It is time for us to leave this place." Scully said. Her time, her reason for travelling to Gaea was over and done with now.

"Are you certain, Dana?" Princess Millerna asked, her lower lip jutting out in a pout. The two had grown close through the rebuilding process of Gaea, working together as doctors in the sick bay.

Scully gave her a rueful smile. "I am."

"You will be greatly missed." Celena said softly. Her brother stood at her side and gave a bow of reverence.

Scully smiled. "You promised you would bring me home, gallant Knight of Caeli, and it will be done."

Allen shook his head. "It is I who should be thanking you, fair lady of the Mystic Moon. You have given me much more than I could ever repay."

Van gave Mulder and Scully a nod. "Fanelia will welcome you with open arms if you are ever to return."

Scully dreamed of a day when Fanelia would be built up once more, its people living happily and peacefully, no longer needing to fear an unseen enemy.

"I look forward to it."

Merle waved pleasantly, still clinging to Van's arm. "Bring me back something nice and shiny from the Mystic Moon when you get the chance!"

Mulder looked at his sister, his fully grown little sister. The thought of having to lose her pained his heart. "Samantha…" Mulder beckoned. He had just gotten her back and now they were to be separated again.

"I will be fine." She assured him. "Only one person can travel to the Mystic Moon at a time. And besides…" Samantha clasped Celena's hand. "…I think that I am needed here for a little bit longer."

Mulder held Samantha in his tight embrace, allowing her strength to wash over him. "Stay safe, Sam."

Scully let her shoulders fall with a sigh. "It's time."

She took Mulder's hand in her own. A perfect fit.

"Promise to take as good care of me as I did of you." Mulder joked.

Scully leaned over and kissed his cheek silently in reply.

Mulder blinked back his confusion, blushing furiously.

Merle rolled her eyes. "I never thought I would see the day when the kitsune turned into a ladies' man."

Allen cleared his throat, hoping to ease Mulder's embarrassment.

A blinding light flashed through the air and a pillar of radiance rose to the sky. Scully felt lightweight, her feet rising off of the ground. She looked over at Mulder and saw that he too was floating right beside her. They were miles off of the ground, Gaea seeming farther and farther away.

She saw the Lone Gunmen in the distance in a heated discussion with Naria and Eriya. Something about new legends to discover and old ones to discard. It brought a smile to her face. She would miss Gaea and its people. In her heart of hearts she was not certain if she would ever be able to return.

"Ready?" Mulder asked, gripping her tighter.

But whatever lay ahead for them, she now had the strength of her beliefs. And his.

Scully knew they would make it through.


The Escaflowne's drag-energist caught Van's eye. The pink light momentarily flickered, as if the movement from Gaea to the Mystic Moon had caused some sort of instability.

"Will the Escaflowne be alright?"

Samantha considered for a moment. "I recall that there is a caveat to the Genesis Method. Mulder has left this world as a Traveler, but there must be balance in the two worlds. Someone has already taken his place."

"How do you know?" Allen asked.

"Because the Escaflowne lives."

In the middle of a large barren field in Fanelia, the trees swayed in tune with the changing winds. Stilled by the expectations of a new tomorrow, the restoration of balance.

A short-haired brunette awoke slowly, a rose-coloured pendant hanging gently around her neck. She took in her surroundings. She knew for certain that she was no longer on Earth.

Hitomi gave a small smile.