Bella's Poem

(When Edward has left in New Moon)

A/N: Hello, this is a poem I wrote when sudden inspiration struck. I hope you like it, R&R. Oh and the only reason there are so many lines is because otherwise it all runs together.

When my world seems to end,

there is nothing I can do.

Just hold on tight and hope,

that I will make it through.

The sun shines on my face,

yet I know its not enough.

It can not combat the eclipse,

but still I must be tough.

Sun and wind make no difference,

darkness is what I seek.

Anything that reminds me of him,

makes my resolve go weak.

The next day comes, I want to smile,

but still the hole gapes wide.

Nothing will fill it, nothing at all,

I can not choose which side.

Things will happen,

which I can't stop.

Yet still I push onwards,

but, to what?

I yearn for your touch.

I yearn for your love.

You keep me constrained,

not as free as a dove.

Its for the best,

that's what you say.

But I know better,

there is another way.

You refuse,

but I persist.

Without you,

I may as well not exist.

You are the eclipse,

the one that stole my heart.

There is only one other,

but can barely play your part.

He may be good.

He may be like light.

But not the one I want,

for me he is not right.

If this is what you want,

you give me no choice.

I go looking for danger,

just to hear your voice.

When you speak to me,

I feel some bliss.

I want you back,

it's you that I miss.