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Anyway, this is just a preview so…who knows…it might not even work out like I want it to.

This came from a song as most of my stuff does.

Summary: AU (Jommy) - The morning after a meaningless hook up, a song is written. That song started a battle and instead of using it to their advantage, they fought it - and each other. But how long can you fight something or someone - before you finally give in?

Inspiration: Song – "High Hopes In Velvet Ropes" by The Cab. Check them out!

Disclaimer: This stands for the entire fic – I don't own the songs that I'm using. I don't own anything related to Instant Star. I don't anything alcohol or club-related. I don't own anything music-related. I will, however, own a couple characters that you will see some time soon. Other than that…if I don't say it's mine – it most likely isn't (even if I wish it was). :D

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High Hopes In Velvet Ropes



So what? He hadn't been out prowling the scene in a few months. Nothing was wrong with him. He just wasn't in the mood.

When that thought passed through his head, he knew. Something was wrong.

This is what her night had come to: talking to herself.

Something was wrong.

Instantly, a woman ran up to him, throwing her arms around him. He was caught off guard and stood there for a second, trying to process what had happened.

"Just follow my lead," the woman whispered into his ear.

As if his work life wasn't bad enough, his personal life was hell.

While he usually relished in the subsequent appearances in the tabloids after his late night rendezvous, one night in particular made it all go downhill.

"I could have shown you a good time," he whispered next to her ear.

Jude froze, her breath shortening on its own accord.

He bent down and placed a light kiss on her cheek. Before standing up again, he whispered, "I love a woman in charge."

Jude rolled her eyes. "I don't need sex."