Chapter 3: Accidents?

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It was about August, so the weather was a little cold.

The crime rate in Jump City was really low these few days, so the Titans had space to relax. Everyone was in his or her civilian clothes.


"Okay, ya'll! What should we do now?" Cyborg asked the whole team of titans. He was in a grey hoodie. "Well, sometimes I wish there were bad guys to fight." After that, the titans decided what they would do. Speedy, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Mas and Menos would play GameStation while the rest would play Go Fish. Whoever got last in GameStation needed to wash the dishes and whoever won in Go Fish needed to treat everyone to lunch.


"Uh, Bumblebee, any fours?" Robin asked. Robin was in a white t-shirt and jeans.

Bumblebee shook her head in disappointment and threw two fours to Robin. She was wearing a plain sky blue spaghetti strap top with a black skirt down to her kneecaps plus her hair was untied.

Robin smirked. "Okay, Star, any twos?" "I do not have any twos, so you will have to go fish, yes?" Robin drew a card, sighed and replied, "Uh huh…" Starfire smiled in glee. Starfire wore a pink top with a yellow star design on it, and a white skirt down to her mid-thigh. "Friend Raven, do you have any of the sixes?" "Go Fish, Starfire." Raven answered and Starfire drew a card. Raven was wearing a white shoulder-less top that came down to her mid-thigh with a black-coloured belt and light blue jeans.

Raven dropped a card by accident and she bent down to retrieve it back. Aqualad, who was beside her, noticed and helped Raven get the card. He touched her hand by accident and a blush crept onto their faces. (A/N: By the way, Aqualad is in a dark blue t-shirt and jeans.) "Uh, thanks…" Raven said to Aqualad after they resumed their sitting position. Aqualad smirked and nodded.

Robin saw and furrowed his eyebrows but no one noticed.


"Yo, Beast Boy got last in the game!" Cyborg exclaimed. Beast Boy sulked. "Alright alright, I'll do the dishes…" Beast Boy wore a green and purple turtleneck sweater and long cargo pants. "Oh, pero usted tiene que lavar los platos para una semana entera! ¿Puede usted hacerlo, señor Beast Boy?" Mas y Menos asked. (A/N: Roughly means: "Oh, but you must wash the plates for one whole week! Can you do it, Mr. Beast Boy?" Might not be accurate! And Mas y Menos are still wearing the same clothes, no particular reason.)

"Of course I can! I can even handle ten dozens of dishes!" Beast Boy declared. "So who's paying for the pizza?" Speedy asked. He was in a number 7 football jerseyand dark blue jeans. "Friend Bumblebee will have to treat all of us to lunch later!" Starfire said while floating in mid-air. "I can pay, but better not dig a hole in my wallet!" Bumblebee warned. "Oh, don't worry, Bee. We will!" Cyborg replied. Everyone laughed.

"Hey, it's about 11, I'll order the pizza!" Bumblebee said and she picked up the phone. "Vegetarians over here!" Beast Boy called out to her and pointed to him and Aqualad. Bumblebee laughed. "I know, don't worry!"

"How many pizzas are you ordering?" Raven asked. "Well, it'll be one for BB and Aqualad, 2 more pizzas for the 8 of us, or do we need more?" "Of course we need more." Robin said when he approached Bumblebee. He sat down beside Raven. "You know how much Cy eats."

Bumblebee grinned. "Okay, 3 pizzas should be enough. I hope."


"Okay, that was full." Cyborg commented.

The pizzas were really filling and everyone was full. The guys went to play basketball outside while the girls stayed indoors.

"Friend Bumblebee, when was the last time you went to the mall of shopping? It has been ages since I have been there!" "I've been to the mall at least 2 weeks ago. Boy, the following weeks were busy." Starfire looked around. "Where is friend Raven?" she asked. "She must be somewhere in her room. She does love to read." Bumblebee stated. "Let's go find her."


"To the mall? Um, that might not be my type…"

"Alright, if you do not wish to partake in the shopping, let us stay here then." Starfire said after Raven rejected her offer to go shopping. "Maybe we'll check on the guys. They're at the basketball court, right?" Bumblebee asked. Starfire and Raven nodded.


"Speedy, over here!" Robin yelled. Speedy threw the ball to him. Robin was headed for his opponents' hoop. Cyborg and Aqualad appeared infront of him. "Oh, no you don't!" Cyborg called and snatched the ball away from Robin. "Aqualad! Catch!"

The ball was being thrown to Aqualad. He started dribbling and making his way towards the other hoop. Once near enough, he hurled the ball towards the hoop but Beast Boy was in the way and he deflected the ball, causing it to fly in the other direction. The guys watched in shock as the ball hit Raven in the stomach. Raven fell to the ground.

"Raven! You okay?" Robin asked in panic when he approached Raven. "Yeah, I'm fine…"

Everyone gathered. Aqualad extended his hand. "Come on." Raven smirked and took his hand to get up. Robin and Aqualad exchanged glares while no one was noticing. "Uh, sorry." Beast Boy apologized. Raven gave him a nod. "Whoa, girl, that was a nasty knock! You shaken?" Bumblebee asked. "Nah. Really, I'm fine." Raven replied and smiled.


"Boy, it's really late, we should get to bed."

"Okay. You use the bathroom first." Raven said. Aqualad smirked and went into the bathroom. Raven sat down on her bed and wondered how she was going to assure Robin that she only loved him. (Okay, not exactly true sooner or later.) She sighed and glanced at the closed bathroom door.

A while later, the door flung open. "Okay, your turn." Raven smiled and he returned it. Once in the bathroom, she got hold of her toothbrush. She stopped and looked at her reflection in the mirror. Her mind drifted to a thought, Aqualad, is he only just a friend, and nothing more? There's this feeling, this unique feeling Raven has for Aqualad. Does it mean…?

"No… I can't…" Raven whispered to herself. She hastily turned on the tap and washed her face. "Raven, you've got to think straight." She told herself and sighed.


Raven got out from the bathroom and climbed onto her bed. "Oh, when did I allow him to sleep on my bed?" she muttered when she saw Aqualad fast asleep. It would seem kind of rude to wake him up, so Raven left him be.

She got under the blankets and turned to the other side so that she won't be facing Aqualad. If she was facing him, she'd feel really embarrassed. Raven shut her eyes and tried to sleep but suddenly, she felt an arm on her waist. Her eyes widened. Aqualad was really close to her. Raven could have sworn she saw Aqualad smirk but it was too dark to see. She cursed under her breath.

Before long, Raven fell asleep but she was tossing and turning in the night and she ended up facing Aqualad.


Raven shifted herself but realised that she and Aqualad were locked in an embrace of some sort. She felt irritated yet embarrassed and shook him awake. "Aqualad?"

"Hmm? Uh, it's kinda early now, and I'm not a morning person…" Aqualad mumbled. Raven bit her lower lip and forced the Atlantean to wake up. "Okay, okay… I'm up… What?"

"Well, I'm just asking why did you get all cuddly and stuff?"

"Cuddly?" he asked half-innocently. "Hold on, why's your face so red?" She turned away a bit. "A... Are you blushing?" Aqualad asked while frantically trying to get a good look at Raven's face to confirm whether she is blushing or not. Raven turned to the opposite side. Aqualad then held her face in his hands, making Raven blush further. "Yeah, you're blushing."

Raven grinned a little and playfully pushed him away and rushed to the bathroom, locking the bathroom door behind her, thus preventing Aqualad from catching her. "Hey! That's cheating!" Aqualad yelled and he heard her laugh from inside the bathroom. Unaware to the two of them, Robin saw the whole process and he clenched his fists. In jealousy, of course.


"Raven? Can I talk to you for a sec?"

"Uh-huh, what is it?"

"Um, I sorta passed by your room… Your door was slightly opened and I happened to see uh, you and Aqualad, on your bed… And..." "Robin, it was an accident. Really." Raven lied through her teeth. She didn't want Robin to be upset over the fact that they were so close.

Robin corked an eyebrow. "Positive?" "Positive." Raven replied. "Trust me. I didn't know why and how it turned out like that." she shrugged. "Well, I have to go and help Starfire and Bumblebee with the cooking now, sorry." She left after she gave Robin a kiss on the cheek. He watched her leave.

"She's lying... But why?" Robin thought to himself.

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Sneak Peek (Chapter 4):

Raven suppressed her anger by clenching her fists. "Robin, why have you become so sensitive?" she asked. "This isn't the Robin I know." She hesitates for a moment. "We… We're only friends."

"Friends? Do friends share a bed? Do friends share a kiss? Right…" Robin said as he turned away with his arms across his chest. He sighed. "We can't keep quarrelling over this anymore…"

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