Garbage Barges were probably one of the dirtiest (And dangerous) places to do a little scavenging, but since the Condor had landed almost by fate next to it Radarr had decided to do a little hunting for some 'Buried Treasure'.

Already he had collected the used remains of a Firebolt Crystal, a telescopic sniper sight and a small cluster of nuts and bolts of various sizes. He grunted unhappily at the lack of useful materials, usually Garbage Barges had many interesting things : Maps, Weapons and in some cases intelligence, there was nothing on this particular Barge. But as Radarr slowly crawled over to the opening of the Barge he lifted his ear, a clunk suddenly sounded from his left. Stopping and turning the little creature looked to his left. What he saw almost took his breath away.

A Metal.

Staring at it he wondered what kind of metal it was as he could feel the heat it was emitting flush his fur and he wiped away the sweat from his forehead. Although hot Radarr was not fascinated by its thermal properties but rather by the dull blue glow that it was radiating. It seemed almost unearthly : A lump of Metal giving off a load of heat and light, strange. Yet it was also just what Radarr was looking for. Beautiful in appearance and probably expensive in value he eagerly crawled over to prize it out of the Rubbish.

Placing his paws onto the Metal Radarr let out a startled cry as he saw that the metal had burned the fur on his paws. Snorting in disgust he decided to use the bag he was carrying to remove the Metal. Carefully emptying the Bag and slowly wrapping it around the Metal he quickly prized it out of the ground. Looking at the soft glow from the bag he admired the soft blue that emitted, it provoked a curiosity to Radarr almost one of hidden realms. But before he could ponder his capture he saw the Condor's landing gear retract, frantically Radarr jumped to his feet and scurried over to the Condor before the door closed, not knowing that the door had literally sealed there fate.

Quickly entering the Bridge Radarr walked over to the table slowly. The heat from the Metal was certainly noticeable and yet uncomfortable. Aerrow spotted his little furry friend carrying the blue light in his bag, it was hard to allow curiosity slip away from his mind.

'Hey Radarr, What's that you've got in the Bag?' He said throwing a Smile at Radarr.

Radarr wiped his forehead and jumped up onto the table, slowly he took his bag of his back and emptied its contents. A small metal bar rolled out shoving a blinding heat into the eyes of the Storm Hawks, Finn ducked behind the Bridge's Table but popped his head up fascinated by the Blue Glow.

'What is that?' Said Piper, 'It hardly seems to be metal, maybe its crystal?'

Radarr shook his head and poked the Rod with a small metal stick that he found.

Junko scratched his head and slowly went to poke the rod with his big fingers.

'Yyeowchh!' He yelled as the heat from the rod burnt his fingers. He retracted back rubbing his hand. Aerrow stared at the rod with a look of distaste.

'Maybe we should keep it locked up, nice to look at but I think that it could be potentially harmful' He motioned towards Junko who was still rubbing his hand. 'Piper, do you have a spare box that we can store it in?' Piper nodded 'I have a few old crystal boxes, they should be able to contain its heat, along with anything else that it could be carrying'.

Piper walked to her lab followed by Aerrow, Radarr was also slightly suspicious of the Rod's effects, but his thoughts were interrupted as Junko sneezed heavily, Junko wiped his nose 'Oh, I must be coming down with a cold or something' He sneezed again, 'Yeah Right' thought Radarr 'it's the middle of the Sunny Season'. Piper and Aerrow returned with a Box and Piper's handling pliers. 'Careful' said Aerrow as Piper picked up the rod with the pliers and slowly placed it into the box, shutting the lid firmly she picked it up. 'Um…maybe we should store it in Stork's room, I mean his is most secure.'

Stork lifted an eyebrow, all this time he had been piloting the Condor and had not taken any notice of the mysterious metallic rod but hearing Junko's yell and the suggestion of it being stored in his room yielded his objections. 'Um…maybe I should remind you that certain heat emitting objects often carry a variety of infectious diseases? Wasteland Worms, Borxan Fever, Gamma Proxius and Tritonium Poisoning'

The Storm Hawks stared at Stork in disbelief, Stork shrugged. 'Alright we'll keep it in my room' sighed Piper. Stork drew a breath of relief and walked off to inspect the instruments of the Condor. Piper walked off to place the Box in her room, Junko sneezed again, 'Doesn't the big lug ever get better?' though Radarr. Finn held out a tissue to Junko 'Uh, I think you need an early night Big J, eh?' Junko nodded and they both plodded off to there cabins. Radarr sniffed the air, there was something that was floating around in it, flickering his lips Radarr tasted a slightly subtle sourness from the Air. He ignored it and walked off to Aerrow's room for some sleep, 'Maybe there's more to the Rod than meets the eye?' He thought again.