Alright, this is a fast fan fiction I am doing of Ryuusei no Rockman, a review is always appreciated. It will be from Luna's thoughts for the most part. So without further ado, the story shall commence.



Here we are, all of us walking to school, just like we do everyday now. Subaru really has come along way since we first started trying to bring him to school. Even farther since that whole incident with the continent of Mu.

Gunta starts horsing around with Subaru, getting him in a headlock, while Kizamaro and Tsukasa yell at bud to let go of him, War Rock, Misora and Harp just laugh at them while they continue to mess around.

It is really amazing how far Utagai has come with his EM-wave materialization technology. We can all now see EM forms without the help of scanners, it's almost like the EM-beings have always been here now, living side by side with humans. Luna looks to her right, right at Ophiuchus, who is grinning at the shenanigans of the boys. It's also really amazing how King Kefeuse was able to resurrect all of his soldiers that were loyal to him, unlike Jemini. They really aren't all that bad, when they aren't trying to take over the world at least.

Gunta and Subaru stop messing around and continue walking to school. Misora quickly, while no one but Luna is looking goes leans over to Subaru and whispers something in his ear. As soon as she is done, he looks at her with a look of shock, and she just smiles.

Now what is she doing? Isn't it enough for her to be able to help him all the time when there is trouble? Now they have secrets to? At this rate I will never get to be with him. She comes out of her funk, realizing what she just thought? Why would I want to be with Subaru? He might be Rockman, but that doesn't mean I love him because he is, does it? Why couldn't he have kept it a secret, I mean, it was so much easier when my figure of aspiration was just a person that helped others, someone who I had no personal attachments to. Now, I know the person I have loved since I first met him, turns out to be someone I go to school with everyday.

They keep walking, Subaru starting to fall towards the back of the group near Luna. She doesn't notice though because of her inner sees him dropping back and decides to speed up a bit to let them talk alone.

Why can't it just be easy? With him liking me like I like him. Then we would all win. Oh who am I kidding? He could easily go out with Misora if he wanted to, why would he ever want to go out with me?

Subaru taps Luna on the shoulder, after having tried to get her attention several times already. "Hey, Luna, wanna go grab something to eat after school today?"

Is he talking to me?

"So what do you say Luna?"

Oh my god, he is, quick, respond before he takes it back. "Yes, I would love to."

"Okay, well, lets go, everyone is ahead of us. We kind of lagged behind, come on, race you."

So maybe he does like me. I can only hope so. Luna is now blushing fairly bright, feeling both flattered and happy. Subaru then speeds up a little, into a jog, getting ahead of her quickly. She comes out of her funk to scream, "Hey, no fair, I wasn't ready!" She then runs to try and catch up. They run, catching up to the others. I just can't wait till after school now.

Subaru is now up with the others when Misora leans over and asks, "So, how did it go?"

Subaru looks over with a blush, "You were right, she would say yes if I asked.

Misora smiles and puts her hands behind her head, leaning her head back into her hands while still walking. Looks like I was right, they are just perfect for each other, well, all I can do now is watch and see what happens.