The Outsider of the Outsiders

By: Peyton Goodwin

Chapter 1

The rain started to lighten up after the big rainstorm that night. I opened my eyes and looked at the clock 9:50a.m. Sighing I sat up in my bed and stretched my arms back. I jumped off the bed and ran down stairs to start making breakfast for mom, dad and I. When I was finished setting the table I looked at the clock 10:30. Um that was weird mom and dad were always up before 10 and never slept past that and I mean never.

I started to worry as I made my way to their bedroom. My breath slowed as I pushed the door open to find an empty bed. Where were they? I ran to the window to see that dads car was gone. Was today Saturday? O no what if it was Friday and they went to work and I missed the bus! I started to panic and I ran to my room and looked at the calendar looking for the 1 and 2. Wednesday…Thursday…10…..Friday…11….12…Saturday.

"Strange" I murmured under my breath. I grabbed my cell phone on the dresser and called my mom's cell. (Pretend cell phones were invented in 1960's instead of the 1970's) A few seconds later I could hear a sound that sounded like salsa music. I hung up and dialed my dad's number since I didn't hear any music I smiled thanking god that my dad hadn't left his phone at home. On the 4th ring a man who's voice I couldn't recognize answered the…


"Hi this is Chrissy Curtis and I was wondering if my dad was around so I can talk to him because he wasn't here this morning when I woke up and neither was my mom-" The man cut me off before I could continue.

"Miss. did you say that your dad owns this phone?"

"Yes I am positive why are you asking and who are you?"

"I am Officer Mack and last night the man who owned this phone and his wife died in a car crash at impact."

I started laughing this must be a joke, "Your joking?"

"No ma'ma I'm not. I'm sorry to be the one to inform you."

The phone dropped out of my hand and fell to the floor and I just stood there shocked my whole body was shaking. I could hear the officer calling my name on the other end of the phone. But I couldn't bring myself to except the fact that my parents were dead it just couldn't be. My knees hit the floor as I didn't have the strength to stand on my own any more. The officer on the other end was frantic telling some other guy to trace the call since he didn't know where I lived.

In my mind I saw a picture of my dad's curly reddish-brownish locks his blue eyes that where as bright as the sun itself. The way he would smile when my mom laughed or when I would giggle at the books I read while he watched television in the front room. The way he liked to show off in front of my mom whenever he could. The way his face would turned as red as a tomato when I had done something wrong. And they way he would comfort me when I was sad. Those images went through my mind like a slide show.

I forced myself to be strong and not cry as the images of my mother started to come in. She would always try to drive my dad crazy by making him late to his party, taking as long as she could to get ready. She would always give me the greatest advice ever and I would use it all the time. She would always smile no matter how difficult a situation was and now matter how hard she was crying she would always have this little grin on her face.

Her brown hair blew in the wind as she watched me and my dad playing under this big oak tree in the backyard. I was only 5 in that memory now I was 14 and I still had my whole life ahead of me and my parents would never get to see how I grew or what I would become. They would never see me at my wedding or they would never see my kids, they would never be grandparents. A small tear escaped my eye as I stepped back in to reality.

I quickly wiped it away and tried my hardest not to cry because after my grandma on my mom's side died I cried a whole month and I wasn't about to go through that again. The rain started pouring really hard now and the house was darker, lonelier, scarier, isolated. I was deserted, abandoned, and alone; my grandma was my last living relative I knew about. I heard sirens in the distance as the noise became louder and more deafening.

The cold, icy air surrounded my whole being making me lifeless, motionless as the front door down stairs was busted open. I drowned out the echoing of the officer's voices calling out my name. I pulled my legs into my body and moved to the farthest corner in my room and covered myself up with a blanket hoping they wouldn't find me. I didn't want to leave my house my only last thing left of the family I once had.

The man's voice from the phone earlier entered the room followed by another man. I looked through the tiny holes in my knitted blanket. The man from the phone was carrying a flashlight with him and had it turned on. He ran it along the west side of my room looking for me I guess. He and his partner slowly entered the room walking to my dresser on the left of me.

The other man grabbed a picture of me and my parents and smiled. "Cute kid." He said. The phone-man nodded looking over his shoulder at the picture. "It's a shame that things like this happen to the nicest people." He said letting out a sigh. I saw the light go across the wall beside me I closed my eyes as the light advanced my way. I felt it go past me and disappear but then it was right back on me again.

I heard the boots hit the floor drawing nearer to me. I felt the blanket leave my body and I just shut my eyes tighter and held on to my legs with all my might. "Hi Chrissy, I am Officer Mack from the phone earlier this morning and we would like you to come with us." He said holding his hand out to me. He seemed nice, he had a round face with brown eyes and he had grayish brownish hair.

I smiled and took his hand as his partner yelled out to the other 4 cops searching the house for me. Officer Mack helped me up and I followed him through the house out to the lawn where all my neighbors were in the street trying to get information about what was going on.

Nosey little gossipers but I can't be to mad, everyone always wants to know what's happening and always wants to be in the loop, not wanting to be left out of a secret. Even though I like being different I still have moments where I am a nosey little gossiper.

Officer Mack opened the car door for me and drove me to the police station. The whole ride was silent all I could hear was the alerting noise of the sirens that refused to let me go to sleep and make this be a dream for the next hour or two but sleep wouldn't come, I was alone.

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