Chapter 5

The next morning I woke up in between Sodapop and Ponyboy. They were snoring so hard I don't know how I slept through the night with all the noise. I looked at the clock it read 9:17 in big red letters. I yawned as I tried to maneuver my way around my 2 sleeping cousins without waking them up.

It took me at least 5 minutes to get off the bed and it was a close call when I moved Ponyboy's hand and he moved it up hitting Soda in the face. Soda had made this weird noise when he got hit because he was snoring at the moment he was hit. It was kinda like a Oww mixed with a pig snorting.

I crept down the stairs to find Johnny sound asleep on the couch. I slowly and quietly walked over to see if he was awake. When I looked he was dead as a door nail and had a little bit of slobber on the side of his mouth. I tried to stifle my laugh so not to wake him up.

I was about to turn around and head to the kitchen when I saw a purplish-grayish mark on the side of his arm. You could only see the edge of it because the sleeve of his shirt was covering it up. I reached down and lifted up his sleeve to make sure I wasn't just seeing things. When I relooked I saw the biggest bruise on his arm and as I examined it I could start to see the other mark on his arm.

There was a burn the size of a cigar on inside of his arm, a small cut on the palm of his hand, and a big scar starting to heal on the right side of his eye that you could only see by being real close to his face. I gasped at the sight of all this which made Johnny grabbed my wrist thinking I was going to hurt him and his eyes shot open.

He started at me for a minute before he gradually released the hold on my hand. "Sorry" He muttered turning back over on his side facing the television. I just stood there stunned at what I saw; Johnny had either gotten in a major fight or was getting abused by his parents. And from the way he acted towards me showed it all he was definitely being abused by his parents. The way he just sat there not knowing what to say to me when I had seen the marks, the way he grabbed my arm when he woke up, and the look in his eyes reminded me of Janie .

Janie was my best friend in the 2nd grade. She had just moved to Texas a few days before the school year started in the house across from my house. She stayed to herself and tried not to talk when she didn't have to for the first 2 months school. When I got assigned to sit next to her in class I started to talk to her and we became close friends. Then she kept wearing the same long sleeved sweater everyday to school even when it was hot outside. I could always tell how panicky she was and the way her eyes looked, kinda sad but secretive.

I wish I would have just realized what the look in her eyes meant. Because the next day she didn't show up for school actually she didn't even show up all week. So that weekend I went over to her house and learned that she just lived with her dad. He was the scariest person I ever met; he was taller than Darry and a lot meaner looking than Dally. He had told me that she was asleep in her room.

When I went to wake her up she didn't move and when I moved the blanket I saw all the blood over her face and sheets. I remember screaming and running back home, my dad had called the cops and they told us that she had been dead for at least a week and her dad just didn't know because he was too drunk to notice that she never left her room.

That was another one of those times that I had cried for who knows how long and I had even promised myself that next time I came face to face with another kid like that that I would make sure they wouldn't die like Janie had. Johnny was not going to die from his father if I had anything to say about it.

I walked into the kitchen and a note on the counter from Darry saying he would be back later to night and not to go anywhere alone. I opened the fridge and got out the eggs, bacon and cheese. It took me a couple of minutes to find the frying pan but eventually I did in one of the cabinets.

I started making omelets for the boys when I heard the back door open and started hearing the loud mouths of Two-Bit and Dally. "Hey you two want some omelets?" I yelled to the boys entering the house, I figured with their loud mouths all the other boys had already woken up so it didn't matter if I yelled or not. Dally came in with a big goofy grin on his face and hopped up on the counter next to me. "Ya I'd like one," He answered me.

I nodded to him as I cracked another egg to let him know I heard him. "So… what are you doing tonight?" He asked me as I went to flip the omelet with the spatula. "Not interested," I said putting a burnt omelet on a plate and shoving it at him. He laughed as I plopped another omelet on a plate and went and handed it to Johnny who was just starting to reawaken. "Thank, Chrissy," he said rubbing his right eye.

I smiled returning his thanks. I had almost made it into the kitchen when a big crash from upstairs made me and everyone else look up. "What was that?" I asked but before anyone could answer I saw Ponyboy and Soda tumble out of the bedroom wrestling each other. Did those boys ever stop, I thought. The boys just ignored them and continued watching the TV. I heard Dally make a bet with Steve on who was going to win as I headed up the stairs.

I didn't even make it all the way up when Soda and Pony came to close to the edge of the stairs and went rolling down them. I went to dodge them but was too late and I began falling down the staircase. I even did a few backwards summersaults and ran into the wall with a huge thud. Everyone came and surrounded me as I looked up at them.

"Are you ok, Chrissy?" Soda asked me concerned, kneeling down next to me. I laughed and answered, "That was fun; can we do that again?" The all started cracking up as Johnny and Soda helped me up.

Later that afternoon me and some of the gang went to the Dingo to go get some burgers. We sat down at one of the booths and waited for our waitress. While we waited for the waitress a group of 4 boys came in the restaurant. They were all wearing letterman sweaters and their hair wasn't greased like all my friends hair was instead it was just combed back. "There some socs if I'd ever seen one," Two-bit said glaring at the group of boys that had just walked in.

Our waitress came up to the table and as she was taking our orders I dared a glance at the group of boys at the opposite end of the room. Then one caught my eye he had blue eyes with brown hair, he was pretty muscular but not as much as Darry and he looked just like he had 2 years ago. The boy looked my way and he smiled at me he then looked at who I was sitting with and mouthed 'New?' I nodded my head yes

. I saw him laugh a little and replied 'You a Greaser?' But before I could answer him the waitress called my name, "Miss, Miss what would you like to order?" "Uh…a burger please," I said a little side-tracked. "To drink?" she said writing down the order on the notepad. "Water," I said coolly.

Pony and Johnny started talking about the movie they had gone to see the other day while the other boys continued their game of looks. The whole point of the game was to get a girl to look at you for more than 15 seconds and if they did you got a point. I thought it was the stupidest thing ever and just tried to ignore them as they would shout how many points they had.

I turned back around and found the boy still staring at me. He pointed to me then himself and then the hallway where the bathrooms were. I did a slight nod as he left and then I excused myself from the table and made my way to the bathrooms. "Hi," I said walking up to him. He smiled, "I wouldn't have thought it was you if I wouldn't have seen that smile of yours." I laughed, "So when you moved in with your brothers you came here."

"Ya I came here but I live on the West side not the East" He said shaking his head a little when he said east. I took offence to the way he said east like it was a disease or something. "And what's wrong with the East side?" I asked him trying to control my temper. "Look Chrissy the thing is that the East side is a total mess, the gangs there are rough, the houses are look like shit and all the girls there are trashy," He told me like it was obvious.

I tried not to look at hurt by his words, "Well you know what?" I poked him in the chest backing him up to the wall as I yelled to him, "Those so rough gang members are my cousin and friends, one of those Oh so crappie house is where I live now and I am not trashy." With that I stormed off back to the table but before I got there he grabbed me by the arm and pulled me back, "Chrissy wait!" "What?" I barked in his face.

"I didn't mean-"I cut him off before he could finish, "You didn't mean what you said, ya right I saw your face you meant every word just leave me alone." I yanked my hand away and walked back to the booth where all the boys were eating their food. "Hey we were starting to think you got stuck in the toilet," Two-bit said making them all laugh their heads off. "Ha-Ha, very funny Two-bit," I said sarcastically. He grinned as I took a bite of my burger.

When we left the Dingo I looked one last time at the socs and I saw Witten mouth, "Sorry." With that I went chasing after the group of boys that were all way ahead of me.

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