Ghost of Amity

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(Rated M for Cursing and Graphic scene and violence. maybe some lemon later on)



Chapter 1 - Blood for Blood

It should have been just an ordinary day for the young halfa, if you call fighting back the occasional ghost threats normal. As well as getting blasted at by his ghost hunting parents thatwant his other half dead while not knowing that the one they hunt so passionately is there own flesh and blood. All in a days work as they say.

But today it's just wasn't those days, as he barely dodged what looked like a thrust from a walking goats wielding two bloodied katars on each arm, that he really didn't want to know WHOSE blood was on it. Battered, bruised and cut, and many gashes adorned his quaking body. He soon found himself up near a couple of cliffs around the outskirts of Amity.

"No... " He gazed towards the burning city that was once his home. The far cries of slaughtered innocents ended only moments ago, and this struck something in the mind of the halfa. He inhales deeply, whilst his eyes turn crimson.

"Starting today...whether it takes a fuckin' ETERNITY!...I will have Vlads blood..." Danny managed to choke out before hes a swipe at his torso fails as he dodges away from the swipe, and goes straight down the cliff, soon he begins to drift after hitting his head and into cold somewhat comforting arms of unconsciousness that he feels that he doesn't deserve.

"jeez, I'm such an ass..."

Where his thoughts before the black consumed him.


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