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Chapter 4.

"Knight of two, Sasuke Uchiha "Clovis spoke, his eyes widening at the man coming out of the shadows. Why was he here?, does this mean he came to save him. Or to clean up his mess?.

"it's knight of two this time isn't it Sasuke?. First it was Sasuke-sama back then."he laughed "never in my life would I have to see you again" he hissed, still in a defensive stance.

Sasuke's clothes hadn't changed that much from before, a white tank top showing instead of his chest. On the back was the Britannia symbol. He wore sunglasses was well. He eyed Naruto, he had changed for the better. Not wearing those god forsaken jumpsuits that screamed "here I am, kill me", from when they were still genin. He wore all black this time. Not any orange with it, he saw Naruto still had his forehead protector, but around his neck this time, he had discarded his forehead protector where they would get their promise to each other.

"What about skill wise" he thought, he might have gotten rusty over the years after being sealed up. So he charged at him, faster than Naruto had expected. Sasuke cocked his arm back and made a fist. He tried to punch him. But he side stepped and attempted to do a roundhouse kick to his head. But he immediately dropped down and sweep kicked him. But Naruto seeing this managed to jump to dodge the sweep kick. Naruto back flipped, but with the limited space they had, he moved a little back, putting distance between him and Sasuke.

"How?... How could they move like that?. Not even the knightmare frames could move that fast." Clovis thought, clearly frightened by these two. Moving faster than what the physical body could handle

"Hn. Seems like your skills have gotten better dobe" Sasuke panted "your not even going all out in this FRIENDLY spar" he smirked. Putting emphasis on the word friendly.

"Kuso!... I need to get Clovis out of here" Naruto cursed "Sasuke just wants what we promised...can't he wait" Panting a little, he made a hand seal, and yelled out "Kage bunshin no jutsu!" four clones appeared. The four clones ran at Sasuke. While Naruto went and grabbed Clovis, Naruto dashed towards the Shinjuku Ghetto.

"Dobe, don't think of running, I know you, you think of an innocents safety first." he laughed. Already defeating the four clones of Naruto. "ku-ku-ku, the Shinjuku Ghetto? Why run there Naruto?. I know that area pretty well. You can't hide from me" Sasuke Maniacally laughed, still trailing Naruto.

(Clovis's imperial battle ship)

"change our codes, their intercepting out transmission" yelled out Bartly, looking at a huge radar in the middle of the room

"I did sir, I've changed them four times" yelled a britannian soldier.

the tide of the battle had changed, they began losing the battle. Because they had lost their knightmare frames to the enemy. The enemy leader was too good. Their numbers begun to drop down fast they needed some kind of miracle to win.

"this failure is unacceptable" Clovis yelled out, acting his part in the plan that was going into play.

"I'm sorry sire but-"Bartly was interrupted by someone with wearing a scientist suit, glasses and with purple hair, coming onto the huge screen ahead of them.

"good afternoon" the scientist smiled

"what is it? We're in the middle of a operation" Bartly growled as the scientist.

"I'd say it's time to deploy the AC special weapon-"

"We have no time for this right no-" Clovis was interrupted by an explosion. Clovis poof'd out of existence.

"R-2 fire acer, B-7 Use UN ordinates"

"N group you'll continue your advance" Lelouch commanded, that was until he heard an Explosion to his right. Looking towards it, a big fire ball was seen in the air.

"Katon: Goukakyuu no jutsu" shouted Sasuke, blowing out a huge fire ball into the air.

Naruto still in the air, looked back to see a fire ball heading towards him and Clovis. He cursed and created a kage bunshin. Naruto gave the shadow clone Clovis, then he went straight to the ball of fire. Making a rasengan he thrusted it to the ball, and it dispersed. Naruto gliding down onto a building, he panted. And looked at Sasuke landing on the other side of the building. They both dashed at each other.

"Sasuke!" yelled out Naruto

"Naruto!' Sasuke did the same.

Naruto tried to punch Sasuke but he dodged and Sweep legged him. Naruto fell down, seeing another leg come down. He rolled away, and got up, he dashed again. Making another rasengan, he thrusted it to Sasuke. Sasuke barely seeing Naruto move, he ducked and grabbed him by the arm and tossed him to the other direction, and into a building. The building didn't collapse, Naruto just went into the center of it. Right where Lelouch was hiding. Naruto got up and dusted himself.

"Damn Uchiha can't wait." he whispered to himself. He looked around to find a knightmare here, he dashed to it, thinking it was a enemy Lelouch panicking did the only thing he could think of. He spoke out loud. "stop!" Naruto stopped, he recognized that voice.

"Oi Brat! are you in there?" Naruto Sighed "and I was about to kill ya"

"it's Lelouch, and i'm not a brat." he mumbled, as he got out of the Knightmare.

"ahh, Lelouch it's been awhile." he grinned, he notice something off "where is that other brat you were with seven years ago?" he questioned.

"Suzaku? He's uhh—haven't seen him for awhile" Lelouch lied, eyeing the man he met soo long ago, well it wasn't that long. Naruto eyed Lelouch, he clearly tell he was lying.

He sensed something come his way "Kuso! Get out of here Lelouch!' he yelled out. Dodging a barrage of shurikens, and threw four kunais where he knew Sasuke was. A lot of metal clinging down was heard, Naruto dashed back out, and jumped onto another building. Seeing a blade extend to him he dodged. The blade went right past him, and into a knightmare, the knightmare pod escaped. The blade went back to Sasuke's grass cutter.

"Dobe, why won't you fight back? I know this is what you wanted also" Sasuke laughed. Holding onto his katana.

"Teme! I told you, when I am ready we will have our last battle." Naruto yelled out. Making a clone, Naruto dashed again to him, with his clone by his side. Sasuke grinned and proceeded in a set of hand seals, and he putted his hand in front. And dashed to Naruto,

Naruto didn't expect Sasuke to do the Chidori, and got behind his clone. Sasuke thrusted and hit the clone. The clone went poof and went to Naruto, Naruto cursed. He didn't have enough time to move, he wasn't thinking clearly. So he took the hit, the Chidori hit him in the Chest.

Blood dripping was heard, Sasuke's arm was through Naruto's chest, "Deja vu" Naruto thought. Wincing in pain.

Naruto grabbed Sasuke by the arm, and Head butted him. Knocking Sasuke out cold."teme! Your going have to wait some more" Naruto thought, while his vision was getting blurry, before Naruto fell unconscious he saw a red headed girl pull out Sasuke's arm and grab him...


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