Miley Stewart and her friends walked though the Mogwarts hallways. Not knowing it would be the last time the would walk through the hallways. While Harry Potter walked through Hogwarts still surprised that he had one sister Crystal. She was annoying. I guess know why Ron thought Ginny was annoying. At least she didn't hang around him, Ron, Hermione. Her friends were Ginny and Sam. He thought.

Hermione walked up to him. "Hey Harry."

"Hey. I still can't believe you knew that Crystal was my sister as soon as you saw her."

"It was thanks to Ron." Harry gave her a puzzled look. "Ron's mom got him a book about famous witches and wizards and you and your two sisters were in there. He gave it to me."


"Yup but they believe you were a twin and you only survived." Harry gave her another puzzled look. "The book was written a year ago. The news papers are saying that your twin is going to show up as you know whose partner." Harry laughed at the thought. So did Hermione. "I don't think your twin survived you know who." Harry nodded in agreement.

Miley was exited about going home. Oliver made a set back by doing incendio spell. His wand backfired because he held his wanted the wrong way. Now Her and Lilly had to sit and wait for Oliver's treatment. Lilly's dad waited with them. He picked them up from the train. Then Oliver got scared and did the spell. Luckily Mogwarts didn't exspell him.

"Jackson." Yelled Mr. Stewart. Jackson raced down. "Yaw dad."

"How was Hogwarts this year."

"Good I guess I only got two girls."

"You know that stain you left me."


"There it is." He said pointing to it. Jackson started to clean it. "Dad when are you going to tell Mile. That she adopted?"

"I was going to tell you at the same time but Oliver's wand backfired." Jackson nodded and started to clean again. Mile, Lilly, and Oliver busted in. "Hey." Yelled Mile hugging her dad.

"Oliver and Lilly I have to tell Mile something." "Dad can Oliver and Lilly please stay and have a sleepover?" Mile said with a puppy face. Mr. Stewart nodded. It took Mile a couple of days to get used to not being at school and her friends always spented two nights. "Okay bud. You are adopted." Miley froze. "WHAT?!"

The next few mouths Miley got used to the fact that she was adopted. She didn't want to know anything about her real family. She was digested whole her real family left her. Her dad, brother, and friends told her. "Maybe they didn't want to give you up." Still Miley talked about it. Her friends got annoyed when she talked about it. She talked about it nonstop how if she ever meets them she would kick their butts out of this world. Then her dad told her "Bud we're moving to London." Miley then turned into depressed mood. Luckily Miley's friends we're coming with her. Soon the timed arrived for them to go to Hogwarts. "I feel like a first year." Lilly whined as she read the letter.

"Yeah a first year with fourth year classes." Said Miley halfway mad and sad. Oliver simply nodded. Jackson looked at his letter. "I feel like a first year." He muttered.

"Same here." Called out Lilly. Soon they went into the car and drove away. They went to 9 and 10.