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A boy about the age of 15, entered the compartment of Hogwart's express, followed by a redhead boy. The boy was small for this age, had wild black hair, and a glasses on the tip of his nose. His name was Harry Potter, aka the boy who lived. You see Harry isn't any original boy he is famous for killing all power wizard, who had killed many brilliant people before him, as a baby. He had encounter the wizard, known as Voldemort, several times after he began to go to Hogwarts. The redhead, was his best friend. The redhead has light freckles across his nose and a rather a tall fellow, way taller then Harry.

"Where do you s'ppose Hermione is?" Ron asked, glancing at the window

"Dunno, she was just here with us a minute ago. Then she vanished."

Harry sat down slide down to the window, looking out to the big blob of people. Ron plopped on the opposite of Harry.

"Harry!" A loud but familiar bossy voice of Hermione Granger yelling. Her voice jolted the boys from their thought.

"Blimey, Hermione. You scared me." Ran exclaimed

"Harry! It's your sister?"

"Huh?" Harry said in a confused manner. "What are you talking about? I don't have a sister."

"Yes you do! Haven't you read The boy who lived bio!"

"No. Why would I read a bio on myself."

Hermione rolled her eyes. "Well in the book it mention you having a twin sister but it said she died. It showed a picture of you too"

"Then how are you sure it's her?" Ron asked, slightly annoyed

"Because," She huffed. "Who else would have a lighting scar on their neck?"

"Birth mark." Ron stated

"No it's no, it looked just like Harry's," Hermione said, raising her voice

Without Hermione and Ron noticing, Harry slipped out of the compartment as the two spatted comments at each other. As soon as he was out of earshot of Hermione and Ron, he slipped into a empty compartment. Harry always hated when Hermione and Ron started to fight, once they were off their was no stopping them. He wish they wouldn't fight, he always hope that maybe they won't do it anymore but it keeps going on and on. Then a quiet knocking interrupted Harry's thoughts. There were four people. A girl that had honey brown hair and sparkling blue eyes open the door.

"Hello," She said, her voice American. "May we sit here, everywhere else is full, well, except a fighting couple."

Harry chuckled slightly shaking his head. "They're not a couple, they're just friends who fight way too much."

"She's single!" said a voice from behind her. "Yee doggy."

"Jackson, shut up," said another girl with blonde hair and blue-gray eyes.

"So can we sit here?" The blue-eyed girl asked, politely

"Oh, yeah sure."

Four people jumbled in the small compartment. Harry learned, after talking with them, the shaky black haired on, who sat next to him, was Oliver Oken. The blue-gray eyed girl was Lilly and was also Oliver's girlfriend. Miley, the bright blue eyed girl, and Jackson, with shaky light brown hair and baby face, were brother and sister. That they were from California, America and they transfered to Hogwarts from Mogwarts, Hogwarts sister school. It was long while before Hermione and Ron joined the group.

"Hey, sexy fox," Jackson cooed to Hermione. "Where have you been all my life."

Hermione muttered something under her breath and blushed at Jackson's comment. Ron's balled up his hands as Miley laughed at Jackson's lame comment.

"That's her," Hermione said suddenly, forgetting Jackson's comment. "That's her, Harry."

"Harry? You been as Harry Potter?" Lilly asked, curiously

"No way," Jackson and Oliver both said

"Hermione? What do you mean?" Harry asked

"That's her, Harry, you're sister!" Hermione pointed to a small but similar scar on Miley's neck.

"Oh that. That's been their my whole life. My Daddy reckons it a birth mark."

"See," Ron said

"No," Hermione grabbed a book from her bag and flips through the pages. When she finally finds what she wants she points to a picture of Harry and his twin. "Is that you?"

Shock runs over Miley, along with all color.

"That's me," She said

"No it isn't," Jackson roughly grabs the book and his eyes bug out

Lilly and Oliver burst from their seats and looks at the picture.

"What?" They say in unison

Harry raises his eyebrows and shakes his head. He can't get his head to wrap around the fact that he may have a sister.

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