A bolt of lighting flashed across the sky and was quickly followed buy rumbles of thunder making Tania Davidson nearly jump out of her skin. She was running late to meet her friends at the university bar. She had got a text from Jodie and Greg to meet them with her boyfriend Mark Edwards. She had just finished her shower and she listened carefully she heard the rain starting to come down in sheets.

Beep! Beep! Her mobile phone went off indicating a text message had just been delivered. She took her mobile out her dressing gown and read the text.



She smiled as she dried herself off quickly and put her dressing gown on and ran downstairs. She suddenly sighed as she suddenly remembered that her house keys were in her bedroom in her jeans pocket.

"Mm blonde moment I guess" she said to herself as she picked the keys out of her pocket. She jumped again as another rumble of thunder roared over head. "I hate storms" she laughed as she ran downstairs again.

She sat in the lounge waiting for Mark to show up. She started to dry her hair with her hairdryer she had left in the lounge as suddenly the entire house was plunged into darkness. Tania jumped again and looked about.

"Damn it!" she cursed as she looked around and saw a candle on the dinning room table. She got a lighter from the table and lit the candle.

Beep! Beep! Her phone went off again.

Mark Mobile


As she heard three knocks on the door. She sighed she hoped that Mark would know what was going on with the power maybe it was just a fuse that had tripped out but she wasn't too sure on where the fuse box was in the house. She smiled as she walked to the door.

"Hi baby!" she exclaimed as she opened to door to no one!

There was no one at the door! She thought maybe Mark was playing a joke on her. She took a few steps out and looked around she couldn't see anyone.

"Mark where are you? This is not funny in the slightest you asshole!" she cried out as she turned back into the house feeling very alone. Was Mark just messing around with her? She went back into the house and slammed the door shut. She was angry at Mark. Her mobile phone went off again.

Mark's number flashed up on her screen.

"Mark that wasn't funny!" She shouted down the phone.

"Sorry sweetie what are you talking about I just getting to your front door!" replied Mark sounding hurt and confused again there where three knocks at the door.

"Oh babe what's happening here?" Tania asked sounding confused and scared as she reached for the door handle again.

"Ok babe I'm coming!" she exclaimed as she reached for the door handle she opened the door.

She gasped as standing in front of the door was Ghostface brandishing a hunter's knife. She screamed and slammed the door into Ghostface who groaned and staggered back. She looked at her phone a voice echoed out of it.

"Time to die bitch!" the voice seemed to come out of the darkness as well as she spun around and from the darkness Ghostface emerged. She screamed again and ran out of the lounge and through the front door. She tripped up on the wet grass and looked around there was on one there. She crawled along on the wet grass sobbing as she looked up Ghostface was standing over her. The knife plunged into her back ripping away bone and flesh. She was screaming and crying at the same time. She rolled onto the grassing looking up at Ghostface. The knife flashed down one final time straight through her heart.

Blackness engulfed her vision as the last thing she heard and saw was Ghostface looking down at her and a rumble of thunder.

The rain washed the blood off her chest as her body lay in the downpour.

A few minutes passed as the rain started to ease Sue Thomas ran along the road with her hoddie pulled up. She looked down and screamed as she saw the body of Tania lying on the grass very dead. Sue continued to scream.