Character Profiles

Kelley Andrews: - A chirpy media student from Coldstream she is popular with the media students an runs the student bar The Rotten Tomato she seems to be all work and no play which is interesting. She does like horror movies and seems to have a good knowledge of all of the main slasher movies as well.

Dave Briggs: - A complete spoilt brat who is on the journalism course his father runs a national newspaper and just sees his time at university to be a complete waste of time as he thinks his father will give him a good job within his newspaper. Little does he know that is not the case. But when the murders start could this be his big break?

Kerry Crayford: - Becca Daniels shadow more than anything. Kerry seems to follow her around and dress like her and acts like much to the annoyance of Becca. She is on the media course as part of the clearing system but has done quite well through the year and with the exams coming up she has been quite edgy.

Becca Daniels: - A very popular girl around the university. Although maybe not from a wealthy background she has lots of wealth of life experience. Her father is in the army so this is her first real chance at not being moved around. This has made her strong and her values are good as well but could that all be a mask for hiding her true ambitions?

Tania Davidson: - A rather timid girl who seems to be happy with a new boyfriend Mark Edwards. She although is scared of everything especially the dark and thunder.

Mark Edwards: - Tanis's boyfriend kind and loyal he is on the journalism course and hopes to make name for himself in a big way. But maybe he has something to hide.

Jenny Ellis: - Gabby's housemate a loud mouth but her intensions are good. She has been raised in a large family and is the first of her family to go to university and she wants to make good of her opportunity with the chance she has been given.

Gabby Henderson: - Another media student who the killer seems to be the main target for. Mark her kind and loyal boyfriend seems to do all that he can to protect her at all costs but could all his effort be wasted she could have major ulterior motives.

Sammy Honour: - A rather quite girl who seems to have her heads in the clouds most of the time which could be that she does smoke a lot of pot in her spare time. She does seem to be a quite a competent student when she isn't stoned.

Mark Johnson: - A media student who started to date Gabby within a couple of weeks of starting university they seem to be the dream couple with everything going right for them until now. He likes all his friends but does seem to have a slight rivalry with one of his fellow students Sue Thomas.

Travis Jones: - A media student who loves creepy horror slasher films. His love for them knows no bounds even more than Kelley. He collects the memorabilia and one day hopes to become a famous horror film director but could this be a fantastic chance for him to make a real life film?

Dean King: - Travis running buddy he does everything Travis tells him to do and follows his every command he does seem to lack confidence and is easily lead by Travis but would that make him kill?

Jason Phillips: - A hot head with a short temper but he is a brilliant student, he is looking for his break to make a name for himself the events which start unfolding could he really kill to make a story?

Sue Thomas: - A quite girl on the media course who seems to make Mark's life hard for him by messing up his projects by accident but Mark has been stuck with her as part of his course.

Matthew Weeks: - A calm and quite media student who doesn't really talk that much and seems to keep himself to himself although he does enjoy working in The Rotten Tomato as a part time job.

Sandy Wicks: - A rather crazy catering student who seems to obsessed with making it big in the catering world and won't let anyone get in her way for this dream of hers.