Mark cuddled up to Gabby, he sighed softly as he put his arm around her. He hadn't realised the time as he was working on the set with Sue and his phone battery had died and Sue had left her phone on part of the high level of the set. Mark was slightly annoyed by the fact that he had to go and get it but had forgiven her when she had started to cry. It wasn't really her fault that she was a bit forgetful. Mark didn't really like heights but it was ok he didn't mind to climb up and collect her phone. He had walked Sue back to her home as the police had let her back in a few hours before hand just before dinner as the crime scene had been cleared. Sue said that she felt safe and she would lock the doors and hid under her bed. Mark agreed that would be pretty safe for her as his attention returned to the television.

It was that God awful show he hated 24/7 broadcast of about fifteen wannabes trying to show the British Public what losers they really where. But Mark didn't really mind he wasn't really paying attention to the show. Suddenly Gabby's phone rung making her jump and Mark fall off the sofa in fright.

"Hello?" Gabby said cheerfully.

"Hello Gabby." The voice replied there was something eerily seductive about it as well as menacing.

"Who is this?" asked Gabby her eyes showing a little concern as Mark looked at her.

"I want you! Soon you and all your friends will be dead and I am coming for you! Believe me you will get what is coming to you so prepare for the nightmare and your pathetic boyfriend will not be able to save you!" The voice laughed evilly and then hung up.

"Hey babes are you ok?" asked Mark looking very worried as Gabby looked in horror at the phone call she had just gotten. She started to cry.

"There was a voice saying he would kill all my friends and it was going to be a nightmare for me." She said wiping away the tears from her eyes.

"Hey listen I won't let anybody hurt you ok. I promise that. I am sure it's just some sick fuck trying to get off by scaring you. You'll be fine just you wait and see." Mark said Mark reassuringly.

Suddenly they where interrupted by the sound of police and ambulance sirens as four police cars and two ambulances came flying through the student village on there way to the main campus. Mark put his hand on Gabby's shoulder and flicked the television over to FTL. He was right they had a broadcast Jason was broadcasting a live feed.

"Is this another murder on campus the police aren't telling us anything apart from that there has been two more students have been murdered inside the main campus building they are not releasing names of the victims yet." The camera showed two body bags being wheeled away by the paramedics. "Officer? Can you give us some details are they male or female?"

"One male and one female" that is all there will be a press conference later on in the day." The officer replied.

Jason turned to face the camera. "This is Jason Phillips FLT News." After the camera had shown he was off the air. Hey Kim where's Matthew?"

It was lunchtime and the students all started to fill into the corridors. Mark and Gabby where walking hand in hand and Sue was eating a sandwich as they walked down the corridor.

Mark's phone rung he pressed the answer button.


"Hello Mark." It was the killer. "Now its game time three down and I am going to get your girlfriend soon!" The killer laughed evilly.

"Where are you? You sick bastard I swear to God I am going to rip you head off and shit down your neck!" Mark shouted back.

"I am watching you right now but you'll never find me!" The killer hung up. Mark looked about the killer was right there where hundreds of students in the area many of them where on mobiles this was getting worrying. The press conference had announced that Matthew and Kelley where the latest victims Mark hadn't bothered staying to hear the end of it he walked out with Gabby.