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The light of the day has just begun to appear and a young teenage boy wakes up. Glaring at the sun for the what seems like a thousand times in his life, the boy gets up with a grunt his bright blonde hair going in brighter with the sun hitting it. Going to the bathroom, Naruto sighs in content having relieved himself from a night's hold up. As he is about to get dress the calender catches his eye seeing the date, Naruto smirks in knowing. This was the day it will all end and where it all begins for him. Looking towards the alarm clock Naruto sees the red numbers blink in that rhythmic mode for each second going by: 8:45 am. ' Well I am always late.' Naruto thought already daydreaming about the major lecture he was going to recieve from Iruka. Hearing the high pitched sound of steam, Naruto turns the stove off and pours the water into a batch of tea. Then started to stir the mixture so he could be able to get a good start on the day. Or atleast as good a start that his mask will allow.

'Hopefully Hinata won't be to mad at me. ' Naruto thought looking towards the sun again judging when it would be an appropiate time for him to even consider starting to dress, since he hated even spending time in this village. Snorting at this thought, ' Shit they should be happy that Hinata doesn't want me to destroy this stupid village now.' Naruto looked towards the academy.

" Well I might as well get going. Iruka-sensei will be so upset and the paper test should have passed which would have made me failed." Naruto smirked at this thought then started to get dressed when the one voice who will always be trapped in his mind for an eternity has decided to scold him even this early in the morning.

Are you really going to follow through with this plan? Kyuubi asked inside of his cage looking towards the mirror hanging on the side of his cellar. While gazing at it, Kyuubi could see that Naruto put on his normal outfit of the idiot of the village. The hideous orange outfit would even scar a blind man. But the dorkiest goggles brought out the most idiotic person you could think possible.

How in the world could somebody actually think that any ninja is this stupid? Especially when he screeches off that he wants to be the Hokage? Kyuubi said out loud knowing how convincing Naruto's mask is. Almost falling for it after a couple of years of having to see that disguise for so long.

" I don't know but it happen for the past five years." Naruto said locking his four ton weights on. Then straighting out, " If I am correct and I probably will be, all of the chuunin senseis will want me to fail so the jutsu for this year shall be the Bunshin no Jutsu." He said out loud since nobody was around.

Then Mizuki will want to have a 'talk' and you will be able to find out who he is working for. Kyuubi said wondering what he was really thinking since Naruto had found some way to block all of his "private thoughts" from him.

" I forgot to tell you that who Mizuki works for doesn't really matter as much as that Forbidden Scroll is to me. Knowing who he works for is just an insurrance policy so I don't come across any troubles along the way during this little so called 'excurrsion'. Hinata will be getting that information while I deal with Mizuki and any of the chuunin or jounin that tries to find me during the search that the old man sends. Then I shall kill them both and we shall get out of there with in a matter of moments." Naruto replied walking out of the door while locking it behind him.

HOLD ON ONE SEC! I thought you both were going to wait until the chuunin exams take place. Then you were going to see if any of the foreign shinobi were going to be any use for this revival of the new village that you both have been planning for. Kyuubi yelled out scared out of his mind at this new plan. I hate this stupid new mental block he has caused. I don't even know anything of the kit's plans. What will it be like if I really pissed him off! EVen with his title of being one of the most unpredictable nin, they don't know that Naruto can also be one of the most sadistidc bastards you can ever meet in your life. Just thinking about the possiblittes of the amount of torture Naruto can cause him in his most vunerable state inside Naruto's mind. Why did that bastard have to seal me in this kit?