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From the previous Chapter…

" So now that you all have finally let me go." Naruto growled out, glaring at Koza who's smile never seemed to falter. Looking towards the entire group, Naruto's mind went into planning mode.

' Time to see what kind of players you all are.' he thought mentally displaying a shogi board right inside of his mind with Kyuubi also eyeing the game board with as much of a critical eyes as Naruto did the group right in front of him.

" Alright class please turn in your tests and single file out of the room so we can go to the next portion." Iruka-sensei projected his voice out to the whole class so that they listen and actually follow instructions instead of trying to quickly answer the last questions. ( Who doesn't when they have a major test to complete.) " Now if you would please follow Mizuki-sensei he will continue the target portion of the exam." Iruka continued as he quickly picked up the tests in hopes of getting some peace and quiet before those spawns reincarnated by the devil himself known as students had to come back in. As each was being picked up the noise level had decreased to almost a trickle of sound with each student heading outside to begin the second portion of the genin exam.

With all of the students gone, Iruka breathed a heavy sigh of relief as his late night of training had taken its toll on his entire figure. Normally it would not have been a problem if he had not taken this job yet unknown to him, being a chuunin or jounin (spl? Please tell me if I am wrong.) was a lot easier that being a teacher. As all kids seem to have some kind of unknown bloodline that stops working once one hits puberty, the power to make adults….extremely exhausted every single day.

Deciding to just continue as if his body wasn't screaming to just lie down and for once drop that mask of niceness that he is always wearing for the publics sake. Maybe for sanity's sake as well but who knows. Taking a deep breath and preparing to steal himself into the one thing in the entire world that causes great fear to all even to those that are beyond this world of ours and including the afterlife…..paperwork or in Iruka's situation: trying to identify what the answers mean and deciphering if they are the correct answers. Now normally he would have stayed here to identify the undescrible handwriting of the younger academy students since the graduating test was already graded thanks to the help of Kage Bunshin no Jutsu, he decided to keep the clone inside of the classroom while he would just take the rest of the day off. All unknowingly from the council and the rest of the entire village, Iruka pushed just a little bit more chakra inside of the clone so that he could take a significant amount of damage. 'Which will be quite vital especially when dealing with Naruto?' Iruka thought sourly as he started to remember the tiny orange boy who seems to run on sugar everyday and childishly calls out in a shrill voice that he is going to become Hokage one day.

Taking a long way around the school with many turns in different hallways including some most teachers didn't even know about, Iruka was able to take a short glimpse of the training fields that held the target practice arena and the wooden human dummies. Surrounding one of the target practices that was positioned in the middle of the tree was none other than the hopeful graduating genin class. Looking down Iruka couldn't help but smile when seeing Naruto with his orange outfit on trying his hardest to become a ninja. Yet there always seemed something kind of off with Naruto no matter how much he tried to hide it. Every single kunai were going straight on the dot until the last second, then the kunai would veer off just about a centimeter more and completely miss the target entirely.

" If there is one thing about that idiot Mizuki is that he will miss the tiny effects of that throw and just fail the ' kyuubi-brat'. Only because Naruto deserves it for failing something that is obviously staged, yet for some odd reason it wasn't caused by Mizuki. It had seemed that different person wanted Naruto to miss that target which would have been a perfect hit." Iruka said out loud not really paying attention to the people around him. Instead of staying longer, Iruka just put all of the new found information in a special part of his brain to where no genjutsu can access it no matter now strong it is. ( I just made it up. If you want to suggest a name for it, please do. )

Turning around towards a window closest to a tree, Iruka climbs out and jumps down towards the ground with a grace that could only belong to a season shinobi. Feeling the fresh air on his face along with the warmth from the sun as it was still going strong towards the spring. Iruka started walking towards the one of the training areas that he loves to train secretly. But today he seemed to want to do something else, one of his most treasured hobbies.

' Now I can finally finish that chapter I have been itching to write since it came to me last night while dreaming of pleasant things. ' Iruka thought brightly as his day started looking up now, thinking that he doesn't have to deal with hormone ruling (spl? Tell me if it is wrong please) teenagers. ' Especially the self-proclaimed "Sasuke fan club", I swear that if one more of them screams like a banshee in the classroom one more time just because he does something "amazing", "smart", or "cool" I am going to be part of their very unlikely unexplainable disappearance.' Iruka said to himself as he started to think about the idiotic girls who wouldn't be able to protect themselves against a simple chuunin genjutsu. Yet thinking along, ' then again that might even be to advanced for those idiots who think that the day starts and ends by the Uchiha's beck and call. His smile turned malicious as he thought about the many nights he had stayed up planning, waiting, his mind turning into the perfect demise for those girls. Yet knowing the disguise he had perfected over so many painstaking years would be compromised by such acts seemed to override the decision of doing such things.

So he decided to do the only thing a supposed psychotic being is to do when he can't enact out on his one heart's desire: to write a book. Only this book would be the most complex thing nobody would have ever guessed on. This book was going to be the Holy Bible of All Ninjas. Many wouldn't understand but those who do would worship him for years to come. These would create Shinobi Tsutaebanashi ( Shinobi Legends, also the title of his books). It would all be done by those who would call and praise him as the Junsei Sensei. ( Perfect Teacher will become his author name in all of the books he has published over the years so nobody would look at him. More info will be in my author page.) His stories would be a sort of code for those who can decipher the true meaning to each action and detail of pages that seem to magically and wonderfully appear out of his mind.

" UMPH" Iruka bumped into somebody without even thinking. Immediately he put out his hand to help whomever he had accidentally knocked down. ' I really have got to pay more attention since that could be a major disadvantage in case of an ambush especially when my mind is on something else. Maybe my subconscious mind could create a sort of genjutsu on the types of creatures around me and depending on level of danger towards my personal being, the jutsu would change to a perfect setting. One that could cause great terror or great pleasure' Iruka inwardly thought out the complexity of such a genjutsu while still apologizing to the person in front of him.

" Diajobou gomen. ( Are you alrigth? Sorry.) I didn't see where I was going. Please excuse me." Iruka said without even opening his eyes only to miss the purple haired woman who also seems to be in a world of her own as she is angled away from the Hokage tower that is centered inside of the village.

" It's alright" she said never once noticing whom she bumped into or guessing that an academy teacher should be out right when the final exams were taking place at that period in time.

Once he started walking towards the training forests again, Iruka couldn't help but be diverted from his new genjutsu idea to the mystery of Naruto's supposed 'miss' in his exam and the weirdness that Mizuki has been displaying for the past few months.

Mizuki was starting to get onto his nerves but that seemed to be every day. Yet he knew for a fact that Mizuki was hiding from the other shinobi about his true intentions in life. However every single time Iruka tried to get his clones, whom he makes follow everybody that he feels would cause trouble for him in the future, to figure out the true identity of Mizuki's master. However with each attempt at following Mizuki without being detected Iruka's clones seem to come in close contact with Mizuki, there would always be some kind of interference. Over and over again, Iruka would try to follow Mizuki with each clone having as bear minimal amount of chakra as possible. He even tried to transform the clones into a different shinobi or some kind of civilian. But still he failed, luckily for him Iruka had mapped out each and every new route that Mizuki has traveled once or multiple of times. This has lead to two things: that whatever Mizuki is planning on doing he is very cautioned about leaving any kind of evidence behind and doesn't want anybody to figure out his plans.

Or that bastard of a master is just to paranoid for anybody's liking? Which can only mean that things were about to get really interesting inside of Konoha.

With this thought in mind, Iruka skipped along towards a densely wooded area. Hardly anybody knew about his special spot, funny him calling it that way as if this wonderful hideout was something from his childhood. Which most of those who found out would be right. But the big difference is this place was more than just his hideout, it is his sanctuary. The one place in this entire village that he, Umino Iruka, could act like the sadistic cold hearted bastard most would describe him as if they knew the truth about his past and himself.

" Ahhh, here we are." Iruka replied out in the open to no one in particular. (AN: When people see you talk to yourself a lot, then they think you are crazy.) Iruka started to come closer to the one place he calls home in this entire village that has lost so much of its natural glory. This place was nothing but an old shack on the outside ( think the old shack that had appeared at the first episode of Naruto when he was betrayed by Mizuki). Smirking, Iruka grabbed the doorknob and inserted a small amount of his chakra on the inside of the handle. Turning the door knob to the right, Iruka entered the still supposedly abandoned shack. Each crevice of the area was covered in spider webs along with a centimeter of dust covering all points of the surface area on the desk area, the half chewed up brownish fading pink sofa. The inside looked like nobody had really set foot in there for the past decade except for Iruka who had just taken a few steps inside of the abandoned shack.

Bringing his hands together in to tora sign, the word " Kai" came out in a strong determined voice, none would have expected from the very shy chuunin academy teacher. Immediately the room started to dissolve ( the inside of the building not the out) into a molten mixture of colors from the pieces of broken down furniture in the abandoned shac. But as soon as the colors approached the floor they seemed to slither right back up like the gravity had gotten switch off with just enough time to let the colors roll back up all of the walls. Yet instead of everything returning back in its place, which has revealed the same room except it turnout spotless and everything seemed to have the latest technology.

Looking around the room, Iruka couldn't help but smile at his greatest work ever to be created from his brilliant mind ever since he was about 4 years old. But there was one thing that caught his attention right at that moment. A singular desk made of simple dark wood with a simple frame but it seemed to look as if it could appease the most highest expectations. In the middle of the desk lay a single laptop, laying right in the middle with a chair facing at an angle towards Iruka. Almost as if enticing him to come and sit to create the wondrous piece of literature known to mankind. Walking towards the chair never one to ignore such an invite, Iruka sat down and swiveled his chair towards the softly humming laptop. Smiling, Iruka pressed one button which had allowed his face to light up in a mechanical glow. As the computer started to growl out in wonderful harmony with his eagerness, Iruka's eyes turned a slight malicious.

Cracking his knuckles and stretching out his arms, Iruka looked towards the still open document that seemed to be completely unfinished in his mind. Putting his fingers over the starting keys as if ready for a marathon, Iruka started the next sentence of his new chapter in life.

" Let's see what kind of damage can be done this time."

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