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From the previous chapter…

Cracking his knuckles and stretching out his arms, Iruka looked towards the still open document that seemed to be completely unfinished in his mind. Putting his fingers over the starting keys as if ready for a marathon, Iruka started the next sentence of his new chapter in life.

" Let's see what kind of damage can be done this time."

It was a night like any other. Dark, quiet, the luminary moon shining brighter than the norm for it was a full moon. Which seemed to be the best time of the month for Anko. As such a great peace would just flow over her. Maybe it was because during the day she was hated and discriminated by the villagers. All because she was taught by Orichimaru, the traitor of the village. She didn't hate the man who did this to her not because he abandoned her. As Anko was actually proud that she was able to escape from the man's grasp before it lead to her early death. No the reason she probably hated him most was because of the annoying villagers. It wasn't like she felt alone. No it was the disturbance that those villagers have caused her.

Anko didn't care that these idiots were incapable of thinking for themselves and are to stupid to even realize the difference between the traitor and his student. Look at the Hokage, he was the one whom taught Orichimaru and let him get away yet nobody ever saw him as an evil person. In fact he was more praised for teaching the wonderful Sannin. The ones whom had abandoned their villages in a time for need, honestly it is quite sickening. But whom was she to judge cause there is always 2 sides to a story and one shouldn't discriminate because they don't understand the situation. Anko had learned of such a thing the hard way of life.

' It has probably made me more of a sympathizer in the Torture facilities than anything else.' Anko thought almost laughing as her job was to forcibly take information. However she wasn't as sadistic as most of her other co-workers, yet she would often ask the many prisoners to act like they were in a lot of pain. As she didn't want to lessen the mask for the genjutsu she would put up was nothing but flawless. It had the same components as a genjutsu that she used on Kurenia who couldn't see it very well. So Anko figured if the resident Genjutsu specialist couldn't tell then nobody else could.

So Anko used the genjutsu to show the mask that she had created over the years so that nobody would really harm her because of her past. It is quite sad really that one would have to hide in a place they consider home. But for the past decades, this village is now nothing of what it used to be. It is now a corrupt village where they see any kind of bloodline as nothing more than a tool to more power and money. It is also blind to what and how it could be a very collective and powerful village if they just revert back to the olden ways.

Sometimes those ideas aren't always bad if you just modernize it a bit. But then again Anko lives in a village who thinks that a doujustu who can see almost 360 degrees around them and one that can predict an opponent's movements is nothing but a god send.

' Why do I even stay here any longer? Why do I put up with such crap from people I don't even like and whom don't even like me?' Anko asked herself. But as quickly as she asked that the answer seem to pop into her head faster than anything else. As she stared out into the empty streets looking at the moonlight covered area and feeling the calm aura around her hoping there would never be an end to this calming night.

" Because I have a life here." she whispered out to the moonlight covered village. Almost asking the silent village to give her a different answer than the inevitable on that she had just provided herself, looking around seemed nothing more like a chore than anything else to her.

Anko sighed then looked towards the moon getting higher as the minute goes by. Deciding it would be in her best interest to head on home because it would be another day tomorrow. Another day of work and another day of creating alliances. Anko decides to take the long route back to her house. It was nice and cool out. So why not. The wonderful breeze is something one appreciates especially when the summer days roll by. By the time Anko got to the door , she walks into an apartment. One that is incredibly organized , with everything labeled. Not in the sense of lables with specific stickers of the items name and the space they belong to. No not at all cause that would imply that Anko was a little more OCD than most neat freaks. Which isn't the case at all. She just figured that if one is to be a proper shinobi whom has to be ready at a moments notice, then a proper shinobi should be able to gather their materials in the spam of a couple of minutes. But nobody would be able to do such a thing if all of their stuff was not in an orderly fashion.

After dropping all of her stuff in the proper places, Anko walked toward her closet. Reaching up on the very tips of her toes, she grabs a giant scroll like the Forbidden Scroll that everybody knows about in the Hokage's Tower. As she grabbed the scroll and pulled it down to where she gently set it up on a coffee table that really seemed to be the center of her entire apartment. She got up and went to a near by desk and pulled out an ink bottle with a very nice pen, then she went back to the small table. Gently opening the bottle Anko grabbed the pen with delicate care and dipped the pen into the ink. All the while Anko had been applying a steady stream of chakra just enough for the names she started to add to the list of the so called spies that she have been sent to torture. Yet it always seemed wrong to her. Beating up somebody just because of what their leaders had asked of them wasn't totally their fault. In fact as she drew up in the ranks for her so called "torture", most of the people were really decent but they had to follow the orders of their brain dead leaders. The leaders who are nothing more than tyrants whom no longer had to face the imminent of danger or whom have never even faced life threatening situation at all. It was is quite pathetic once you really think about it.

But the names were added to the list, a list of people who have sworn an oath to Anko in exchange for their loyalty and promise that once they were snuck out of this village that they would cut of all of their ties from their home village. Then they would go into a secluded area that she had crossed upon in one of her missions and live in. At first it had just started out as a few of them, then it turned out that most of the ones in the higher ranks had an actual mind but never really showed it. They would often say the same thing: " The damn rookie of the year in academy school is nothing but a joke. Once they become real shinobi there is no genius just ego assholes." It made her want to laugh.

Soon the place became filled up and somehow those whom have pledged their loyalty to her found others. Other people whom have lost faith in their leaders, it didn't just come from the hidden villages but from other countries as well. It seems that more than one of the leaders has sort of lost its way. So the area that she had found has now become a village in itself, including the fact that they take up missions that give themselves a steady income. It is quite sophisticated if she had anything to deal with. Their loyalty to her was unchallenged. Even though they are in a different area, she still tried to see them during missions.

As she entered in the new names of those she helped, memories started to come back to her of those that she has already saved and gathered information from. Anko probably had more secrets than the Hokage himself because most of the people she interviewed where incredibly sneaky when they were in their villages and countries. Looking at the names, Anko finally had a different answer to her question of staying loyal to Konoha. The answer is she did have one nor did she need one. Anko would have been just fine if she stayed with her people in the village she had created. She had made up her mind right there and then.

But she wouldn't leave right now and all of a sudden. No no no, These things take time and careful planning. Tomorrow is the day that she is going to start the great escape. She will escape from the village that has caused her so many restless night. Anko rolls up the scroll then puts it up in the closet where it is highly secured by many seals. Seals that she taught herself while trying to get rid of the one that Orichimaru had given to her at a very young age.

Anko now walks over to her refrigerator and looks into the white abyss figuring out what she wants to eat.

" Tonight spaghetti tomorrow I start looking into the villages security system." Anko calls out to her silent apartment not even expecting an answer back. But for some reason the whole entire place seemed to buzz with excitement because now it has found a new thing to something new and something that really doesn't feel like a burden to Anko at all.