Chapter 1

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The sun rose like any other day upon the land; its rays peeked through the leaves of a tree to rest upon the face of a 16 year old girl, resting on a branch. She fluttered her deep black and silver eyes open; she stretched and yawned before collecting the backpack she was using as a pillow and jumped to the ground. Pulling a map out of one of the pockets she studied at it carefully. 'Where shall I go? Hmm…Konoha…something about that place seems…' the girl shook her head 'come on Luna snap out of it. Let's see, if I remember correctly there is a big market day coming up in that village.' The girl pointed to a village near to Konoha. 'So I guess I could go there, I need some more materials soon anyway.' Luna replaced the map to her backpack before jumping into the canopy and made her way to her target. 'Hmm…should I settle down in a village sometime? All this travelling around from town to town is getting very tiring.' Luna has lived on her own since she was found at age eleven in the earth country; she did try and search for her parents once, however when she had tried to remember her parents she would gets flashes of different images. The images would be of a beautiful woman with long black hair with silver and black and silver eyes, another woman with black hair and eyes and a man also with black hair and eyes. Then flashes of gold eyes would appear; Luna would then pass out from the enormous pain that followed. So now her life involves travelling town from town doing any jobs that people offer for a small fee.

It has taken her 4 years to possess all the items within her backpack, which had been the first thing she bought. It contained a few storage scrolls, some ninja tools and weapons she either had bought or 'found', a very small range of clothes (these were all stored within one storage scroll with still some space left), a sketch pad and a few canvases (stored in another scroll), paints, pastels, charcoal and other art supplies, a tarp, a blanket, and her life savings. After a few hours she stopped at a river. 'Phew, I think I'll stop for a bit. Hmm…let's see, oh there's some wild berries!' Luna rushed over to a bush, grabbing some long grass nearby she quickly weaved a small basket to hold her lunch. 'Oh these are just right! I can't wait. Hmm, I wonder if there is any fish in that river.' Leaving the now full basket of berries beside her bag she removed her shoes before wading into the middle of the river. 'I saw one a few seconds ago, where did it go? Ah! There you are.' Luna placed her fingers in the water and waited for the fish to swim past, feeling the gills pass her fingers she lifted her hand out of the water, effectively flinging the fish onto the bank. Quickly she got to the bank and stopped the fish before it flip flopped back into the river. Luna left out a breath and smiled gleefully. 'Phew that was close, I almost lost that one.' Luna decaled the fish before wrapping it up in some leaves and placed it near the fire she had made just before with a simple katon jutsu. Looking at her hands, her face turned to one of disgust; she turned once more to the river. Looking at her reflection, after washing off the scales, she sighed. 'Black eyes with silver ring, long straight black hair, pale complexion and slim build; why must I be so strange looking. Maybe I should find an apartment in a village and settle down.'


A week later in a small village a bit further than 1 kilometre from Konoha, Luna sat on the ground of the market place with her tarp in front of her with many paintings and woven baskets set out nicely upon it. She was working on a new piece while she waited for her next customer to arrive; the image depicted the scene that was in front of her, a busy market place with a positive and friendly atmosphere. After a while a shadow blocked her from the sun. Looking up she spotted a man in a ninja outfit, with spiky silver hair, a mask covering the lower half of his face and his leaf hitai-ate covering his left eye. (Guess who!) Putting her fresh painting to the side she put on a polite and friendly smile. While her mood wasn't the best it could be at the moment, being polite was needed at the moment.

"Good day my good ninja, is there something you would like?" the silver haired man nodded and continued looking over her collection of paintings. 'Her voice, it is so lovely to listen to. It's hypnotic, like a snake. Hmm…' the man's eyes moved over the different pictures. His eyes halted over a picture of a silver wolf. It stood before a spilt in the path; to the left was a pack of wolves of many colours, ranging from black to light brown, waiting eagerly, a dark brown wolf, possibly female but it was hard to tell for sure, stood at the front. The right side was a dark and forbidding forest.

"Does this painting mean anything?" he asked Luna, who nodded.

"You know I actually saw something similar to this once. The lone wolf –"Luna pointed at the silver wolf. "–was all scared, I could tell physically and emotionally. Now he had a choice to make; he could go left, melt the barrier that he put up around his heart and live happily with the ones that love him.–" Luna pointed this time to the pack of wolves. "–however he could also go right and live the way he has always lived, alone." Luna pointed to the right path. The man nodded, his eyes wandered to the one beside it. It was a clearing of a forest, a bridge over a raging river in the middle of the night during a very bad storm.

"Ah now that image I have had for a while."

"Hmm?" the man looked up from the painting.

"I've been unable to sell it, people say it changes. What people have seen in it…well I'm sure they don't want that hanging in their bedroom or lounge room." the man rose his only visible eyebrow .

"What have they seen?" Luna looked up at the sky.

"Well… some say the rain forms things they fear most, some say that it forms the thing their heart wants more than anything else in this world. I've had people say they've seen their dead loved ones, angels and even death himself or herself."


"Well some have seen death as a beautiful dark woman." The man nodded. 'Like yourself…hmm which one should I buy? They both are great paintings.' The man thought before picking up both.

"I'll have these two." Luna nodded, reaching behind her, she grabbed some grass pouches. Into each one she placed one painting.

"Ok, let's see…the wolf painting is 150 ryou and the storm painting is 500 ryou. So that'll be 650 ryou please." The man handed the money over.

"How do you price your paintings?" he asked as he sealed the paintings into a storage scroll.

"It all depends on how long I spend on the painting. I use up a lot of materials to make the higher priced articles. "

"So it covers what you used?"


"Good afternoon and thank you." Luna nodded and pulled the painting she was doing earlier out and continued painting. By the afternoon Luna had sold all the items she had put up for sale; standing up she stretched, hearing the pop as her bones slid back into place she began to pack up her stall. 'What a great day, not once have I ever been able to sell everything. I'll be able to get a warm bed, a hot shower and meal tonight! And I'll still have enough to get my ninja equipment repaired.' Then when Luna's back was turned a young boy, not much older than 10, snuck up and stole her money purse. Luna turned just as the boy got a hold of the purse.

"Oi, hands off! That's mine!" she yelled, startling the boy. Before Luna could take one step the boy spend down the street. 'Oh no you don't! I worked too hard to earn that money.' Forcing chakra into her feet she easily caught up with the boy who she cornered in an alley way. "Now give me back my money brat! I've spent too long saving, for it to be stolen now." Luna yelled at the boy.

"NO!" the boy yelled.

"I'll ask only once more. Give me back my money." Luna took a step towards the boy.

"Like I said before, no!" The boy yelled back and stuffed the money purse down his dirty shirt. Luna glared evilly at the boy. 'I warned you boy.' Luna lunged at the boy and threw a punch at his head, but the boy just ducked out of the way. Doing a few hand signals, another 2 Luna's appeared beside her; with a nod the clones rushed at the boy from the sides. After a few minutes the boy was unconscious, and Luna's money purse was back with its owner. Light chuckling and clapping made Luna turn around preparing herself for another fight only to find herself face to face with the ninja from earlier that day.

"Well done, well done." He chuckled. Luna glared at the man.

"I demand you tell me immediately what you are talking about! Did you send this poor boy against me?" the man raised an eyebrow.

"Weren't you just calling him a brat before? And no, I didn't send him; I heard him talking with some other boys that he was going to steal your purse so I decided to watch and see what you did." Luna sighed and sat down on a box.

"Why?" the man sat beside her.

"I sensed potential in you, I was going to test you out sometime later but this worked out fine." Luna eyed the silver haired man.

"You were going to follow me weren't you?" the man chuckled.

"No, no; of course not." Luna raised an eyebrow at him. "Well, ok yes." They sat in silence, while Luna collected her thoughts. "I sense a great power within you; would you like to become a shinobi?"

"What? Become a ninja?" the man nodded. "Constantly do jobs that could possibly get myself killed?" another nod. "Amazing as that sounds, no thank you." Luna got up and left back towards the market place, leaving a few coins beside the kid.

"Wait! What is your name?" Luna paused. She didn't turn around

"Tell me yours first shinobi." The man sighed.

"Fine, my name is Hatake Kakashi." Luna turned and smiled, recognising the name.

"Well Hatake-san–" His mask crinkled in a way she could tell he was smiling. 'Hey! Working with those guys who wear masks paid off.'

"Please just call me Kakashi." Luna eyed him, unsure why he allowed her to do so.

"– Kakashi, mine's Luna and I must be leaving." With that Luna disappeared with a puff of black smoke. Kakashi sighed, getting up he stretched his limbs. 'I have a feeling we will meet again.'


Days later, while she was walking along a road through the forest, Luna thought back to what Kakashi had said.


"Why?" the man sat beside her.

"I sensed potential in you, I was going to test you out sometime later but this worked out fine." Luna eyed the silver haired man.

"You were going to follow me weren't you?"

"No, no; of course not." Luna raised an eyebrow at him. "Well, ok yes." They sat in silence, while Luna collected her thoughts. "I sense a great power within you; would you like to become a shinobi?"

End Flashback

'Why would I want to be a ninja? I would have to risk my life every single day…well I sorta do that anyway –' Luna was brought from her thoughts when some thugs jumped out of the trees. 'Speaking of which...' Luna took a look at the group of thugs that had encircled her. 'Let's see…by the look of their clothing they have been sitting here for a while. They look easy enough.' Pulling a curved blade out of her boot she rushed at one thug. The battle began; Luna dodged every attack until she tried to stab one of the thugs. He easily dodged and sliced at her with his dagger. Luna hissed in pain, as the blade made a small red line along her right arm. 'They were playing with me, god dammit! They're stronger then they look.' Quickly she found it difficult to keep up with the thugs' movements. A voice told her she shouldn't have rushed in so blindly.

She sliced at a thug, and managed to catch his gut. His blood sprayed everywhere, his blood sprayed all over her arms, torso and some even got in her eyes. She rubbed at her eyes as they started to sting and itch. The remaining two thugs watched on in horror and amazement as Luna's eyes began to shift so they were solid silver with a slitted gold pupil, they began to glow gold and gold markings carved themselves into her left arm. Blood poured from the gold markings. Luna screamed, showing off sharp canines as enormous pain shot through her body; the two thugs ran off in fear when Luna took a step towards them. Eventually the glow receded both from her eyes and arm, and her eyes returned normal, but however the pain remained. Painfully Luna picked up her backpack; she had dropped it somewhere during the fight, and made her way slowly away from the bodies. Soon she came to some large gates, the guards look at her in alarm. Her clothes were all ripped and she had blood everywhere.

"Help me." She murmured before everything went black.

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