"Poison Veil" – By: Kiba Inubake

So it's finally here...! I hope you all like it! Honestly, I don't think I'm suited for this serious stuff. I think I'm better at crack humor. But then again...this is a chance for you to prove me wrong, now isn't it?

Oh, and the original characters I put in Squad 10 will probably have their own story someday. They've got a lot of potential (especially Shigure, which you'll find out in the Chunin Exams or sooner), so I think I'll go through with my idea.

Chapter 1: "Anko Mitarashi"

Sunlight streamed into the apartment the remaining Uchiha resided in. Waken up by the orange glow, Sasuke rubbed his eyes and placed a foot onto the floor. He sauntered out of his room and proceeded to descending the stairs, half-asleep. Now on the first floor, he went into his kitchen and poured a cold glass of water. Drinking a refreshing beverage, he peered over to his calendar. He noticed the symbols he had scribbled down in today's box, and he had instantly remembered why it was so important—today was the day he graduated from the ninja academy.

He dashed back up to his room, eager to get off to a good start. Behind his cool attitude remained the cheerful spirit he used to show publically back when his clan was still around. Sasuke took a quick shower, then slipped into his usual attire and sped out the door. He couldn't wait for the day to start.

Upon entering the building, he was immediately cornered by fangirls. Annoyed, he pushed his way through the wild crowd and took the seat closest to him. Next to him was Hinata, one of the only girls who didn't obsess over him; one of the only girls he actually liked, really. Seated to her left was Shikamaru. One day Sasuke had overheard the two teachers, Iruka and Mizuki, discussing the Nara boy. Apparently he was the prodigy of his clan, with an IQ of roughly 200. Sasuke had no clue as to how that was even possible for another kid his age, but he didn't really care all that much. Despite his sheer laziness, he respected him. He wouldn't mind being on a squad with him.

His silence was disrupted by a voice coming from the lower section of the room. "Attention, everyone!" Within seconds, all eyes were turned toward their teacher, Iruka. No one had noticed with the exception of the Uchiha, but Iruka and his partner Mizuki had been setting Leaf headbands upon the table. Hinata was busy staring at her blonde crush, and Shikamaru seemed to be sleeping. Everyone else had been in conversations with other students. "The results are in from your tests from yesterday, and we have good news—all of you passed!" As Iruka finished, the room filled with cheers. "Now then," Mizuki picked up, "we will announce the squads. You will be paired with two others. When your names are called, come down here and pick up your headbands." Iruka proceeded to handle this part. He read off from a written list. "Squad 1 will consist of…"

Moments later, he was down to the last 4 groups. "Squad 7: Sasuke Uchiha…" He perked up upon hearing his name. "…Hinata Hyuga, and Shikamaru Nara. Your sensei is Anko Mitarashi." The three Genin stood up and stepped down the stairs. Once at the table, the three ninja exchanged gazes of acknowledgement. Hinata smiled shyly, Shikamaru yawned, and Sasuke smirked. Grabbing headbands, they walked back to their row.

"Squad 8 will be Ino Yamanaka, Naruto Uzumaki, and Choji Akimichi. You will be led by Asuma Sarutobi," Iruka announced. Naruto and Choji smiled warmly, but Ino seemed a tad upset. Proceeding to collect their headbands, Iruka went on to announce the two remaining squads.

"In Squad 9 will be Kiba Inuzuka, Sakura Haruno, and Shino Aburame. Your sensei will be Kurenai Yuhi." Like the other six, they first acknowledged each other (though Kiba and Sakura started to have second thoughts about Shino when they saw no reaction from him when a bug crawled across his face) and went on ahead to pick up their headbands.

Finally, Iruka was at the end of the list. (Entering the original characters…) "And the last squad will consist of Shigure Yozora, Kaijin Tobihi, and Suigin Issui." The last three graduates filed out of their row and took to the stairs. Shigure's smirk was ignited as he reached for his headband. Sasuke and Shigure were alike in many ways; talented, smart, good-looking, and both were prodigies of their clan, except Shigure knew how to handle a sword. Sasuke saw him as a rival. He noticed Suigin receive a headband second. Suigin seemed to be the friendliest of his squad. In a way, though, Suigin reminded him of Hinata; the two of them were soft-spoken, shy, and kind-hearted. Sasuke had spoken to Suigin a few times, but they never had a conversation. And last to take a headband was Kaijin. Kaijin's hair was unforgettable; it was as red as the Uchiha clan's fan. Sasuke had seen him training at Training Ground #3 a few times, practicing Katon jutsu by the water, just like he did. Just like his clan's name implied, watching Kaijin train was like watching flames dance over a field. "Your sensei is Hayate Gekkou."

Now it was Mizuki's turn. "Your sensei will be here to pick you up momentarily." About 40 seconds later, someone crashed through the window, pulling in everyone's attention.

"Anko Mitarashi, here to pick up Squad 7!" She exclaimed with a wide grin. She was wearing all fishnet clothes (secretly to Sasuke's delight) with the censorship factor adding a concealing overcoat. Sasuke couldn't stop staring, until he noticed the rest of his team getting up. Trying to hide a blush, he slowly walked down toward his new sensei. –End of Chapter

Well, how did I do? Please review; I appreciate each one. Oh, and about the name... Credit goes to Burai007. You can go ahead and think of anything for the name's meaning, but one way I see it as is a poisonous snake wrapping around Sasuke or Anko. Of course, there could be many more, but that's the first thing I thought of when I heard it, and it seems to fit well, wouldn't you say?